Saturday, October 10, 2009

Virgo, Don't Fail Me Now...

I see so clearly the way the language of the "New Age" is being used to manipulate people. All this talk of (Aquarian) change and a new way, a global government, a new order (Virgo) out of chaos (Pisces), etc. All these vague, glossy terms that play on people's hopes and dreams and get them to swallow things that aren't in their best interests.

I see how astrological symbols/language and timing are being used to further agendas I don't agree with. Agendas that, if they were to succeed, would render this planet unfit for human habitation, in my opinion.

It makes me question my own words and wonder if they could be twisted to mean something other than what I meant them to mean. Or if my astrological analysis could be used by people with motives I don't support. I know it could be...and that, in some ways, it more than likely is.

I've been talking for a long time about the changes that would come along with true freedom and egalitarianism for humanity, symbollized by the shift into the Aquarian Age.

But believe me, the change the "world leaders" are talking about is not freedom and egalitarianism for human beings. They've just hijacked the language and energy of it. It's the same old control-based hierarchy masquerading as something new. A further concentration of power using the energetic potential of Pluto in Capricorn.

Their concept of progress and evolution is not the same as my concept of progress and evolution. Their vision is not my vision. But we would use the same words.

So it's doublespeak. It's saying similar things, using similar terminology, but it has the opposite meaning. And here's where you see how important the application of precise Virgoan powers of definition are.

There are many different versions of the Aquarian future, many different visions being promoted, and we have to be personally responsible for which version we support and advance.

To stay on the right side of all this information warfare and propaganda takes some effort. I couldn't stand it if my words were used to further the agendas/ideologies I oppose, but I see how people's ideas and passions and good intentions are co-opted so easily and so often for these purposes.

I read a few of my earliest posts here, and I could see, in places, how New Age language had seeped in. It disgusted me, and I was actually ashamed that I wrote it. It generally happened when I was talking about Pisces or Aquarius, and you can understand why it would be these signs that would have the New Age rhetoric attached.

When I talked about Pluto in Sagittarius stripping down outdated, crystallized aspects of belief systems, little did I know at the time that the New Age/NWO would attempt to use this energy in a campaign to strip people of ALL their beliefs, anything that didn't coincide with their agenda for One World Government/One World Religion oligarchy. Little did I know that The Secret phenomenon would begin a campaign to aggressively "repattern" any thoughts and beliefs deemed "negative" by their standards. Of course, I'm opposed to all that. But reading my words over from a year-and-a-half ago, I can see how they could be twisted to support those agendas.

Again, because astrology has been co-opted by the New Age movement to such an extent, when you're first learning and practising astrology, it's very difficult to define exactly where the divisions have been blurred. You have to feel it out and go over everything with a fine-toothed comb. But still, before you've become practised at seeing this stuff, the energy of it sometimes slips in.

So I had to go back over some of those earliest posts and do some Virgoan-precise editing. ;-) I just hope I got it all!


Anonymous said...

You’re intelligent... I also do agree that these topics are used to deceive people and to to lead them astray on wrong directions...
Give a look at those posts:

Michael.Sinclaire said...

Very few living astrologers understand the critical realities behind the mainstream media and how it impinges on their world affairs gestalt.

The ones who pretend to, especially the ones with 'conviction,' are paid to be misinforming, or failing that level of conspiratorial involvement, are just too butt-headed, namby-pamby-ed, airy-fairy-fied, it'll get better tomorrow types with their heads in the sand...

They still haven't cottoned(or nyloned for that matter) on to the fact there is no democracy in our modern newsrooms. How can there be when we see the Puppet Masters controlling these news organizations?

I have an astrologer friend(practicing for 40 years) who has no real experiential understanding of the level of conflict extant throughout the world nor the now, not-so-hidden hands behind these conflicts and desparity.

Not that I'm a communist, but I have worked in newsrooms here and overseas, and I've seen the planet and some of it's wilder places and events. Astrologers, just like the rest of the well meaning Sheeple, perpetuate by their profound ignorance, the crap we see daily via their Astrological bon-mots and goodly advice.


Keep up the good work Willow!

Willow said...

Thanks for the comments.

Interesting, Michael. You're a journalist who also understands astrology. I don't think there are many of us.

It's true. Not many signs of life in the mainstream media these days. I don't think anyone with a real critical mind and conscience would be able to play along at this point, so you're left with the ones who will. That said, in my limited experience in Canadian media, it was becoming increasingly impossible to do any level of real research or investigative work even if journalists wanted to. The media outlets have been (purposefully) stripped so bare that reporters can barely manage to pump out the crap they currently produce for the daily papers/broadcasts.

Even most so-called alternative media stay within well-established lines as far as what they print. The same tired stories and themes year after year. Basic environmental, going organic, eating at local restaurants, listening to local bands, buying local art, blah blah. Nothing really catalytic ever hits the public.

Once in a while they'll throw down something from a left-wing gatekeeper that gets to part of the truth but not to the real roots of the matter.

I've railed on about it in the past, but astrology really has been co-opted by New Age in most cases. (With New Age being part of the spiritual control mechanism of the NWO/OWG agenda...or whatever you like to call it.)

That's why you'll find astrologers calling (in complete earnest) for a New World Order in those glowy, idealistic Piscean terms. One World Government is a good thing, they argue. They have no idea what they're promoting. And I'm sure most of them wouldn't consider themselves New Age at all. That's the embedded nature of this crap.

Then you add the effect of The Secret/law of attraction phenomenon, and you have a group of people who are encouraged to stay in their little bubbles. "If I don't look at it, it doesn't exist." And this ideology actually promotes that "butt-headed, namby-pamby-ed, airy-fairy-fied, it'll get better tomorrow" stuff as the "enlightened" way of living. hahahaha! My God.

Or yeah...another way astrology is used is as a navel-gazey diversion focussing on personality and relationship drama. Just another aspect of the same.

And like anything else, once an astrologer has cultivated a certain level of name recognition, there are certain things they won't bring up and certain lines they won't cross for fear of rocking the boat. Just like journalists, musicians, actors, politicians, etc.

So we're in agreement on that...

But I have to say I hate the term sheeple! I think it's one of those terms that is used by people who are interested in the truth, but the effect of its use actually reinforces the hierarchies/the idea of the necessity of an elite presiding over people too ignorant for freedom.