Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Real People Affected Vs. The Official Line

So I just got a comment from someone who claims the concerns about depleted uranium are a big hoax...that it's not deadly and that I just don't know any better than to listen to a bunch of quacks...

Well, one person who would beg to differ on that front would be Captain Terry Riordan of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Well, he would beg to differ if he weren't dead from the effects of depleted uranium poisoning.

Captain Riordan served in the Gulf War and came home to Canada in 1991. Unfortunately, he was ill from that point on from the effects of the radioactivity he had been exposed to. Really fun stuff like headaches, body pain, oozing rashes, exhaustion, violent mood swings and...oh yeah...burning semen that would cause blistering.

His condition progressed to the point where he had no fine motor co-ordination. By 1998 - 1999, he lost most cognitive function entirely and was lucid only a few hours per week.

Shortly before Captain Riordan died, he was tested for DU (depleted uranium) by Dr. Asaf Durakovic, a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps and former professor of Nuclear Medicine at Georgetown University. It was found that he had 100 times the yearly maximum "safe" level of DU in his body. High concentrations were found in his bones and lungs. He died three days after finding out the results of his tests.

There are hundreds of thousands of sick soldiers from the first Gulf War. Many have died. Many have had children with severe birth defects and chromosome damage. And still there is denial that "Gulf War Syndrome" even exists.

Call me gullible if you will, but the stories of the people affected don't lie.

Here is a link to an excellent short documentary about the effects of depleted uranium. Again...showing the real people affected...not just spouting the official line.

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