Friday, March 26, 2010

Pluto in Capricorn: All Hands On Deck

Photo: Willow

And next up: the Pluto in Libras.

Since Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) entered Libra at the end of October 2009, it has begun to call on the Pluto in Libras to take their full, adult places within the Capricornian structures so as to further the Plutonic process in that sign. People with Pluto in early Libra (1971-1974) have more than likely felt the weight of this responsibility being placed squarely on their shoulders in the past few months, with an understanding that this is just the beginning.

Libra is a cardinal sign, and this Pluto generation is a pivotal one in maintaining a balance and a modicum of harmony and decorum throughout the cardinal t-squares over the next decade (with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn). Within this generation lies important new leadership.

This is a generation that will not sit idly by and allow love, justice or human beings themselves to be diminished and consumed by mega-corporate machinations or global warfare. Pluto in Libras know how to go to the mat to keep people together. We know how to get down and dirty and fight for the crucial objectives of the soul within relationship. And when our best effort can't make a go if it, we know when and how to cut our losses and sever ties. There's method to our madness, even when it gets nasty.

Capricorn relates to concrete, collective progress. Rather than the glorification of the figurehead we associate with Capricorn these days (possibly due to the reign of the Pluto in Leos, currently begrudgingly exiting positions of power), the responsibilities and effort taken on with Capricorn are meant to further the group. Because of this group focus and the hardcore flipping mess we're in on this planet currently, we're going to need the whole team playing its A-game to accomplish the Herculean tasks of restructuring the way we do things.

It seems to me that Saturn's transits over the next decade, during the thick of the initiating cardinal squares while dispositing Pluto in Capricorn, do just that - activate the whole team, from the late Pluto in Virgos to the newest Pluto in Capricorn baby being born, and integrate them into the structural morphing process. We need a grand-scale effort to turn things around here, and the Saturn transits of late Virgo through Capricorn give it our best shot.

Leo is a fixed sign, and the Pluto in Leos have held fast to positions of power and their way of doing things. The Pluto in Virgos have often been employed, so far, to smooth things over and clean up messes and keep things functioning as the Pluto in Leos did their thing.

But now there is a massive power shift. There has to be. It's the only way we can right this ship as it heads rapidly for the rocks.

Pluto is a planet that enters a sign and brings with it a deep, often gut-wrenching process of excavation and examination, confrontation and release, digging and purging, stripping down and regeneration so as to completely transform constructs and dynamics that would hinder or stop human soul development on this planet.

Pluto enters a sign at the point when the expression of that sign has become so hideously constricting, toxic, soul-stifling and laden with energetic booby traps related to its past expression that without the Plutonic process, the continued corrupted expression of that sign would bring about soul death, or even literal death, within the collective.

Garbage sticks. And a sign gets so weighed down with detritus (held emotion and remembrances of betrayals of trust, nasty, underhanded dynamics, dishonesty, manipulation, abuse) that it can no longer express in a functional way. It can no longer achieve necessary objectives and gets stuck in the same loops, experiencing the same unpleasant set-ups over and over again until, with Pluto, we go right to the core of the situation and become fully aware.

The clear and true expression of the sign becomes more possible as we go through the Plutonic strip-down process where we burn away all that is false and regenerate the experience and expression of the sign into something with real integrity for the long haul.

Pluto rules a force of generational evolutionary commitment - what a particular Pluto generation is here to collectively accomplish.

Wherever Pluto lies in your chart, rest assured that after you and your Pluto generation get through with it (or it gets through with you), it will be stripped bare and transformed into something more suited to human soul development for the next 248 or so years.

Pluto triggers the alchemy of the soul, applying immense pressure to turn coal into diamond. Yeah, sounds empowering. Feels like hell.

Pluto's transformational process can be called many things: painful, brutal, hellish, cruel. It breaks down energetic constructs, often forcing us to emotional, physical and psychological breakdown in the process. But it's a process that must go on to facilitate the continued survival of human souls. We're here for a reason, for a limited amount of time, and Pluto won't do us the disservice of letting us forget it.

I don't completely know why Plutonic experiences have to be so brutal, and I hope this is not the case in the future. It's something I ponder quite a lot: why we have to go through such traumatic experiences in order to further this process.

All I can come up with is that trauma has a certain energy about it that makes us dig deeper within ourselves and reach further spiritually than we ever could or would without it. It makes us confront things we would often rather die than confront - including the inevitability of our own physical death. Being creatures that enjoy comfort, I suppose we would not willingly break down the energetic constructs or dig into painful emotional and psychological territory without Pluto's impetus.

So we all do the collective soul work of our Pluto sign - whether consciously or unconsciously. And those who have Pluto in close aspect to personal planets will generally be taking on more of the collective work personally and consciously. For example, I have the Sun in Libra loosely conjunct Pluto, so this is a constant in my day-to-day. My whole self-expression is thick with it. Just being me in the world (Sun) brings collective Pluto in Libra dynamics and the required energy work into my life.

And what are Pluto in Libra dynamics?

In basic terms, the Pluto in Libras are here to experience, examine, break down, and process out stultifying, abusive and "just not right" relationship and partnership dynamics, attracting many relationships (especially before we are conscious of this) designed as vehicles to do so.

We're here to create right human relations on the planet, and it's a big job.

We experience many nasty tricks through our relations with others. All the denied realities of relationship held in the collective come up for us to deal with. Pluto doesn't leave any stone unturned.

We're also here for justice, especially social justice, and equality. Many Pluto in Libras make human rights their life's work.

We're here to create a new balance of masculine and feminine energetic exchange within ourselves and within partnership, as well as a new balance on the planet, in general.

It's our job to find a point of harmony and balance even in the most tumultuous of times (these). To uncover and display the beauty in the ugliest of circumstances.

The end result of this Plutonic processing will be a more free and true exchange of love. Creating deeply satisfying, soul-nourishing relationships - the most beautiful, deeply loving and meaningful relationships this planet has ever seen collectively. And not just the romantic ones.

Yes, we've set our sights high, but these are epic times. As they say, we're the ones we've been waiting for, and if we work our little hearts out and achieve our goals, we bring forward human relations and love relationships truly befitting us and this beautiful planet - ones that allow for our further mutual soul growth, rather than following patterns and forms that bring misery and dissatisfaction.

In order to get to those relationships with that beautiful level of trust, openness, and soul-sharing, we have to figure out what is keeping us from that - the areas that lack integrity and honesty. And there are a lot of those.

Many of our parents have Neptune in Libra, a placement that set them up for rosey, Neptunian idealism around love and romance and then massive disappointment and disillusionment when the reality of their relationships didn't measure up.

Being able to tell reality from illusion in relationship is a big thing for Pluto in Libras. Getting to the nitty gritty and then working from there, stripped clean of false expectations and realities left unspoken.

And as our generation brushes away the ashes left from the breakdown and razing of relationship constructs past, we find the raw potential for something real. We understand what it really means to love and be loved when it's not easy, when the chips are down, when things are crumbling all around us. And through this Plutonic process, we heal the crushed hopes and dreams of every disappointed lover who came before us. We connect at the raw, vulnerable, immensely strong collective heart, through the ages, and start again.

Saturn transits Libra until early October 2012, and Saturn conjunct Pluto will be the beckoning call for Pluto in Libras to fully enter the fray.


An On Ym Us said...

Well, to tell the truth I do not see all that is happening in this old whirled world as a generational fact, though even this matters...

What I think about Pluto in Libra is that it can be used, even if only by the aware, as means to move strategically in this world which is decaying under our eyes and in which the main theme will be how to survive and how to bring what we believe must be our mission in an increasingly unresourceful world...

Strategica advice can be useful... And to be aware of both parts is a specialty of Libra influences...

Willow said...

I've written extensively about the nefarious side of the Saturn in Libra - Pluto in Capricorn square and the obscured strategic alliances that are coming about, if that's what you mean. Click on the 'saturn square pluto' label for those posts.

This post is focussing on "my kind" of Pluto in Libras, primarily. Those on the right side of things. :-)

msfullroller said...

Willow, I sure hope so because like An Om I don't see it happening either. What I'm seeing thus far from Pluto in Libras is that they are advocating going back to the old ways of relating and relationships that ain't never been right from day 1. I'm scratching my head like WTF is this crap?! Maybe it's a cultural thing and we are still in the early days of Pluto in Capricorn, but it is very disturbing. I tend to lean towards what would be labeled (and I hate being labeled)as "feminist" views but after observing this pattern as a child and now at 44 yrs old on Thursday, nothing has changed. I'm so hoping to see this turned around especially for young girls.

Based on my age you already know I'm of the Pluto in Virgo bunch. I have Pluto/Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st opposing Mercury/Saturn/Chiron in the 7th so has been a daily part of my life as well, being highlighted big time the last 2 1/2 years.

Willow said...

I think it's always a vast minority who do the real hardcore Pluto work in every gen, and those are the people I'm writing to here.

There is also an aspect of going deeply into the old constructs in order to work our way out...finding the root and the thread of vitality to pick up and work with. We really are in early days yet.

I do agree that most Pluto in Libras seem happy to work the same old constructs...but again, that's the same with every Pluto generation.

And of course, the ripple effects don't change things immediately. Maybe not till next time Pluto in Libra rolls around? This is super long-term stuff, since our lifetimes are the blink of an eye.

Kathryn said...

Very much agreed. I am a Pluto in Libran- and have been feeling this for a long time. Attracting abuse of authority in forms that test the imagination, has been my path for a long time. I am just starting to realize that it does not need to be fully acted on now- but once I realized that Pluto was in Capricorn for 23 years- I could see how this theme will be my life's work, in some way. ( I also have Cappy rising. So Pluto is happily (traumatically) travelling thru my 12th at the mo.
Thank-you for seeing things so clearly and gently. I truly care for the souls of the planet and want to do my part. Thank-you for yours....

Alicia C said...

IT's interesting. Ten years ago at college i was talking with a friend who happens to be the very socially apathic, disillusioned daughter of 2 socialist parents who had spent their whole life fighting for social rights and a New World Order - alongside the whole caravan of Pluto in Leo hippies, no doubt.

Both she and I at that point were colluding on the fact that we felt nothing could be changed, nothing was any good, so what's the point anyway. We both interpreted the 'same old crap' the world was in, even after the 60's did their thing as, somehow, 'proof'. We wondered at why our generation felt disempowered, disengaged, apathic, etc

Through current work I've been doing with my husband (whose moon conjuncts my Libra Pluto, interestingly enough) I've had a better chance of expressing the part of me that always wanted to be about something.

I wonder about it all, though. I know I'm not the only one who had spent time disillusioned and somewhat disengaged, and looking with some derision at the alleged 'progress' the 60's brought. Is this jadedness justified? Or were me and L. just being spoiled little twits (ha ha)? Is it part of the Pluto Libra baggage maybe?

Anonymous said...

My Pluto is in late Libra, conjunct Saturn in early Scorpio.

I also believe every Pluto generation has just a few who do a bulk of the dirty work. By dirty work I mean being willing to enter the dark side, dredge the collective psyche, and define the beauty in that darkness.

Personally, I see my generation having kids, getting married/divorced, and finally really looking at the deeper meaning of their lives and happiness. Some will try to numb their misery with Pluto in Libra themes - plastic surgery, shopping addictions, power-mongering in relationships, toxic social values, etc.

I hope to take this energy into my creative life, and create that which reflects the ugliness, the pain, the anger, the violence, the rawness, that is the reality of life now.