Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Divergence

The personal planets in Scorpio are hitting the square to Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius and the trine to Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces in wave after wave.

Mars, following asteroid Pallas Athene, kicked off the aspect parade October 20, with Mercury now moving through the same aspects beginning today and completing November 6. The Moon is strongly involved here, too, and will make the same aspects to Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and Uranus as it conjuncts Venus and then the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio under the influence of this weekend's New Moon.

The Pisces-to-Aquarius flavour is very strong in the astro proceedings...

The sequence goes: Scorpio planet trines Jupiter in Pisces, squares Neptune in Aquarius, squares Chiron in Aquarius and trines Uranus in Pisces. You see how intermeshed this time frame is and how potent this pivot point is.

The Sun in Scorpio will hit this mark November 15-18, bringing us up to speed in our full, conscious moment as far as the sometimes nebulous realities of the Pisces-to-Aquarius transition. Watch closely what the Scorpio Sun shines its light on during this time frame. The final personal planet to run this gauntlet will be Venus in early January, just before it enters Sagittarius January 7.

The personal planets in Scorpio, a sign that does what it knows it has to do whether it really wants to or not, are doing their thing to break this party up, triggering some separation and distance. A divergence point is being carved out on the most nitty-gritty of levels, in the hidden areas of which only Scorpio is aware. We have to know exactly what (and whom) we're dealing with in order to know what direction (Aries) to take right out of the Aquarius gate. Every individual's movement and choices count. Don't be fooled into giving your influence away.

This divergence point is carved out as Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus prepare to go direct, releasing us from backtrack mode. By December 5, the whole gang - Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius in mutual reception along with the bodies conjunct them - will be moving direct, with Jupiter and Uranus on their way back to the Aries birth point we had a taste of this past summer during the cardinal T-squares.

On the most basic level, we're being asked to examine the motivations of our own souls (Scorpio). Divining to the core, to our source, to the reason we are here at this time. We're being asked to draw in, to keep our deepest spiritual values close, and to determine what is so important to us that there is nothing in this Earthly experience that could make us give it up.

These configurations also have to do with the human soul and spirit in relation to our biology and our connection to Earth and to the life force here. This connection is being used against us in the most heinous ways by those who believe they have harnessed the life force, life itself, and have become the source of it altogether. Our biology is being poisoned and our DNA manipulated by these fools.

And we're asked to determine what it means to us to be human - at a time when our survival as biological human beings is coming into question under the current conditions and possible future trajectories.

Did I think I would ever be living in a time when people would be being coerced to turn themselves into robots, synthetic forms? Or that we would unwillingly be part of experiments along these lines? But here we are.

Nowhere is the intermixing of Piscean and Aquarian themes more apparent than in the Gulf of Mexico - unfortunately, taking expression in some of the most abominable forms possible.

Michael Edward, a gentleman in Florida who is getting the word out about what is really going on in the Gulf of Mexico, has dug up some information about a partnership between BP and a company called Synthetic Genomics. This company's goal is the commercialization of synthetic genes, DNA sequences and organisms. BP invested in this company and made a long-term research and development deal with them in June of 2007. One of the biggest areas of interest for this company is microbial cells in oil.

Remember those bacteria that eat that oil we've heard so much about?

It's possible that along with the deadly Corexit, synthetic organisms have also been unleashed in the Gulf of Mexico. A massive Pisces-to-Aquarius science experiment with human beings, animal and plant life - nature itself - as pawns. As the Corexit breaks the oil down into bite-sized chunks...

The shocking emergence of Aquarian technologies that change everything. A technological attack on the basic building blocks of life itself, DNA, genetic lineage. Uranus in Pisces to Aries.

The transitions are fast now, but it's nothing in comparison to the speed with which the realizations of where we are will strike when Uranus re-enters Aries, no longer buffered and obscured by the Piscean veil.

Black Moon Lilith is also hanging out along this Pisces-Aries cusp now and for the next while, letting us in on some of the dirty little secrets we need to know going into this next year related to the corruption of the feminine force.

We're having to strip the dead energy of the Piscean Age overlay layer-by-layer in preparation for Uranus in Aries tipping the scales further into Aquarius at the upcoming Spring Equinox. This doesn't mean Pisces energy itself is dead - though, I think many in "power" would like this to be the case. It's because true Piscean wisdom and understanding are going to be so crucially important as we shift into a stronger Aquarian overlay that we have to Scorpionically carve away and drop what is no longer effective or relevant to the times. Pisces energy is being born anew in an ongoing process - as all the signs/energies of the zodiac are - as we head to the Aquarian infusion marker of Uranus in Aries (beginning March 11).

I wouldn't get too caught up in Aquarian fervour, though.

Let's recall that Neptune in Pisces, transiting its own sign, will be a potent force for the next 15 years. It dips into Pisces for a quick, catalyzing blast of Uranus in Aries energy April 4 - August 5, 2011 before entering Pisces for good February 3, 2012. Here's the very beginning of Pisces for the Aquarian era. Pisces for the post-post-modern era? Neptune will be at home in its own sign of Pisces, but its home sign will also feel somewhat foreign as our spirituality and vital connection to spiritual guidance and intelligence shifts for the sake of direct relevance and effectiveness in these times on our planet.

Pisces on the other side of its hijacking by End Times, Armageddon, Revelation, Ascension.

Chiron (wounded healer asteroid) will also be in Pisces for the next seven years, marking a period where great healing but also great wounding devastation is possible, especially along Piscean lines. Holding Piscean wisdom and understanding will not be easy during these times as we watch things unfolding that go against everything we know in our hearts and souls to be right.

Things really start to shift at this New Moon with Neptune and Chiron going direct in tandem.

Venus and Jupiter both go direct November 18, adding to the forward-ho momentum.

Then December 5, Uranus in Pisces goes direct on the same day as our second 13th degree New Moon in Sagittarius.

At that point, every planet in the zodiac is moving direct heading into the New Year (other than a Mercury retrograde December 9 - 29).

Venus entering Sagittarius January 7 and Jupiter re-entering Aries January 22 stokes the flame.

Only Saturn in Libra will turn retrograde (January 25) before Uranus re-enters Aries for good March 11, just in time for a super potent Spring Equinox when the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus will all be in the sign of the ram - ready for a strong burst forward.

So let the layers be lifted off you this weekend at this New Moon, release the burdens that are ready to go. Stake a new claim, and get ready for some big changes up ahead.


Anon And Ever said...

Very interesting what you wrote about what Micheal Edward has found...

When Neptune will definitively enter into Pisces we enter into The “End Times” in “Aquarian Sauce” ---

Neptune as the god of dissolution...

Of the world, but event of Corporate control and Agenda on and in this whirled world...

NotayDaCrabay said...

Five years since the oil spill, just found this:

Vice is a controlled "alternative" outlet for sure but it's still nice to see some of what was on WWA *five* years ago get acknowledged in the corporate media.

Willow said...

Ooh, thank-you. Good find.

I felt how bad the Gulf gusher/Corexit debacle was in my bones.

Little did I know we were just getting warmed up for Fuku.