Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emotional Shocks

I forgot how insane the lightning strikes of Uranus can be. Wow. So far for me this month, things have been emotionally shocking, to say the least. The lightning strikes hitting and momentarily lighting up the steps forward have been quite uncomfortable. All the Cancerian energy really wants to do is settle in to emotional safety and security and a place that feels like home. But the inconjuncts between Cancer and Aquarius are forcing us to move forward...rattling us out of our comfort zones. Argh. All I want is my comfort zone back! :) There's such thing as being forced TOO far out of your comfort zone...to the point where it affects your mental health.

I just saw a TV show about electrical storms, and they were talking about how one of the biggest problems people have after being struck by lightning is the psychological damage and fear...post-traumatic stress syndrome. Is it going to happen again? This is pertinent information this month. The emotional shocks we're experiencing can be very traumatic, so taking care of our emotional and psychological health is important. Using the mothering Cancer energy to love and nurture ourselves and those around us who are having some traumatic shocks of their own.

This month is a wild and wooly one, and we're only a week in! Yipes.

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