Saturday, March 26, 2011

Classic Case of the Mondays

The Sun in Aries squares stationing Pluto in Capricorn this Monday, March 28 at 7:13 a.m. Central, and this is quite an aspect to wake into on a Monday morning. We shoot out of bed and into a day full of potent progress as well as multiple frustrations and irritations. Small events trigger big reactions because we are just so FED UP with the way things are.

The Sun-Pluto square occurs in addition to the exact Jupiter-Saturn opposition (4:55 p.m.), so we can expect social tension all day with a tendency to the incendiary. There will be surprising levels of feistiness rising to the surface very quickly and with little provocation over the next few days with triggered personality hotspots. Stay clear of the Plutonic detritus being kicked up by everyone going his/her own way, and keep your cool as you move through it.

Luckily, the Moon will be in Aquarius, so emotional detachment and a broader view of what's going on (thanks, astrology) can pull us up and out of the fires.

Today, we have a Venus-Neptune conjunction on the anaretic (29th) degree of Aquarius (8:39 p.m.) before Venus slides into Pisces during the wee hours tomorrow. This is another layer of the Pisces-to-Aquarius shift, and anyone attuned to that is getting tuned, if you know what I mean. There is a new vibe unfolding rapidly under Uranus in Aries, and here the feminine finds just the right note to move forward with - not too Piscean and not too Aquarian.

Mercury goes retrograde at 24 Aries March 30 until April 22.

Pluto goes retro at 7 Capricorn April 9 until September 15.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely warning Willow! Breathing deep, not burning any bridges..

Anonymous said...

today saw a car that rammed thru a wall (poor parking), a car accident on the freeway involving 5 cars, and where I live the rumor is a female was beaten and then run over by a car ("domestic dispute") .. yeah. Seeing that "social tension all day with a tendency to the incendiary" fersure. Breathing. KK9955

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Willow. I have heavy transits going on right now. A "heads-up" is a good thing. I'm fast becoming a regular reader here as I find your posts to be genuine and truly helpful. I appreciate the work you do.

Deb said...

Damn. It.

Yes, Monday blew absolute chunks for me. I don't remember a day before Monday that drained the life out of me so badly. Really don't remember...

Thank something I woke up today in much better condition-- alive and alert. I'm learning from this... I won't be burning bridges but definitely will have to make some cut-backs. Will probably inconvenience some people but I need to put myself first here. Being in demand is awesome. Exhaustion is not! I'm only thirty-one, man.

Thanks, Willow.

<3 Deb