Friday, July 25, 2008

Uranus and Pluto = Uranium + Plutonium

I recently came across a 2004 interview of a scientist specializing in radiation and public health, and honestly, the information in it was devastating to read. But important to know, I think, for those of us who demand consciousness. :) She was talking about the United States using depleted uranium in the bombs and ammunition being used to wage its wars...specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan and previously in Serbia. These countries have, according to this scientist and many others, now been horrifyingly radioactively contaminated, as have, potentially, the areas within a 1,000 mile radius. It's fitting information to come to the forefront this month, with all the inconjuncts to Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and Pluto in Sagittarius. The Cancerian comfort zone is being blown out of the water by insight into some of the things that have been going on on the planet. What certain people have been doing to our home. To our fellow humans and our Earth. It's also fitting that Baby Bush is a Cancer Sun and the birthdate of the United States of America (July 4) makes it a Cancer Sun, as well. (The personal Cancer planets have been inconjuncting the Aquarian planets and Pluto in Sagittarius all July.)

Anyway, I warn you only to read this if you are not in a fragile state! haha

Nuclear War is Already Being Waged:

To read the full transcript of the interview, click here:

Other news stories about depleted uranium:

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Rhotel1 said...


Leuren K Moret is not a scientist. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Geology and no education or work experience in any aspect of radiation or uranium. She travels the world conning people like you who do not know any better. You read that she worked at Lawrence Livermore as a "scientist" - in reality, she spent less than a year as a Senior Scientific Technologist in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing. You read that Moret was the Berkeley Environmental Commissioner, not that she was one of nine citizen members of the Community Environmental Advisory Commission. Moret is not only a phony, but she is also virulently anti-Semitic and appeared on the Neo Nazi sponsored "Beyond Treason" - see Dave Von Kleist introduce Doug Rokke another "Beyond Treason" star at this conference where Von Kleist also introduces holocaust deniers and Hitler admirers

If you want to learn about depleted uranium, go to - to learn more about Rokke and Moret, go to - and use the the guest user name and password. - has links (no need to join Yahoo or the Yahoo Group) to scientific reports by the UN Environment Programme, International Atomic Energy Agency, UN Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission and many others

Willow said...

I'm more interested in the validity of the information than the person's background providing the information. Anyone can be smeared when bringing unpleasant information to light. It's the oldest trick in the book.

Can you also discredit all 200 people involved in the 2003 world conference on radiation? What about the Japanese physicist, professor Yagasaki from Okinawa? They're all quacks, too, right?

I actually did my own Internet research on depleted uranium after reading this interview, and there are many people speaking out on this issue and major concerns not being addressed.

I also noticed a lot of information on the Net attempting to discredit Gulf War Syndrome. Again, there are always people attempting to discredit or silence those who are bringing certain information to light. So your sources don't really do much to assure me that the health effects of depleted uranium are a moot point.

Some believe climate change to be a hoax. Some believe there are no environmental or health affects from the oilsands project in Alberta. Some believe we should continue waging war over oil. And some feel that depleted uranium is completely safe.

I'm not one of those people. And I'm also not a person who is willing to take the establishment's word for it that depleted uranium is safe for people or the environment.

The same line is being fed to the Canadian people about the oilsands project. Doctors have been blowing the whistle on it for years, citing uncommonly high instances of rare cancers and auto-immune disease in the Native people in that area. Of course, the powers that be claim it is 100% safe and intimidate anyone who speaks out, also.

Links on depleted uranium:

Willow said...

From the BBC...November 2006 - shows exactly how suspect "official information" can be...

UK and US forces have continued to use depleted uranium weapons despite warnings they pose a cancer risk, a BBC investigation has found.

Scientists have pointed to health statistics in Iraq, where the weapons were used in the 1991 and 2003 wars.

A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2001 said they posed only a small contamination risk.

But a senior UN scientist said research showing how depleted uranium could cause cancer was withheld.

The UK Ministry of Defence said that there was no evidence linking depleted uranium use to ill health.

Depleted uranium is extremely dense and hard, and is used for armour-piercing bullets or shells.

Fears over health implications led to a study by the WHO in 2001.

There is no scientific or medical evidence to link depleted uranium with the ill health of people living in the Gulf region

UK Ministry of Defence

Dr Mike Repacholi, who oversaw work on the report, told Angus Stickler of BBC Radio Four's Today programme that depleted uranium was "basically safe".

"You would have to ingest a huge amount of depleted uranium dust to cause any adverse health effect," he said.

'Risk from particles'

But Dr Keith Baverstock, who worked on the project, said research conducted by the US Department of Defense suggested otherwise.

Has a reduced proportion of isotope Uranium-235
Less radioactive than natural uranium and very dense
Military uses include defensive armour plating, armour-penetrating ordnance
Can be inhaled as dust or ingested in contaminated food and water near impact sites
Used in Iraq, the former Yugoslavia

He described a process known as genotoxicity, which begins when depleted uranium dust is inhaled.

"The particles that dissolve pose a risk - part radioactive - and part from the chemical toxicity in the lung," he said.

Later, he said, the material enters the body and the blood stream, potentially affecting bone marrow, the lymphatic system and the kidneys.

The research was not included in the WHO report, and Dr Baverstock believes it was blocked.

Mr Repacholi said the findings were not corroborated by other reports and it was not WHO policy to publish "speculative" data. He denied any pressure was brought to bear.

But other senior scientists have pointed to worrying health statistics in Iraq, which show a rise in cancer and birth defects.

Prof Randy Parrish of the Isotope Geosciences Laboratory in the UK said environmental and health assessments were needed in Iraq to establish the facts.

Iraqi scientists trained by the UN are seeking to carry out such an assessment, but Henrik Slotte of the United Nations Environmental Programme said without clear information from the US on what was used and where, it was "like looking for a needle in a haystack".

He said there was "no indication" this information was forthcoming from the US.

A spokesman for the UK's Ministry of Defence, meanwhile, told the BBC that there was "no scientific or medical evidence" to link depleted uranium use to sickness in Iraq.

He said the MOD was aware of recent research into the effects of depleted uranium at cellular level, but that it had to be guided by "the professional advice of the Health Protection Agency and the International Commission on Radiological Protection".

Willow said...

As far as your citing UN reports on the subject...I'll leave it with this quote from Dr. Keith Baverstock:

Asked why he thinks the study was, as he claims, suppressed he replies: "It is naive to think that in institutions like the United Nations one is free from political influences - the member states have their own agendas."

Alicia C said...

Go Willow!

These trolling turds, they're all the same, and they always say the same stuff.

I've found myself involved with a lot of these issues, and whether it's DKos or In These Times or random blogs, they always show up. And, like I said, it's always the same article - backed, of course, by the woefully inadequate data the Gvmt puts out:

"The Environmental Protection Agency's 2006 "Technical Brief" is a masterpiece of clear-as-glass technical perfection, in indicating possible issues and actions, and of complete obfuscation in regard to offering any insight into ongoing research, data necessary to generate, or any sense of controversy on this issue.

The Government Accounting Office, relying exclusively on two Pentagon and DOE supported studies, is even worse. GAO admits that, "The scientific understanding of depleted uranium's effect on health is still evolving. Because depleted uranium is a low-level radioactive heavy metal, the potential for health effects are twofold: effects from radiation and effects from chemical toxicity."

Yet it goes on to ignore the mountains of evidence at home and the copious analysis among public health practitioners and voluminous evidence in Iraq and Europe that a more open-minded approach is necessary. We will go more deeply into this next trip round the track on this issue, but one can rest assured that every single agency of the United States Government, at least in its accessible public presentation, follows this line of most resistance in stating that the vast and growing outcry against DU injustice should all just 'go away and shut up.'"

yet the data comes up regardless, doesn't it?

In any event, an interesting conversation to take up so soon after that scorpio moon - venus conjunction aspected mercury and pluto :D