Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last in the Series: Lucky 13 Aries New Moon Amidst a Huge Aries Stellium and a Mars-Uranus Conjunction

Mars heads over an oh-so symbolic area today and tomorrow, passing through the last degree of the zodiac (29 Pisces) before entering the first degree (0 Aries) at 11:51 p.m. Central April 1 and moving into conjunction with Uranus.

Mars shifts into its domicile, the sign it rules, just in time for the April 3 Aries New Moon. At that time, six planets will be in Aries, and they all get a super-charged boost forward from Mars in its own sign of unadulterated masculine will and outer expression. Things really start to move now for good or ill.

This area is a zodiac hot spot, to put it mildly. Recall that the earthquake and tsunami were triggered in Japan as Uranus transited the final minutes of 29 Pisces with the nuclear crisis unfolding as it ingressed Aries. This is prime "new paradigm emerging from old" energetic symbolism, and it is being used by those ramming (Aries) their particular global agenda through.

The "surprise" bombing of Libya was scheduled for the March 20, 2011 equinox as the Sun conjuncted Uranus newly in Aries - just as the invasion of Iraq was scheduled for this date after the Uranus ingress of Pisces exactly eight years prior (March 20, 2003). Uranus relates to the unpredictable - except when its energy and transits are being utilized to set off pre-planned global events.

(Fun facts: Libya has the largest known oil reserves in Africa. BP announced its plan to start drilling off Libya's coast in July of 2010, a matter of months after the Gulf disaster began. Archaeologists say BP's drilling has a strong possibility of destroying ancient lost city sites buried beneath the ocean off Libya's coast, as well as ancient city sites on land along the coast should there be an oil spill. This indicates, again, that the broader objectives involve more than just drilling for oil. The underwater sites, like the Gulf of Mexico, have potential "Atlantean" connections, which have also been tied to the Aryan race.)

This Mars-Uranus conjunction has some pretty potent recent history infused into it. The conjunction is exact April 3 just after the New Moon in Aries as we crack into new territory coming out of the entire series of 13th degree New Moons. Amidst a huge Aries stellium of the Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, this is viciously potent.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction brings the planet of war, aggression, will, drive and new directions together at the zodiac birth point with a planet associated with uranium and sudden, shocking events and upheaval. Unexpected nuclear attacks brought through the sea (29 Pisces). Unfortunately, we've entered a new cycle of illegal, imperialist warfare on this planet - one cyclically and symbolically linked to past attacks against humanity. Ancient wars create symbolic blueprints for current wars.

Please be careful over the next two weeks as we head to the Mars in Aries square to just-stationed-retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, exact April 11 at 3:41 p.m.

Mars is acted upon by both Uranus and Pluto between now and then, and this is unstable, aggressive energy often coming out of nowhere. When things get tense, choose the path of least competition/aggression in yourself. Watch for and avoid unexpected anger and aggressive moves from others, especially in men who are full-to-the-brim with the masculine/yang/testosterone-fuelled and are waiting for some event to boil their frustrations over. People are being pushed past their breaking points.

Accidents due to anger, recklessness or lack of due attention are probable under these astro conditions. Be socially responsible (Saturn in Libra) and diffuse what you can. Balance the social scales where you can. But when things get too hot, step out of the line of fire. Breathe. Disengage. When Pluto is involved, we have to be careful not to be pulled into the sticky, magnetic dramas that play on our trigger points. These are broad, collective energies and themes steamrolling forward with agendas of their own with a whole lot of energy driving into new frontiers.

There is definite differentiation and factioning going on on raw, fundamental levels as we shift into a strong Arien/Aquarian overlay - on personal, societal and global fronts. All is not well in the ranks as splintering agendas jockey for position and control. Old social contracts and alliances go up in Arien flames.

By the time Mars squares Pluto April 11, we should have more news about the possible release of plutonium (Pluto), the deadliest known substance on the planet and very difficult to detect, from Japanese reactors as well as the possible release of mixed oxide fuel (MOX), a combination of uranium and plutonium, from Fukushima reactor 3.

This Aries New Moon/Mars-Uranus conjunction is a symbol for the emergence into radically new personal territory, especially for women. If we've worked this series of New and Full Moons right, some exhausting and enmeshing tail-end Piscean era dynamics have been completed. Long-standing charges have been put to rest and we are emotionally borne into something new.

The emergence at this New Moon involves moving out of past social and emotional conditioning - "being nice" instead of being real, being socially popular instead of being true to who we really are - and drawing on a newly accessible emotional fire, strength and courage. To be successful moving forward, women, especially, will be taking charge of and taking responsibility for their own self-direction and masculine energy rather than sitting by and letting men do it for them. (That's turned out just great, hasn't it?) There is a special emphasis with all this Aries on anger impulses and using them as an impetus to action.

With the Sagittarius North Node disposited by Jupiter in Aries until June, our Aries muscles and instincts play a big role in the broader guiding philosophical force opening vast new arenas in our lives. These themes become huge May 1-15 as the Aries stellium trines the Sagittarius North Node. Be true to yourself come what may now in order to benefit fully from the movement indicated by those trines then.

The Moon crosses the same 29 Pisces/0 Aries hot spot early Saturday morning as it grows dark. The New Moon is exact at 13 degrees Aries April 3 at 9:32 a.m. It is the last in the series of six "thirteenth witch" New Moons at 13 degrees of the signs amidst a series of five anaretic degree Full Moons. I relate these New Moons to the emergence of hidden and denied feminine realities and influence, especially the denied realities of the thirteenth witch - the one who busts it wide open.

The first 13th degree New Moon was in Scorpio during the Venus in Scorpio retrograde, just after All Hallow's Eve. This infused the lunar series with the thirteenth witch vibe - from which we begin to emerge now. We complete the dynamics fully at the June 2012 Venus Transit in Gemini when that Venus retrograde discharges the themes of the fall 2010 Venus in Scorpio retro.

The idea of the thirteenth witch involves some witch's coven lore:

"From what I understand, covens could usually be sustained and kept cloaked and protected from the torch-wielding townsfolk up until the 12th member. But once the 13th member was added, there was a shift. The energy was unable to be contained at that point. Things dug a little too deep and triggered a little too much and became unmanageable. The bad blood would start to run, jealousy would rise, there would be political in-fighting and jockeying for power and position, dirty allegiances and back-stabbing. Basically, the coven members would start to get into some serious brass tacks - all the dormant poison would rise to the surface. It was as if a tipping point were reached with the 13th witch, and something would happen to bust up the coven, generally bringing it under fire from the mainstream society. Often, it was an angry member who had been screwed over and felt slighted who would rat the coven out.

Energetic violations and abuses that had long simmered beneath the surface were busted wide open and aired, brought to task, by the addition of the thirteenth witch."

The series of 13th degree New Moons has created openings for the inclusion and integration of hidden feminine realities that have long influenced our lives and the unfolding of events on the world stage. Keeping these things hidden and unaddressed has caused disruption, disturbance and devastation, and nothing can truly heal or change until they are brought into the fold. As always, these energies are wide open for co-opting and for being used to further the same-old, same-old. Tend them carefully in your own lives and selves.

We've had six months of potent lunar activity - don't let the supposed SuperMoon in Virgo at lunar perigee take all the credit. With the thirteenth witch themes, I would be looking much more strongly toward the influence of Black Moon Lilith at lunar apogee!

As I wrote about recently, the 2009 Venus retrograde in Aries themes are potent now and for the next six weeks as Jupiter and the personal planets in Aries oppose Saturn in Libra. A big theme during that retrograde was relationships that could no longer contain who we really were spontaneously combusting - even long-term ones. This New Moon happens conjunct Jupiter in Aries and opposite Saturn in Libra. If relationships and relationship dynamics didn't fully move into new territory at that time, expect things to pick up where they left off.

With the influence of the North Node in Sagittarius disposited by Jupiter in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra, people are figuring out what they really believe in relation to other people. This is going to mean they exit stage left from certain relationships, possibly in dramatic fashion, in a lot of cases. No harm, no foul in most cases. There isn't much arguing with this energy, and this has a freeing, energizing effect over the long run.

At the same time, new directions mean no longer taking the old directions, and that is starting to hit home emotionally in a big way as people say goodbye to a lot of what they identified themselves with previously, including relationships.

These themes continue as we head into another summer of big tensions, disturbances and necessary new leadership and directions with a full Cardinal Grand Cross configuration as well as a triple eclipse season. More on that later...

Anaretic Degree Full Moons

October 22, 2010 - 29 Aries
November 21, 2010 - 29 Taurus
December 21, 2010 - 29 Gemini (total lunar eclipse)
January 19, 2011 - 29 Cancer
February 18, 2011 - 29 Leo

Thirteenth Degree New Moons

November 5, 2010 - 13 Scorpio
December 5, 2010 - 13 Sagittarius
January 4, 2011 - 13 Capricorn (partial solar eclipse)
February 4, 2011 - 13 Aquarius
March 4, 2011 - 13 Pisces
April 3, 2011 - 13 Aries


Alicia C said...

what a fun time to be alive

Anonymous said...

WOW! I may have to fire a scorpio male for falsifying documents. If the next two weeks are what you say..I wonder if he will try to kill lose his RN job is to have to leave Kauai...hmmm..

Deb said...

Hey, thanks for the heads-up these next couple of weeks. Am taking six days off in mid-April (I deserve them).

April is already shaping up to be one heck of a month, isn't it?

I've been sharing bits of your articles with my husband (he's an uninterested Virgo skeptic but still open to learning about how astrology might specifically affect him). He spends more time around people than I do, so figured it was a good idea to share, even mention Mercury Rx which always, always seems to stir up troubles in his arena. It's funny, but he listens :)!

Have a good weekend,

Deb said...

P.S. And laughing at Alicia's comment over here! Agreed.