Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beware Those Ides, Yo: Pisces New Moon Conjunct Uranus and Liberating Your Ghosts

The New Moon in Pisces happens on March 15, the Ides of March, and weird psychic/emotional experiences abound between now and then. The ghosts of years and eras past are floating around as the Sun, Moon and Mercury come together with future-oriented Uranus to give us some probably unexpected, possibly shocking insight on how to shift from past to future in our present moment.

The New Moon happens in late Pisces (25 degrees), so we're in the Dark of the Moon period - involving Aquarius and Pisces - all through the weekend until 3:01 p.m. Monday afternoon. The Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius within this period, as well. A lot of wispy, ethereal, timeless, dark Neptune/Pisces with us until the light cracks through Monday.

Stillness is called for during this Dark of the Moon as we act as intermediaries for psychic energy requiring our assistance in its quest for freedom from this just-about-post-Piscean Era plane. Stay clear and let it flow. Despite any psychic or emotional discomfort this could cause, passing this stuff through us (as long as we feel akin to it in some way) is in our own best interests. Psychic and emotional freedom from pains and traumas past. We all want it.

At the tail-end of the astrological Piscean Age, we find that many of the forms of the past no longer work. The previous set-ups no longer sustain, and we truly find ourselves in uncharted territory. This is what I've come across personally - any pre-existing way of doing things just will not stick with me. It's like your Grandma's plastic-covered couch coated in baby oil.

While tiring and aggravating, this does keep us moving and innovating as we shift gears between eras. No falling into old, stagnant forms because they are just not there to fall into anymore.

I have my fingers crossed this New Moon for a much-needed renewal of Pisces energy and those who embody it. A Pisces-for-the-Aquarian-Age Pisces. A renewal for those who speak and live Piscean understanding along with new messages, crackling with relevance for these odd, odd times we're living in (Mercury conjunct Uranus). I wrote more on that topic here.

Mercury and Uranus conjunct just 39 minutes after the New Moon, and here we have a blending of personal intellect and communication with the wider universal insights of Uranus.

The possibilities of this Pisces New Moon conjunct Uranus are major. Here's the ghost liberation. Widows and widowers, both actual and psychic, can find love again - and when they least expect it. Those who are haunted can finally liberate their ghosts - and be liberated. And those who are mourning lives unlived and hopes unfulfilled can find a new, vital thread that takes them into something fresh, something miraculous, something they wondered if they would ever feel or live again. And all in a split Uranian second.

I really do hope it's just that major for all of us. I've been trained not to rely too heavily on hope, but we very much need something to shake loose in a good way here - in a very, very good way. So fingers AND toes are crossed. Because I, for one, am sick of rattling around this world as if I'm already a ghost...


Gilly said...

And it's all happening *exactly* conjunct my south node. I have no idea what to expect but things have been pretty heavy around here in the lead-up. :-)

Free Art Exchange said...

Right on Willow ! Let the miracles begin we all need it!

Anonymous said...

Beware of the Ides of March:

Osama Bin Laden: March 10
Rupert Murdoch: March 11
Mitt Romney: March 12