"The Federal Communications Commission today launched the 5G Fund for Rural America, a 10-year, $9 billion program designed to help close the nation’s digital divide. The money will be used to expand 5G wireless broadband connectivity to areas of the United States that need this support, including regions without unsubsidized 4G LTE or 5G mobile broadband, and Tribal lands. Specifically, $680 million has been allocated for bidders focusing on Tribal lands.

That’s all part of Phase I, which has been budgeted $8 billion. Phase II provides $1 billion plus any unused money from the first round to build out 5G networks in support of precision agriculture. Any bidder that receives money from the 5G Fund agrees to establish 5G mobile broadband at speeds of at least 35/3 Mbps."

So at least $1 billion of public money is being used to bring in 5G networks that would specifically support Smart Farms in rural areas. The 5G scheme is also being foisted upon indigenous people with $680 million allocated for subsidies.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Elon Musk's businesses have received $4.9 billion in government subsidies to date, though not all 5G-related. Musk's SpaceX has been granted $856 million by the FCC to extend 5G to rural America via Starlink satellites, which are untested over the long term. A very risky and dangerous investment of public funds, to say the least. Critics suggest that investment in fibre optic cables would have been a better long-term bet.

In just a single example, we see $44 million being gifted to Musk's SpaceX corporation to bring 5G to rural Mississippi:  

Mississippi Skies May Soon Harbor SpaceX Satellites to Increase Internet Access by Julian Mills