Monday, October 5, 2009

You Can't Hurry Saturn - Much As We Would Like To

Today was one of those days that seemed to trickle by slower than molasses in January. I kept looking at the chart and the aspects and trying to will things to pick up steam.

Of course, you can't will Saturn to go any faster than is required.

The Moon in slow and steady Taurus trined Pluto in Capricorn at noon MDT indicating some strong grounded energy. That was the last aspect of the day...

Mercury has picked up speed direct in Virgo having just opposed Uranus Rx in Pisces yesterday and is heading to a conjunction with Saturn just after midnight MDT on Thursday. This is adding that draggy heaviness to things of a communication/connection/interaction nature. Progress is a little tight at the moment. There's not much oil to grease the wheels.

I can't believe the Aries Full Moon was less than 48 hours ago. All this earth energy has certainly slowed things down to a more deliberate pace. Every step we take now has to be completely necessary.

We're grinding out the last three degrees of Saturn in Virgo here, and true to form, Saturn's not letting up a bit. Every last minute Saturn spends in Virgo will be utilized. No wasting time and effort.

This stickler stuff is getting to be a real drag.

Tomorrow is pretty much more of the same with only three aspects, all involving the Taurus Moon - an inconjunct to the Sun in Libra, a square to Jupiter Rx stationing in Aquarius and a trine to Venus in Virgo later in the night.

I'll be happy when Mercury clears this retrograde shadow on Oct. 13.


Cloudy said...

Ohhhh i know what you mean. This damn saturn has been kicking my arse majorly for a couple of years now. Sooo ready for it to change signs..... This walking through maple syrup thing is so draining. Though, i have to say, it's true what they say. You do learn the hard lessons. And then just when i think it's close to its end in Virgo I remember it still has to go through 29 Virgo.... hmmpppfff!

In other news, hello Willow :-)

Willow said...

Not to mention retrograding back through Virgo 29, 28, 27 in 2010. Yarb!

Hi, Cloudy!

freeforall said...

I wish Saturn would hurry up it's in my 12th house. Ugh! Only problem is that it will conjunct my Venus at 0 Libra soon, and will not even cross my Ascendant at 6 Libra (right, Mercury retro degree!) until September 2010. Should I just shoot myself now?
I have had enough of Saturn in the 12th. Don't even mind the extra responsibilities when it gets in the 1st!
LOL - will trade my Saturn transit for someone's Uranus. Any takers?

Willow, Saturn is just draggin' its ass through Virgo, going over every achin' detail, as we astrologers expect it to do, LOL

Willow said...

Saturn in the 12th is a sho!

Astrogirl7 said...

Im most def. feelin the Saturn heaviness...ugh! and yes...i also cannot wait until mercury clears Oct.13th...this merc.retrograde was a real!