Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Venus Stationing Direct Trine Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius

Venus has almost finished its 41-day retrograde through Scorpio and the late degrees of Libra and is currently stationing direct at 27 degrees Libra. The Venus retrograde themes are potent as we grind out the final days of this retrograde. If issues around love, money, relationship, values and self-worth are frustrating or painful (especially along the what could have been/what we wish had been and what really is and was front), hang in there. We're coming around the bend. No rash movements. We've come too far and done too well to blow it now...

Venus is back at the opening doorway of the retrograde shadow, where it was September 4. This is where we started the review of all things Venusian in our lives, probably most intently with love relationships. Venus will go direct Thursday, November 18 at 3:18 p.m. CT and will leave retrograde territory altogether at 13 Scorpio on December 19.

Jupiter is stationing direct simultaneously (at 23 degrees Pisces, conjunct a stationing Uranus) and will start moving forward through the zodiac the same day Venus does at 10:54 a.m. CT.

Jupiter and Venus moving forward on the same day frees up some beneficial energies. Retrogrades have a way of making things feel very constricting, and that starts to shift now. These direct stations are yet another layer of pulling up old anchors as we move toward a grand-scale shift in early 2011.

From a previous post:

"As we hurtle through this portal and start to gain momentum, the other planets are going direct like dominoes. We're pulling up old anchors one-by-one as Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus all station direct by December 5. December 5 to January 25, 2011 is a time when all planets, excluding Mercury, are direct and many wheels start to turn ahead of Uranus re-entering Aries March 11 and a huge push forward into new territory at Spring Equinox.

We need a running start into that time in order to launch ourselves beyond the entrapping tail-end Piscean Age tendrils and the nasty uses of Pluto in Capricorn energy - to truly cross the great stream - and that running start begins now with the initial steps."

Just as it was when it entered the retrograde shadow, Venus is in tight trine to Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, which have both recently gone direct themselves in exact conjunction. You can read more about these themes here:

Venus Trines Neptune-Chiron and Enters the Retrograde Shadow at 27 Libra

This Venus retrograde has gone down in an area of the zodiac called the Via Combusta or the Burning Path - very alchemically charged. Venus will come out of this zone at Winter Solstice. You can read more about this here:

Venus, Eros and Mars in the Via Combusta and Karmic Love Cleansing Through the Alchemical Fires

Another important piece of this Venus retro, which kicks off a new 18-month Venus cycle, is the strategic positioning of the feminine asteroids around the time of the retrograde station:

Ladies of the Zodiac...It's Showtime.

Pluto and the North Node will be conjunct at 3 degrees Capricorn during Venus' direct station, and the empowerment of the feminine, bringing it to the decision-making table as a full partner, becomes an even stronger necessity in the Plutonic restructuring process currently underway.

Our real status report checkpoint as far as how we've done with the themes and issues this Venus retrograde has brought to our attention doesn't come until early January.

Venus will square Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius and trine Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces from Scorpio at that point, marking the final personal planet to do so. These aspects happen on a potent little day also - January 4, the day of the 13th degree Capricorn New Moon. A new level of responsibility (especially emotional and energetic responsibility) in relationship unfolds from there.

Venus gets back up to full speed by the end of November, and we should be making progress with relationship issues of all kinds - as long as we can apply what we've been made aware of during the retro phase.


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly holding a most sacred spot for the Jan. 4th. eclipse! It truly is about time that weary souls get at the very least a glimpse of hope.

Leslie said...

Willow, thanks for your encouraging words. Yesterday I've been hit hard indeed by Venus Rx in Libra conjuncting my natal Saturn/Pluto. And that with everyone saying that Venus Rx in Libra will bring some rest from her retrograde in Scorpio.

But the pain is wearing off quickly, and I'm really looking forward to the coming period of planets turning direct and Jupiter/Uranus in Aries.


mountaingirlblues said...

Um....." A new level of responsibility (especially emotional and energetic responsibility) in relationship unfolds from there." yeah!! (sigh) Thank for putting it into words, Willow. Looking forward to seeing that actually.

Duse said...

This Venus Retro has been a doozy for us and I'm trusting that her moving Direct (as well as Jupiter) will help us see more clearly through the dust that's settled.

I had no idea, though, that as of Dec 5 all planets (save Mercury) will be Direct! How interesting. Perhaps people will be finding themselves moving forward in their lives instead of stuck in these holding patterns.

As for the Jan 4 eclipse the other Commenter mentioned, my partner will have that conjunct his natal and progressed Saturn. As he's interviewing for jobs that would put him in a position of authority or as the "expert" in the group, this seems to make sense.

Good article, Willow. :^)

Willow said...

Leslie, I've found the turnaround of Venus in late Libra difficult, as well - quite painful. More so than the retro through Scorp, actually. But I think there will be some relief post-direct station.

I think people are forgetting we're in the Via Combusta - Libra ain't all sunshine and light as most astrologers read it. I should know. Pluto-Sun in Via Combusta Libra. heehee And I'm sure you're well aware of that, too, with Pluto-Saturn there.

dorchid said...

that new moon on Jan 4 is in tight conjunction to Eros.

this venus rx is kicking me in the butt. my solar return occurred on sept 4 and in that chart venus-mars-eros are all conjunct my ascendant.

the taurus full moon is activating my ascendant, IC, and descendant. i hope a relationship that's been up-in-the-air finally gets some closure.

thanks for all the insight!

Kathryn said...

I just feel totally clueless....flying blind, so to speak.
Truly my instincts are being developed. I have Saturn going over my Natal Pluto, in those Libra degrees.

I've always been extremely wary of Libras....(My Mom and Sis are both)

Now I know why! :)