Thursday, March 17, 2011

SuperMoon, Eh?

Oh, goodness.

The Full Moon coming up tomorrow night (exact at 1:10 p.m. Central on March 19) is pretty hyped at this point, being touted as a "SuperMoon" heralding massive global events.

This Full Moon is in Virgo, though, and really, Virgo Moon isn't down with all the buzz. In fact, Virgo generally goes out of its way to avoid buzz. It finds buzz annoying and generally unwarranted, taking attention away from more pressing matters. Virgo is a sign that does what it does without much fanfare, and for the most part, aside from receiving some genuine appreciation, this suits it just fine. Virgo is just not a sign that does hype. In fact, going on about something like this SuperMoon would probably lead a Virgoan type to give "the look." You know the look. It often involves looking disapprovingly over a pair of glasses.

Since Virgo is all about keeping it practical, let's break it down a little and get to some details to put our feet back on the ground with this one.

The thing that is supposedly extra super duper special about this Full Moon is that it happens at a point of unusually close perigee. Perigee is the closest point a planet gets to Earth in its orbit - in this case, the Moon. This is not a huge deal in and of itself. The Moon goes through a point of perigee (closest point to Earth) and a point of apogee (furthest point from Earth) in its orbit around this planet every month, and these points often happen very close to the New and Full Moons.

Even the fact that it's very close - the closest its been to Earth in 19 years - is not all that big news astrologically.

We're also just coming out of a series of five Full Moons at the 29th (anaretic) degree of the signs they were in, which is the last degree and is considered very potent, distilling the complex lessons of the previous 29 degrees of the sign. So in order to analyze this Full Moon's importance, you would really have to get into the whole series we've just been through and the big culmination points we've completed.

Nothing astrologically happens in a bubble as an isolated event, including this Full Moon. It all has broader context, and this Full Moon at perigee is certainly not sparking anything that isn't already well underway.

We do have a stronger feminine, emotional influence than usual, which is fitting considering the circumstances we're dealing with personally and globally.

I'm not sure why certain things get so much play in astrology circles while other things I consider important and wish more astrologers were writing about fly under the radar. There always seems to be a catchy name associated, too, that everyone likes to repeat, creating even more hype. This actually does astrology a disservice, in my opinion, and Virgo definitely doesn't like disservice.

This Spring Equinox, marking astrological New Year, is obviously something special with the Sun conjunct Uranus at the zero degree of Aries, and the aspects surrounding it have extra potency, but I think the SuperMoon stuff is a bit of a stretch.


Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S said...

Nice write up Willow. However I would say that these lunar perigees are important. As a astrometeorologist I've used the Moon repeatedly during such phases in my weather forecasting and they are significant.

These perigee moons raise the land, air and sea tides and are important in astrological forecasting as well.

We must remember that the Moon is primary in our work. It is the fastest moving body and translates the energies of all the planets.

The problem with most people is that they often do not want to be aware of these matters until it suits them, and usually by the time it becomes 'popular,' often hyped by way of uninformed talk and the mainstream media.

What is happening, is the Cardinal Crisis. To me, this is an age of 'global catharsis' - and we will continue to witness world events that are historic in the Twenty-Tens.

How people choose to digest and handle the celestial inclinations and energies worldwide is up to them, as always, some do better than others, some worse, depending on their own state of minds, their emotional levels.

Glad you wrote a bit about the Sun conjunct Uranus at 0-Aries. We are witnessing astrological history with this conjunction and the aspects which surround this do have extra potency as you've said.

We have a powerful March and April still ahead, according to world transits. I fully expect more large magnitude earthquakes ahead I'm sad to say.

Enjoyed your write up on this, and still trying to catch up on your previous posts... I've just been so very busy forecasting.

Keep up the good work Willow!


Diane said...

Warning: Possible TMI
About 20 yrs ago I discovered that my menses cycle was triggered by the perigee moon which as you say occurs monthly. No doubt my natal exact full moon in its own sign on Asc made that phenom more than likely. I'm still trying to process the effects of the last five anaretic full moons.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post and the day before post also. Can you offer any practical suggestions for actions we can take, or ways to cope?

Willow said...

With the Full Moon? Hmm...Virgoan activities. Channel the over the top energy into laundry, cleaning, flossing your teeth, personal hygiene, schedule a dentist's appointment, get caught up on your finances. Any activities that your mother, grandmother or great-grandmother would have done would be right up there, too...cook old family recipes of basic, grounding foods, knit, crochet, make butter or ice cream, bake an old cake recipe. Focus on finishing things with small, niggling details that will make you feel emotionally complete.

Anonymous said...

Hey Willow, have you seen the name of the militar operations in Libya? Odissey Dawn... Don't you find it suggestive, and a lil bit disturbing? What does it means? Is this just the beginning of a hard trip?

Willow said...

The Odyssey Dawns: new and improved murderous global imperialistic fascism for the Aquarian Age!

Woo. Party.

There is also a NASA probe heading to Ceres and Vesta over the next few years called Dawn, which I find horrifying.

Let's bring outer space into the mix!

Yep. Right on schedule.