Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aquarian Consciousness: Politicians Are Not Our Leaders

Neither are bankers, corporate heads or members of royalty...

The closer we get to the consciousness of an Aquarian paradigm, the clearer becomes the false leadership within false hierarchies that has been sustained.

These are not our leaders.

As Pluto gets ever-closer to Capricorn, the dirty dealings of those in power are coming right out into the open. As I said in the November Astro Perspective, Capricorn rules the 10th house of the chart and the Midheaven - the most visible, publicly accessed place in the birth chart. So Pluto in Capricorn is going to be right in our faces holding up the lack of integrity in our hierarchies, especially in business and government.

Like the bailout of the banking industry currently going on in the U.S. This is almost unimaginable, but there it is, plain as day. $700 billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars going to bail out the corrupt banking industry. Just a Band-Aid solution that did nothing to deal with the root causes of the problem. And it "didn't work." So now they need another $700 billion.

As a friend put it, it worked just as they wanted it to work. Funnelling money from the bottom to the top. Goodbye middle class. And all the while, it does absolutely nothing to solve the very real problems of the working people. Those who put their trust in the system are still losing homes and jobs. The government did nothing concrete with the money because the government has interests other than the common people at the forefront. There is no plan other than to keep the game limping along for a little while so those at the top can get situated.

Let's just look at one tiny aspect of this bail out.

Citigroup. Millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars bailing out a bank whose largest shareholder is a Saudi millionaire (billionaire?) prince, Alwaleed bin Talal.

Funnelling the taxes of the working people (you know...the ones who still pay taxes) to the financial elite in a plan that will actually do nothing to improve their situations.

Not to go all Kanye on your asses, but these people don't care about the working classes. They never did. The working classes are puppets on strings, to be manipulated at will.

The Federal Reserve bank, the bank that regulates the money system in the U.S., is actually a private entity. So private bankers are ruling the economy in the United States - not the government, acting for the people. There is a complete merger of government and corporate/finance. We can see through the decisions of who to bail out and who to let slide the strategic nature of it all. The ties that bind. It's all a big game to them...while the working classes struggle and people suffer...

Pluto in Capricorn is breaking it down for us. Could take a while. Sixteen or so years.

And again, all I can say is I'm grateful for the Scorpio energy over this past two months, attempting to keep it real.

Especially now with all the people riding the glazed-over Obama bubble...

He's got a lot of Scorpio in his inner circle right now (American/Israeli dual citizen Emmanuel and Clinton). Too bad it's the dirty kind.

All people who want to continue the imperialist wars, who want to continue militarily backing Israel, who don't see anything wrong with what Bush Jr. and Sr. have done during their days in office, who think funnelling taxpayers' money to that very nice guy they met at that Bohemian Grove soiree is all part of the plan.

It's all very status quo. Baby Bush is even overseeing the "bailouts." Another Clinton involved...whose financial integrity hasn't exactly been established. (Whitewater? Vince Foster?)

Who are these people considered the so-called "elites?" They are not my definition of the word.

It's all getting just a little too surreal, a little too brazen.

But really, nothing surprising. Unfortunately.

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Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK! Well, I'm an Aquarius and my life path is 33. I always knew that the "elite" used the planets to determine when they were going to pull their next event. Because, we know, that each planet gives off a certain type of energy to people. The Bible says that we are NOT suppose to marvel about the stars, and forbids us to look into astrology, tarots and so forth. But me believing and accepting Yasuwa as my Lord and savior, I wonder why G-D gave King Solomon the knowledge and wisdom about it in the first place. The only thing He said, was, "Do not worship any false gods" with it. G-D knew that they would go off by this and for me (like you, if you don't realize it)we use this same knowledge AGAINST them. "Venus is in blah blah conjunct with blah, so humanity is prone to be more vulnerable at this time, so it would be perfect to announce some bull that sounds good to the people. They'll fall for it." G-D DID say "Be wise LIKE a serpent, but be GENTLE AS A LAMB." Theirs is more like, "Be wise LIKE a serpent, be UGLY like a GOAT."
All they are are Fallen Angels. Lets list it.
They keep the knowledge secret, which CAN bring WEALTH.....Buuutt..
They worship false gods, and themselves as well.
They believe everything they get is theirs to KEEP.
They believe the flesh is stronger than spirit.
They choose material OVER A BREATHING HUMAN. A Judas.
They HATE people without the same knowledge (that they keep secret) and feel like those people are the ones who "slow down human evolution" (If THAT'S the case, share your SSSSSECRETS. *cough thatwe know anyway cough*)
They are right eyed blind (no, compassion, empathy, mercy, LOVE etc.)which means they are committing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, TRUTH) so whatever they did, they, or hopefully not all, are CUT OFF from the True G-D (of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, & truth)
They believe they are "like" or "is" (LMATFOBTW!) the True G-D because they have the knowledge, but FELL SHORT because they are missing a KEY that DEFEATS DEATH which, Yasuwa (Jesus) got by dying on the cross, showing the world UNCONDITIONAL, let me repeat that UNCONDITIONAL, LOVE. THEY DON'T KNOW THAT KNOWLEDGE, MONEY, GOLD AND POWER CAN'T SAVE YOU. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR G-D and a stranger that resides on this planet with you is what it is. If you got to PAY your way INTO Heaven with gold, that's not the True G-D because what would an All Powerful G-D need with more gold coming from YOU, when He can THINK it into existence. Worthless. He just wants your LOVE. That's PRICELESS.
So it's proven! The MORE MATERIAL WEALTH does NOT mean MORE LOVE!
Who has the wealth?
How rich is a millionaire?
How rich is a millionaire with a nagging wife?
How rich is the poor man whose wife washes his feet after a long day of work?