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New Moon in Sagittarius - It's a Zinger, Baby!

So we're finally coming out of the Scorpionic grind this week and moving into a powerful New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday. Some crazy action going on around that thing, which I'll go into a little later...

But first! Yet more Scorpionic processing as we go through the Dark of the Moon (or Balsamic Moon) in Scorpio, leading up to the New Moon. Aren't we all excited about that?!?

(Oh, dear more!)

Don't worry...this shouldn't be so bad.

Yes, Mars, the Sun and Mercury have (mercifully) entered Sagittarius at this point, but we have a Grand Finale Moon in Scorpio (starting Monday, Nov. 24 suppertime MST until Thursday, Nov. 27 morning) to make sure we have emotionally processed all the stuff stirred up by Scorpio season. One last purge of past dynamics, conditioning and crystallized garbage weighing down the energy stream.

Yes...sounds exhausting on the tail end of dragging our asses through the underworld over the past month or two, but the best part about the Dark of the Moon is that you don't really have to DO anything. You just have to ALLOW. Allow whatever needs to be processed to purge right out of our little systems. It'll happen without effort from us. In fact, the less we do, the better, I think. It's only when we attach to what is leaving or get involved in the drama of the process that we get in trouble...and the Moon, especially the Moon in Scorpio, is prone to doing this. So we have to turn inward now, get still and listen to that vital part of ourselves...the part instructing us to stay safely inside, out of reach of the last-gasping garbage trying to reattach. Whatever is on its way out is on its way out. Nothing we can do about it. What's dying is dying. It can't be saved. We have to bank on that which is regenerating and going on...and disengage from the whipped-up energy that is being sucked into the Plutonic garbage disposal. All the crap we decided we've had enough of...or the Universe decided for us!

Whatever you do, don't throw your hand down the Plutonic garbage disposal for anything! It's not worth it to go after anything on its way out...even something you don't think you can live without. Attaching to anything out of emotional habit, conditioning or security fears will not be successful...and could actually cause a major trainwreck. As could accepting treatment/dynamics in your life that you were already instructed to trash, as per Pluto's strict instructions!

The Dark of the Moon is the time just before the New Moon when it seems that the Moon's light is going out. The Moon becomes dark and invisible as it passes between the Sun and Earth. As soon as it moves out of that alignment, a sliver of Moon's light becomes visible again. Symbolic, yes? Closing one chapter and beginning a new one. This happens every month, of course, but the events surrounding this New Moon certainly do not happen every month...very special times. Again...I'll talk about this a little later. Very important to let things fade completely to black now. Allowing is the key word...allowing the process to extricate ourselves from the old, where we cannot exist any longer.

(This allowing/ending goes on up until 9:58 a.m. MST on Thursday, when the Sun and Moon come together in New Moon formation at 5 degrees Sagittarius.)

The Scorpio Moon in the Balsamic phase will give us time to emotionally come to terms with where we are now, post-Scorpio season...what we've stripped away...what is coming to an end in our lives and what is being born. Things are changing in a big way and in very concrete ways these days (Saturn - Uranus oppositions). It's really happening, and this means the old ways are dying. No matter how crapola the old set-up was near the end, it's still sad or unnerving at times to know that some aspects of our lives/selves/relationships/structures are gone forever. They have been/will be transformed into something better, yes. But we still have to say goodbye, with nostalgia (Moon) or with glee (or a combo of the two). We have to emotionally process the endings and prepare for the beginnings. We can see the old in the new, sure...but it's still not the same, and we have to make peace with that.

There are those events in life (babies being born, people dying, weddings, divorces, etc.) that, just by the fact of their occurring, change you and your life forever. Nothing will ever be the same afterward. There's no going back. One whole backdrop is reduced to rubble as you step into a new one. The old self and way of living is gone. It's a little melancholy.

These times are sort of like the entire planet stepping out of that old backdrop and into a new one. There is a lot to come to terms with saying goodbye to as we transition into the new backdrop. So many layers to the endings and beginnings. We're the ones we've been waiting for, indeed.

Pluto entering Capricorn and the ongoing Saturn - Uranus oppositions through 2010 are indicators of this grand-scale transformation of the "way things are."

And both these indicators are very much at the forefront during this New Moon.

Pluto enters Capricorn at 9:44 p.m. MST on Wed., Nov. 26. (For more on that, check out the November Astro Perspective)

Uranus goes direct in Pisces (still within two degrees of opposition to Saturn in Virgo) at 8:55 a.m. MST on Thurs., Nov. 27.

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs just an hour later at 9:58 a.m. MST.

In astrological terms, and because Uranus and Pluto move through our zodiac so slowly, it's as if all these events are happening together, a convergence.

The New Moon also occurs conjunct Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius (so that means the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are in a stellium in Sagittarius.)

A concentration of new Sagittarian energy just as Pluto leaves the sign.

Pluto did its best to bring to light and purge hidden aspects of religious and cultural extremism, ideological bigotry and power struggles, the interweavings of hatred and faith, cultural excess, hypocrisy in what is being preached, zealotry, etc.

Now we have the opportunity with this New Moon to shed the crystallization of the past once and for all regarding subjects like religion, culture, ideology, philosophy, higher education and belief systems and go forward with a new level of faith and optimism in our lives, broadened understandings, and a fresh integration of Sagittarian subjects. A new fire burning in our bellies, sustaining and inspiring us.

And yet...there is an element of playing by the rules with this New Moon. Sagittarius loves freedom, but with Pluto entering the first degree of Capricorn and Saturn being strongly involved, there are protocols to be followed. We have to be allowed into the structures in order to transform them, after all.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon degree of Sag is: A Game of Cricket

"This is not the time for anyone to be pushing the envelope to test what is acceptable to the rules of society. The rules and guidelines for operating in this situation are, or should be, made very clear - there will be some form of punishment for dishonesty. There is a need to remember everyone's position in the game: your own and others. Also, every game has its rules."

"Always keep your composure. You can't score from the penalty box, and to win, you have to score."

- Bobby Hull

Thank-you, Mr. Hull, for that reminder. heh heh

We have to be in the game now in order to change how the game is played. Keep your stick on the ice. ;-)

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