Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Venus in Scorpio Works its Magic on the Era-Shifting Mutual Reception and Fighting for the Right to See Through Our Own Eyes...Part Two

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie,
Five thousand and twenty blackbirds fall from the sky.

Venus in Scorpio is just moving out of its square to Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius and trine to Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces.

Venus is the last body to march through Scorpio, applying the Scorpionic X-ray vision to the astrological era-shifting Uranus-Neptune mutual reception, which comes to an official close March 11 when Uranus re-enters Aries.

The Venus aspects were exact the day of the January 4 Capricorn New Moon/partial solar eclipse, and we're experiencing a little Neptunian media-driven deja vu.

In late October, as Mars in Scorpio passed through this hot spot in the zodiac, the official line on three massive fish kills in Louisiana was: oxygen depletion unrelated to Corexit or the BP oil disaster.

This despite independent testing that found oil in the gills and livers of the fish.

Now, as Venus moves through late Scorpio, the last in the cavalry of the asteroids and personal planets to move through these aspects from Scorpio, we hear "experts" telling the mainstream media that the deaths of 5,000 red-winged blackbirds and starlings near Beebe, Arkansas just before midnight on December 31, 2010 were caused by: a loud noise (possibly fireworks) that startled the birds into flying into low-lying structures like buildings.

Yes. All 5,000 of them. Flew into buildings. To their deaths. In a town of 5,000 people. At the very same time. One last hurrah for 2010.

The blood clots and internal hemorrhaging found in the birds is simply evidence that they experienced a "traumatic event."

Another massive fish kill of 100,000 drum fish in the Arkansas River, 125 miles from Beebe, and the deaths of 500 more birds (red-winged blackbirds, sparrows and starlings) in Labarre, Louisiana at around the same time are unrelated, these experts say.

Apparently, the location of the Pine Bluff Arsenal outside Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a U.S. military facility that stores and distributes chemical and biological weapons, is also unrelated. It hasn't warranted a mention in the mainstream channels.

Here's the deja vu.

"A robotic, manipulated, insane official explanation that defies all basic, human logic - and the requirement to shrug that off and dig for the real story ourselves.

Getting beneath the permeating official line created by such crafty manipulators of the collective ethers takes all our skill, determination and courage. Tearing multi-layered masks off the soft-lit illusions that persistently work to keep people enmeshed in insane constructs not their own is a step-by-step process requiring us to go slowly and carefully, countering every official line with raw, gut-level Scorpionic authenticity - and research."

A CNN story shows a drugged or poisoned John P. Wheeler III, ex-Pentagon official, defense adviser and expert on chemical and biological weapons, stumbling through surveillance videos two days before his body turned up in a Delaware landfill. Wheeler was a Council on Foreign Relations member, an adviser to both Reagen and Daddy Bush.

The Wheeler murder story runs two stories prior to the official line blackbird story.

In plain sight, but the connecting threads are not offered by the coiffed and make-upped CNN anchors.


Willow said...

This Week in Dead Animals

Sounds as if the Gulf Loop Current disruption is behind many of the marine life deaths...abnormally cold temperatures.

Shannon Lyn said...

I'm glad you posted something about this, this is all I've been able to think about for days. It's almost like they are making fun of us with that line of BS that the birds died from fireworks. Oh please. They know that they can say whatever they want because no one is paying attention. (Except a few I should say..)

freeforall said...

An article today said that 500 birds just died and dropped out of the sky in Sweden. Preliminary tests showed the same symptoms as the birds who died in the US. Can't be the fireworks!

Cairo said...

Google has a
Mass Animal Death Map

Alicia C said...

oh, but don't you know this is supposed to signify the Rapture and End Times? (roll eyes)