Monday, January 17, 2011

Juno Stations Retrograde on the Anaretic Degree of Virgo, and Your Soul Mates Are the Ones Who Are a Pain in Your Ass

Juno stations retrograde on the last degree of Virgo January 19 and moves retro until May 2, heading back over sticky, tricky, neglected Virgoan details until it enters Libra July 27. It is opposite Jupiter at 29 Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac, and there are some details that need attending to before we cross the threshold into full-on Aries energy.

Juno is the soul mate asteroid, though not always the kind of soul mate we have been trained to understand. Mythologically, Juno relates to Hera - Zeus' wife. Hera's marriage duties dragged her through all kinds of enraging, intolerable horseshit as Zeus boned pretty much every attractive little nymphet that crossed his path.

Juno relates not only to covenant marriage/soul relationships but also to the type of difficult emotional experiences and power dynamics that type of commitment can bring with it. The type of difficult emotional experiences and power dynamics any type of soul commitment can bring with it.

One issue Juno raises is misplaced anger (raging at the nymphets, for example) along with women not holding the men they're in relationship with fully responsible and accountable for shitty behaviours - often due to some level of dependence, conditioning and/or being on the subjugated end of power dynamics. Hera more often than not blamed the attractive little nymphets - not her philandering man. This can work the other way around, too, of course. We see this pattern played out over and over again in relationships.

Juno is in Virgo now to get down to the nitty gritty on this front. Fine-tuned analysis of what did go on and what is going on is the path to practically changing it and healing it. There has been more than enough glossing over of bad behaviour. More than enough letting things slide. It's time to dig in and really make things crystal clear.

So the adjustments that need to be made in ourselves and in our lives will be triggered as Juno brings people into our spheres to catalyze the changes that we could not bring about alone. In Virgo, these Juno figures may come through small interactions with people on the street, in stores, while driving - or it could be within our closer relationships.

Basically, there are adjustments that must be made, and Juno is retrograding through late Virgo infused with the Solstice eclipse backdrop change vibes.

Juno in Virgo played a big role in the rare total Gemini solar eclipse on Winter Solistice, acting as the grounding fourth leg for the big, erratic energies of that time period. Juno in Virgo held its ground opposing Uranus and Jupiter in late Pisces as the Sun-Mercury and Moon opposed in Sagittarius and Gemini. This formed four mutable squares or a Mutable Grand Cross, kicking off lots of change and movement for the next quarter year on Planet Earth. And yes, haven't we seen some big changes and movement since New Year 2011?

From that article:

"Soul mate asteroid Juno at 26 Virgo makes the Full Moon mutable t-square a mutable Grand Cross, and the analyzed and verballized distinctions matter. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say...while things shift and slide all around us.

A sloppy, glossed-over idea of Piscean unity doesn't cut it anymore. Under the more Aquarian overlay, our differences are actually what make us strong and recognizing, honouring and utilizing them is what makes us truly unified. The Virgoan details count in a big way to place us in the positions and within the tribes where we most fully belong...

The longer-term communications shift indicated by this Gemini Full Moon lunar eclipse square Uranus in Pisces brings the heightened possibility of psychic communication, non-verbal interplay and transmission, and telepathy over long distances among like souls. But the placement of Juno in Virgo, again, shows us that this is not energy to be mucked around with. We're meant to be doing something - usually quite specific somethings - with it. This is actually not a "fly wide open" time with all these squares and oppositions, though many seem to be pumping things up to that point. Boundaries that must be closely kept.

Juno in Virgo brings people and experiences into our lives to help us make the refining and grounding adjustments and effectively work with these cosmic vibes. Juno will make itself known in your life to keep you on track, drawing attention to any areas that need a little tune-up, any rough spots that need smoothing, any neglected details that could trip you up in the long-term. This is the lingering impression of the Saturn in Virgo - Uranus in Pisces opposition cycle. Remember that? How could we forget? These Virgoan tune-ups, coming through the soul mate asteroid, will be especially prevalent coming from contact with other people. Remember: this isn't soul mate as in your one and only true love. It's soul mate as in someone who compells some change, work, adjustment, refinement or improvement in you or your life. These 'soul mate' connections could be irritating as all hell...but they're necessary."

Now Juno is stationing retrograde on 29 Virgo - the same degree of the lunar eclipse. It will move back to 14 degrees Virgo, where it will station direct May 2. It will enter Libra July 27.


Anonymous said...

I saw 'soul mates' and balked...
but i hadn't read your post. Like you I have become wary of people who wear too much white and channel messages that seem to benefit a business plan, or in the very least repeat was has been said (so many times) then pretends it is prophecy.
Your views read as original. Not great chunks taken from books I already have on my shelf. I don't want a guru, I want a good interpretive astrologer.
I liked your take on Juno.Too true.
I seem to be meeting people, engaging intensely, then feeling a short time later--no not this again-same person different face.
My 29 degree Pisces is on the 2nd house cusp, 29 Virgo on the 8th. I feel the turn of the wheel. I feel the urgency.
So much previously hidden is on display.
I wonder about this fullmoon coming at 29 cancer. Another critcal degree or anaretic if you prefer. My moon sits on one. Not always comfortable.

I will keep reading you
Thanks doxo

shannon said...

gee, willow, not only is my natal juno conj this merc/pluto cappy thing, it will now move in to conjunction with my 15 virgo sun /jup. sheesh!
i am getting very tired!

Anonymous said...

It's all in the process, sez Virgs. We may feel like flinging a toothbrush and sox in a bag and skedaddling, but won't we regret that as we disembark in our new reality. Sorry, folks, gotta pack that suitcase with care, pay in full for our tickets, so when we arrive at the departure lounge we can calmly contemplate - with renewed passport and visa in hand - the details of our itinerary and wish ourselves a real Bon Voyage.
Ta, Willow.