Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Disturbance in the Force: Neptune Stationing Direct Exactly Conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Pisces

I woke up this morning, came out of my bedroom, and found this. A mystery bowl sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. At first, I just stared at it and thought I must be seeing something of supernatural origin. Then I remembered I heard a noise last night that woke me up but was too lazy/sleepy/unconcerned to investigate. I assume the bowl fell off the heap of clean dishes, rolled across the floor, and came to a rest in upright position as you see it here.

But then I put the bowl back on the pile of dishes, looked to my right, and saw a sponge sitting in the middle of the sink. This sponge had been resting firmly on the side of the sink when I went to bed last night. I hadn't used it in a few days. So there was really no logical explanation (Virgo North Node) for how that sponge got into the sink.

Neptune stationing weirdliness! It's to be expected under the current astrological conditions.

From the November 8, 2016 post, "Neptune Stationing Symptoms: A Friendly Reminder from Your Anarchist Astro-Reporter":

"Everything is a bit weirder and a bit more surreal under the energy of these stations. The veil between the material and the immaterial is just a bit thinner. Taps on the shoulder from the universe are a bit stronger. We perceive the other side communicating with us a bit more clearly."

The exact conjunction of Neptune and the South Node of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces occurs today, and the Neptune direct station occurs November 19, so the weirdliness reaches its peak over the next few days with the Sun traversing the last degrees of otherworldly Scorpio. 


Willow said...

Please excuse the grungy tea towel - it's clean, just stained! (The Virgo North Node is horrified, though...)

Anonymous said...

Have the Virgo North Node look up a little to the spotlessly gleaming stovetop, and feel better! :-)


Willow said...

haha..true. Quit being such a hard-ass, Virgo North Node!

Thanks, d. :-)

TheUndercoverGinger said...

yeah I had noticed how spic and span the rest of the kitchen was too, ha

Willow said...

Oh, awesome! haha

I feared the judgmental folks who would instantly think, "Gross, look at that tea towel."

I guess I was just being an asshole to myself proactively on that one.

Anonymous said...

Screw the judgemental folks- your true friends love you no matter the state of your tea-towels.

..or the state of anything else.

You just be your Awesome Self..


Willow said...

Thanks, d! And vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Maybe sweet lady you have a mouse ?

Willow said...

I hope not!!