Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fourth of Five Anaretic Full Moons - This One At Home in Cancer

The Moon grows full at 3:21 p.m. CT today in water sign of the crab, Cancer.

The Moon is at home in its own sign here on the last degree of Cancer and holds within it the entirety of the inner, emotional experience of being alive on planet Earth at this tail-end Piscean era. This Full Moon is exactly trine Jupiter at 29 Pisces - the very last degree of the zodiac - and it's full to the brim. So are we. Held captive within the watery moonspell. But with sextiles to the Sun on the last degree of earthbound Capricorn and to Juno stationing retrograde at 29 Virgo to ground the proceedings.

Watery trines to Jupiter and Uranus permeate the collective ethers with a memory created from myth. The background music plays deluge myths on repeat as manufactured (sur)realities reflect them across the globe.

And now the version with the Moon.

It was the gravitational capture of the Moon into orbit around the Earth that created the catastrophe, they say. The lost continent. The destruction.

And there the anger starts. The hatred toward this lunar relationship, the violent disconnect from emotional connection, from feminine wisdom, from mothers. It fuels the destruction to this day.

The anaretic degree connections bring multi-layered culmination points enveloped in this lunar movement. We're at the end of an era. The Cancer Full Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter in late Pisces, both about to re-enter Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, for the duration of their transits. Our emotional experience shifts here along with the accelerations. What it means to call this planet home during our human lifetimes shifts. Comfortable understandings about our place here, our roots here, our place on Earth within the cosmos - if we ever had them - start to change rapidly as we are propelled into Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.

The Cancerian idea that everything is OK as long as me and mine are OK starts to fall away en masse. No longer can social privilege keep the majority "safe" while the world and their fellow human beings are destroyed all around them. The crab shell has been permeated. The home has been breached.

The culmination point is reached this afternoon. The Moon enters Leo at 4:16 p.m., and Toto, we sure ain't in Gaia anymore.

Anaretic Degree Full Moons

October 22, 2010 - 29 Aries
November 21, 2010 - 29 Taurus
December 21, 2010 - 29 Gemini (total lunar eclipse)
January 19, 2011 - 29 Cancer
February 18, 2011 - 29 Leo

Thirteenth Degree New Moons

November 5, 2010 - 13 Scorpio
December 5, 2010 - 13 Sagittarius
January 4, 2011 - 13 Capricorn (partial solar eclipse)
February 4, 2011 - 13 Aquarius
March 4, 2011 - 13 Pisces
April 3, 2011 - 13 Aries


Cairo said...

I missed the Full! Thought it was this evening. Grrrr. I think it must have been about the time I was watching Pres' Hu and Obama. My skull was straining more than usual.

The home issue. Scabby criminals going door-to-door? Check!

My home country blowing it again? You bet!

Obama says hey, China, man, our militaries are *tight* with each other! Building trust!

Human rights issue? Ahhhh, that's not going to fuck anything up.

The actual quotes are more chilling.

So from the tiny spot you call home to the broader borders of country, all the way up through the never ending sky...the protections, or guises of protection have crumbled.

I'm still going to do something nice tonight for the Moon. One man's end times are another girl's excuse for donuts and morphine.

Red hot writing this week, Willow. Gracias.

Anonymous said...

may i ask a question if you wouldnt mind replying in a couple of lines, i searched online but didnt come across an answer. what would it mean that my bday is on this full moon and my ascendant is 28 degree cancer. do you think the year ahead would be different.

Anonymous said...

Just back from the fray. My chart lit up today all right. Hope you don't mind, I told 'Them' I wasn't toasting their Brave Neo World with New Age Kool-Aid. I did put the latter in quotes;)
Knew I shouldn't bother but I get so pissed and can't help myself really, with my Mercury 'in the bends'.
I observe they consistently circle the wagons - I'm still naively surprised to find myself a target surrounded. Debating was never like this. And they talk about individuation but constantly jump unasked into the discussion on each other's behalf, so you think you're facing off with A and B is readying a volley from behind at a signal from C.
I think you'll discern my alias. Comments from the bottom up.
Also, curious what YOU think of this take on Juno:
If you have nothing better to do!
Crab salad anyone? Ooh, too bad the mayo can't mask the Corexit.
Just cleared here at 4AM and that culling Wolf Moon is made for howling under. Hope you can see it where you are.

Willow said...

I have to say...I've always found Obama bone-chillingly disturbing. hahaha...and now he has to make up for Baby Bushie's slight so China doesn't, oh, I don't the debt or something. HEE!

Anon 10:10 - Off the top of my head and in broad terms, I would say this year for you relates to coming to points of emotional closure as far as how you have expressed yourself in the world up to now - working with the flowy, nebulous unconscious to find the emerging threads spurring you onto a new preparation for leaving one outworn shell that is now cramping your style for a fresher, more expansive one. Maybe complete with jacuzzi and wet bar?

Sabina - yes, circling the wagons and multi-fronted sneak attacks are all part of the NA game. You have to be a total ninja. Some Kill Bill shit. Don't tire yourself!

Anonymous said...

thanks Willow , my year ahead sounds cool :)

wotching said...

I'm curious to know-- and this is directed primarily at Willow or Sabina, but it would be an open discussion for all that I'm looking for -- how does one go about "blowing up the victim consciousness?"

I'm throwing that question out there as someone who drops in to both sites -- Willow's web and PlanetWaves and do so on a regular basis and I appreciate the excellent writing and debates from *both* sites. So with that said, I'd actually like to discuss further here how it is that we move ourselves out of victim consciousness and in what direction do we head afterwards?

Willow said...

I'm actually not talking about "getting out of victim consciousness." I'm talking about losing the "victim consciousness" meme altogether. As in, it's a fabrication, a heinous oversimplification of reality. And it's just purely not helpful or effective.

So what I'm saying is "victim consciousness" as a phrase and as a concept is a New Age that does more harm than good. I don't believe people "create their own reality," "give permission" for horrifying events, or bring horrifying incidents on themselves through negative thoughts or the ever-popular "victim consciousness."

I think this meme is a manipulation and keeps people from truly understanding what it is that keeps people in disadvantaged positions. To me, it comes from people in a position of power and privilege trying to explain away what they find distasteful about the circumstances of people around them - circumstances for which collective responsibility is held - by hoisting the responsibility for it on the shoulders of those who are affected.

wotching said...

Willow, I agree with you; that "meme" definitely needs be relegated to the sidelines. It *is* a dismissive oversimplification of the pain and suffering of many. The energy behind its over usage has been manipulative on many fronts, serving only to label, segregate, negate, so as not to entertain real solutions that the collective has to face honestly in order to create equitable solutions for everyone.

That said, I do think the actual word *victim* itself has been deliberately maligned and given a solely negative connotation by lots of people refusing to waken up to pure heart energy. This I believe is the absolute power of Juno transiting the tail end of Virgo at this time. She is pumped full of that spirit that seeks justice above all else. The term victim should still be properly employed when describing situations where a person or people who have been tortured, abuse, bullied into submission. What can get lost is, that if there is victimization, the resultant trauma for the victim(s) can be destructive if the energy solely remains internalized or, alternatively, if it is consistently projected at perceived enemies with no room for moving away from it, and the possibility for true healing getting arrested and frozen.

The notion of seeing our world purely in simplistic, dualistic terms of the "us and them" is also a way of thinking I would like to see dropped, just as urgently as dropping the victim consciousness meme. I believe solutions lie in hearts and minds of people of every strip, the bullied *and* the bullier both needing to be jolted into a newer consciousness, one which demands responsibility of everyone living a life of honesty, compassion and justice, confronting all situations of evil and injustice that may come their way. I am attempting to take on that responsibility for the immediate surroundings I currently find myself living in, believing that operating authentically, in truth and integrity, can up the level of better living for us all in the end. I want to start somewhere, to try and live the reality of that life, and where I find myself currently positioned in the world, right this moment, is the very place for me to begin.

With the final words back to you, re. the current influence of Juno and her kick ass energy: "It's soul mate as in someone who compels some change, work, adjustment, refinement or improvement in you or your life. These 'soul mate' connections could be irritating as all hell...but they're necessary." This is the precise wake up call from Juno in late Virgo for everyone of us to express righteous anger in the face of dishonest living, to getting 100% real and by saying no to every instance of abuse and injustice, demanding to be heard and counted, from this moment on.

Willow said...

"the resultant trauma for the victim(s) can be destructive if the energy solely remains internalized or, alternatively, if it is consistently projected at perceived enemies with no room for moving away from it, and the possibility for true healing getting arrested and frozen."

Yes, and to me, the application of the "victim consciousness" meme coming, generally, from those in positions of advantage plays a big part in the true healing being arrested and frozen.

If we can't get to the nitty gritty of what went on and, more importantly, what CONTINUES to go on, nothing changes, and we stay in these intolerable wounding patterns and positions.

It's the whole, "Just move on. Just get over it. Just transcend it." thing. If there is no real root-level acknowledgement of the energy dynamic that causes the damage, some true understanding and remorse...and then some deep CHANGES in the dynamics and behaviours that created the abuse/trauma in the first place, it's impossible to "just move on."

The flippant glossing over has to go. We have to get to those crystal clear catalyzing points and really get specific on how the wounding dynamic does it's damage. And this is perfect work for Juno in Virgo.

wotching said...

Many of the "powers that be" are still fully cognizant of how they benefit from applying the V.C. meme, and seem more determined than ever to keep intact their selfish, cruel, lazy modus operandi. The application of that meme has served them very comfortably for thousands of years, allowing unchecked powers to control, and pilfer and profit obscene monetary rewards, that are only gained through a heartless and willful subjugation of the weaker members of society.

It is so vital now that both the individual and the collective dig much, much deeper, along with channeling Juno's righteous anger from above and stand courageously to break free from that entrenched cruel, systemic MO, and as you say here, tap into those "crystal clear catalyzing points" to get this show onto the better track.

The recent uprising of the people of Tunisia lifts up my spirit these days along with the spirits of many of us determined once and for all to confront the various injustices in our lives; to feel the huge rush of collective empowerment that can herald change on so many fronts.

"Change gonna come, oh yes it is." Sam Cooke 1931 - 1964

wotching said...

That is an *awesome* rendition by Beth Hart. Thank you for the link. Yeah, I know Otis Reading sang it with his tender loving Virgo heart (ahh) but this Aquarian gal (her actual b'day is tomorrow, so it seems!) simply hits it out of the park. Wow.

By way of closing this discussion for me tonight, the New Age movement *has* some issues around it that make my teeth seriously grind but it should be said that in its midst there has been an awakening of consciousness for many people, so I would prefer to be more open to that growing awareness than judge it as a whole, as it were.

What simply *must* happen now is for people to be more gutsy and to speak up and to act up whenever it is necessary, to make real change come about ala the "spirit of the people of Tunsia" style. When their now ousted president threatened them some weeks back with death for marching on the streets, the Tunisian people thought -- we'll we don't fear death anymore because our lives suck so bad and can't get any worse, so we will march and we will protest and we WILL overthrow you. Power TO the people.

I just worry that people need to have a NDE to waken them up when it's totally unnecessary.

Cheers for this discussion Willow. I found it really worthwhile.

Willow said...

I wouldn't credit the New Age movement with "waking people up." To me, it's a pyramid scheme spiritual control mechanism, plain and simple. It doesn't matter what insights might be stirred within New Age if the energy is fed right back into the same old end points - which is what happens. That's the game.

I've come into contact with a lot of people who hold New Age ideology who want to reform it around the edges. The "edgy" New Ager, for example, who has problems with parts of the establishment but maintains status within it. That doesn't do it for me.

I think the effects of the ideology of the New Age movement as a whole as well as the underlying agenda have to be looked at much, much closer.

But we can agree to disagree.