Friday, October 30, 2009

In Defense of Astrology as a Catalytic Tool for Understanding

I keep running into people (online or in daily life) who challenge me on my use of astrology. These people are sometimes straight-up skeptics or sometimes they are people who are curious about astrology but can't reconcile their interest in it with all they've been taught about how it's a bunch of wishy-washy garbage.

People often want to engage me in debates about the validity of astrology. I always decline.

I'm not interested in debating. It's a waste of my time and energy to talk in circles with people who are already convinced there is nothing of value in it. I'm not even interested in talking to the curious yet skeptical. I mean, it's really none of my concern whether they get into astrology.

Astrology is the sort of thing that either speaks to you, or it doesn't. It makes sense to you, or it doesn't. And I'm fine with that. It's not my responsibility to try to convince skeptics that the thing I've devoted the last six years of my life to learning and developing has any inherent worth or meaning.

Sometimes, I must admit, I consider whether I should drop the astrological analysis aspect of what I write. I realize by writing astrological analysis, especially combining it with political topics or current events, that I'm writing to a very small segment of the population - especially considering so many people seek out astrology that is strictly about their personalities and personal relationships. (There's much more to the process of self-understanding through astrology than just those two aspects of life and self.)

But I keep coming back to the same answer on that one - no. I shouldn't drop it.

I keep coming back to the value of astrology and the way it can provide such an in-depth, detailed understanding of ourselves and the world around us. For me, nothing else I've come across really compares. It's such a powerful tool for seeing beneath the surface, to energetic realities that would be missed otherwise. It connects us to something broader than our personal lives and gives us expanded context of our existences. And it helps us understand ourselves and our lives within that context, again, in a way I have not found with other disciplines.

So honestly, I'm irritated by the way I'm written off and often not taken seriously by people when I say I'm an astrologer. I'm especially pissed off when people group astrology in with New Age or refer to it as a belief system. As an astrologer I knew online, Antero Alli, says: "I don't believe in astrology. I use it because it works."

I feel similarly. I'll continue to use astrology as a tool (and write about it) as long as it keeps giving me the perspective I need. The day it stops "working" will be the day I stop practising.

But try explaining that concept to someone who has already made up his or her mind that astrology is a bunch of superstitious crap. A waste of time. Something no truly intelligent person would put any stock in.

I had an online conversation about astrology recently. I wouldn't enter into a debate about it with a dude who was a skeptic. He referred to it as "pseudo-science." I told him I didn't consider astrology a science. To which he replied that science just means "knowledge." (ha!)

But isn't it funny how the scientific community thinks it is the absolute judge of what is knowledge and what isn't? Generally, their version of knowledge is strictly the quantifiable, what can be proven by them.

To me, that is nothing but arrogance and an example of the imbalance of masculine and feminine within the scientific community.

I tried to explain to this guy that a lot of what I know, including the effectiveness and value of astrology, could not be proven to him. Nor could things like intuition or spiritual guidance, for example.

And I realized that that dude and I were looking at each other across the divide between Piscean Age and Aquarian.

The Aquarians are quick to write anything off that is unproveable by their scientific methods.

But I still feel as if I know something they don't know.


msfullroller said...

"But I still feel as if I know something they don't know."

Most definitely so Sis, so keep doing your thing! You have clarified a lot of things for me on a personal level through your commentary as well as on the collective level.

Being a Pluto rising, I appreciate your straight talk. It is sorely needed!! Thanks again for this blog!

freeforall said...

Ha! Willow - you say the truth about astrology and not giving the "sales pitch" for it.

I've been an astrologer for 34 years and long ago I gave up trying to convince anyone of its validity. It works for me, and that's enough. With those who approach me with a sincere interest and desire to learn, I will take time to share my experiences and thoughts about it.

I also agree that astrology is not a science, and do admit that I have argued with a few people who keep trying to legitimize it as a science.

Now, my focus has always been on natal astrology because I believe that when a person knows and accepts him or herself, it helps him integrate and understand his place in the world and how to use his gifts in its service. So I don't see the personal focus as navel-gazing.

You're doing great work here, and I enjoy your perspective on astrology.

Willow said...

Thanks for the comments.

freeforall...I agree with the importance of the natal chart and self-understanding, and that's my focus, as well.

What I'm saying is that there is a lot more to the process of self-understanding than personality and relationship dynamics, but a lot of people stop there.

IE. There's more to astrology than "Would I go better with a Taurus or a Gemini?"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Willow, You are Brillo! You keep on keepin' on.
And I particularly enjoy your sociocultural/political entries.
(I have no compunction telling people that Science is just a new God, and I think we know what that means!)
You go grrrll.
PS You are one gorgeous girl - thanx for your Halloween greetings.
I'm a boneocroneo bitchywitch so BOO to all those fraidey cats who just don't get it.

Willow said...


Boneocroneo bitchywitch! I love it.

Aww...thanks for the nice comment. Sometimes it just wears a good bitchywitch down a bit and she needs to clarify things a little, if you know what I'm saying.

BOO indeed! And I'll actually add a HISS to that, as well. heehee

Anonymous said...

Hey . . . I really like the astrological focus. You just really articulate the concepts very well, and it's so cool to see subjects other than horoscopes being addressed here. Your take is very different (and direct!), but that's why I enjoy reading you.