Friday, March 19, 2010

Astrological New Year, Spring Equinox and International Astrology Day

I just want to post something to shift things a little after all the watery, surrender-requiring, in-the-void Pisces we've been experiencing. It feels as if we've been dealing with it for decades now (more like millenia?).

Anyway, today the Sun passes through the final degree of the zodiac. The anaretic to end all anaretics - 29 Pisces. This marks the end of the zodiac year and the beginning of a new one as the Sun enters Aries (11:32 a.m. MDT tomorrow).

This is always the case this time of year, but passes of the Sun through Pisces are even more poignant now than usual as we rapidly near the end of the entire astrological Piscean Era. The endings are deeper and more all-encompassing and a little more teary as we say goodbye to an entire 2,000+ year phase of human spiritual development on this planet. And to many of the spirits who helped bring it about. Honour.

The entry into Aries is also more potent than usual. It triggers the most cardinal of cardinal points as we gear up for much longer-term t-square action in the cardinal signs over the next nine or so years - massive amounts of initiating energy. We head into something new.

The Sun enters Aries late tomorrow morning, marking the Spring Equinox and a new zodiac year. (This day has also been declared International Astrology Day!)

After all the Piscean end-of-the-cycle, end-of-many-cycles energy, tossing us this way and that in the name of era-completion, we really desire some freshness, some movement, a new thread of a new direction - and something it feels as if we, personally, have a say in for a change! We want some life breathed back into us because the fin-de-Piscean-Era Pisces we've been dealing with packs a real wallop.

We've definitely got some cardinal fire energy representin' right now. Venus, Mercury and the Sun are in the sign of the ram, ready to bust forward with all their might into some less stifling territory.

But on the other hand, we've got that cardinal t-square keeping all movement in tight check. The tightest of checks, with Saturn and Pluto putting the squeeze on.

Venus led the way into Aries March 7 and into the cardinal t-square involving Saturn Rx in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn - that same cardinal t-square that will be initiating massive restructuring and new relationships in almost every arena over this next year and beyond.

Mercury followed Venus into Aries March 17, opposing Saturn Rx in Libra, and it will square Pluto in Capricorn early tomorrow morning, just before the equinox.

So we've got these planets heading into the first sign of the zodiac, all raring to go, ready to burst forth into a whole new cycle. We want ac-tion, satisfac-tion, and all that.

But as soon as a planet hits Aries, it has an opposition to Saturn Rx in Libra and then a square to Pluto in Capricorn with which to contend. The freedom of movement, strength and vitality planets in Aries are used to is being heavily filtered.

Not so fast there, partner! There is a very tenuous balance going on here, and too much Arien shooting from the hip could lead to some pretty diastrous results. We're not just in happy-go-lucky springtime here (are we ever, really?). The context of our Arien fresh starts this year is just a touch on the deadly serious side. 'Careful' is not a word usually associated with Aries, but we're having to apply it.

Combine that with trines to still-sluggish Mars in Leo (dispositor of all the planets in Aries), hanging out just direct on the first degree after its three-month retrograde, and you've got more speed bumps. Purposeful speed bumps, of course, but Aries doesn't much like anything that slows it down when it's wanting to get a move on.

This will, of course, make any movement and progress we do manage much more long-term meaningful. All these checks and balances ensure that we're heading in just the right direction now - the path is quite narrow, sometimes severely so, so being squeezed through this cardinal t-square is helping us avoid going off half-cocked and wasting any of our very valuable raw, primal energy. The new directions initiated by Aries now have much deeper, more long-term effects than we can even imagine at the moment.

The personal planets doing their thing in the sign of the warrior are setting a longer-term stage for the epic battles of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, as well as for the final opposition between Saturn and Uranus (on those super potent zero degrees of Libra and Aries) July 26 and the final square of Saturn in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn August 20. It's a big summer.

The long-term Uranus in Aries - Pluto in Capricorn square series (June 2012 - March 2015) relates to broader, collective tensions: human beings fighting for autonomy, freedom and survival in the face of corrupt, hierarchical control structures and an increasingly tight (though decreasingly effective) stranglehold by corporate oligarchy.

A narrow path, it certainly is, to freedom. But here are the clashes between those who desire a truly free humanity on this planet, those who desire to BE a truly free humanity, and those doing everything in their power to ensnare and enslave in order to energetically and physically prop up same-old, same-old pyramid-scheme hierarchies.

The battles will continue to be physical, unfortunately, as ongoing power struggles and direction-clashes on the world stage spawn new "leadership," enforcing their rules with armed might. But they will also be spiritual, and those are the battles invisible to most people.

It's important to note that those working to further the same old control mechanisms will not be speaking in blatant Pluto in Capricorn terms, either. That will be the underlying push, understood by those fully trained in deep Pluto lessons.

The false Aquarian leaders will be speaking the language of Uranus in Aries - "freedom," "community," "fighting for change." Obama territory. The agenda is to turn people on with pseudo-fresh, "wave of change" language while wasting people's time and energy with the left versus right paradigm long enough to lock down nefarious Pluto in Capricorn agendas.

It's a many-headed beast with many names - one name for the political machine being communitarianism.

So the Uranus-Pluto battles will be going down on all fronts. Free and autonomous human beings struggling with a sucking, Plutonic vortex of control and manipulation. Powerful stuff. This is why our training in these areas has been so thorough. Our vigilance and awareness is crucially important as we demand, and keep demanding, freedom from the tentacles.

It's going to take a lot of courage to go forward aware. It always does. But this is how we're potent and effective - the only way we are. And this is how we get to real change - the change we've risked so much for generation after generation.

The directions we take initially as we get this astrological Aquarian Era off the ground as well as the particular version of the future we are personally willing to fight for are important themes.

The Uranus-Pluto squares in Aries and Capricorn come to exactness seven times between June 2012 and March 2015 and are most potent around then.

However, we get a taste of this square beginning May 28 when Uranus hits the zero degree of Aries, just before it retrogrades (July 5) and dips back into Pisces (August 14). Uranus will enter Aries for good March 2011, and the effects of the Uranus-Pluto squares will be full-on until Uranus enters Taurus completely (no retrograding back into Aries) in March 2019.

This is not to say that we're going to be in a constant state of clashing and battling - because that's a trap, too. As always, understanding the broader astrological transits helps us understand the context of the times in which we are living, the themes, and, hopefully, helps us understand and better navigate the circumstances of our personal lives. Our personal directions are connected to the broader shifts and vice versa.

Freedom, baby. It's what we're here for.

So take a deep breath. It's going to be quite the decade, and we're just now underway.

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