Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chiron's Role in the Saturn - Uranus Opposition

One thing to note about the upcoming Saturn - Uranus opposition on November 4 (and subsequent oppositions over the next two years) is the role Chiron plays as intermediary between Saturn and Uranus.

Chiron is located between these two bodies. The body related to the "wounded healer," Chiron shows a wound we carry with us and attempt to heal throughout our lives. Since we often have salt thrown into this wound personally, it's something we can recognize and validate in other people, helping to heal it in them through our understanding and healing touch. And not only in the area of our own particular wound - being in touch with our personal Chiron helps us to understand woundedness, in general, in others...we see how they are hurt again and again in certain ways and we understand what needs to happen to start the healing process there. Working with Chiron in others helps us to heal our own wound, layer by layer, throughout our lives.

As middle ground between Saturn and Uranus, you can think of it this way:

It is a wound related, in part, to the ways that our personal genius and "higher," future-oriented insight (Uranus) makes it difficult to fit into the traditional structures that be (Saturn). Uranus rules the urge to revolution and change while Saturn rules our concrete, material structures and the way we operate within them to achieve success. Saturn relates to authority and fitting into things the way they are. Uranus rules an area where we simply will not bow down, a place where we demand complete independence and freedom. The tension between these two things can cause stress and exacerbate the Chiron wound...

Following our Uranian vision makes us viewed as an eccentric oddball, a square peg in the status quo Saturnine round hole. But the weight of our responsibilities and what we have to do to achieve success in the material world (Saturn) can also painfully keep us from our highest vision and the "genius track" in our own lives.

(It's very common to have Chiron opposite Uranus in the birth chart if you were born before 1991...showing the oppositional relationship between our personal genius and intellectual independence and our lifelong wound.)

To fit in and be what society says is a success...or to march to the beat of one's own drummer, to thine own self be true?

It's a balance, to be sure. A matter of degree.

But with Chiron currently in Aquarius, conjunct the North Node...the way forward definitely has Uranian leanings. We're going beyond the structures that currently exist. We'll be breaking with tradition on our way to freedom, healing ourselves along the way. (Here's a previous post I wrote on Chiron conjunct the North Node in Aquarius for some background:

At the same time, Saturn is going to make sure we understand the responsibilities that come with our freedom, accept the weight of them and deal successfully in the material world. It will ensure that we keep our feet on the ground, moving step-by-step toward our Uranian vision. No skipped details.

Chiron co-rules Virgo (a contentious point among astrologers, but I believe this is so)...where Saturn currently our responsibilities lie, in part, in healing this Aquarian wound. We can't move into the future without some healin', y'all!

See how it's all blending together?

Instead of strict polarity and oppositional division, now more than ever we can see the holistic themes of Virgo-Pisces. All the distinct parts make up a whole. That doesn't mean it's all "the same." It means it all works together...or needs to. That's our challenge.

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