Monday, October 24, 2016

Scorping Season

The Sun and Mercury form their exterior conjunction in underbelly-exposing Scorpio on October 27 (9:16 a.m. PDT at 4 degrees), and we are officially immersed in the witching season.

For a brief time, our thoughts are fused with the current moment. No ruminating on the past or stressing about future challenges. We're right here, focused right into the Scorpy-quiet current moment.

As the Sun and Mercury come together in regeneration-oriented Scorpio, our brains receive some much needed healing.

Our synapses are being purged and cleansed of the million little worries and zillion little details we had on our minds during the extended transit of Mercury through precision-driven Virgo. That transit lasted from July 30 to October 7, including a retrograde period that required some intense mental focus on our parts in order to stay on top of the proceedings.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction marks a completion point related to the themes of that Mercury retrograde process. We've made, re-established, or reinforced some important connections, coming into new understanding and perspective about things, and this allows us to shed some mental dead weight.

Allow that dead weight to fall away, layer-by-layer.

We can finally let go of some things that have been eating at us and infringing on our peace of mind since the summer.

We are also moving to a very interesting New Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio on October 30 (10:38 a.m.), just in time for All Hallow's Eve.

As we move into the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere, ceding the reins to dark Goddess Cailleach, the focus turns inward. At the surface, things appear to go dormant as we enter the dark half. But this is not entirely true. The real action, the real alchemy, and the real catalyzing effects are going on beneath the surface appearance of things, simmering, simmering like the bubbling witch's brew.

As we move through Scorpio season and the potent Scorpio New Moon at Samhain, we're moving into a period of energetic fusion and merging in areas where we can no longer go it alone.

There is a fierce protectiveness to the sign of Scorpio, and using its energy well means coming together with the right people in the right situations that will buffer and support us - rather than drain and destabilize us - through the trials, tribulations, and traumas of human life. Using this energy well means sussing out deep-down allegiances, alliances, and motivations and making our choices as far as who we'd like to join forces with (if anyone at all...) and who we'd like included in our dark-half bunker.

These choices matter now, as does the timing of advancement in relationships of all kinds. Relationship planet Venus will form a conjunction to Saturn at 14 degrees Sagittarius on October 29 (5:45 p.m.), and this conjunction will still be very much in effect at the time of the New Moon, colouring the following 28-day lunar cycle.

The Venus-Saturn conjunction has a "shoring up" and solidifying effect on both relationships and finances - but we may have to accept a longer timeline than Sagittarius would like.

This Venus-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius indicates that relationships, partnerships, and collaborations occurring between or among people with compatible personal truths and philosophies will be particularly fruitful for long-term progress.

With transiting Jupiter in Libra, disposited by Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, joining forces for a broader cause in righteous battles for justice, fairness, and peace could be particularly fruitful, providing us with some newly-stoked fire, optimism, and inspiration that could sustain us for a long time to come.

Artistic/creative collaborations are also highlighted under these astrological conditions, as are investments made in art, aesthetic, and beauty.

There is a solidity to the relations that occur now and as we are swept through the Scorpio New Moon portal. Our connections and relations are substantial in certain key ways. Relational and financial foundation stones are being set in our lives, and this could come as a relief - a brief moment when we can allow things to settle out naturally.

Key figures are being put in place in our lives, aligned in morality, philosophy, cultural struggles, and/or righteous truth.

We don't have to be standing on the same soap box, just compatible soap boxes - soap boxes that complement each other nicely.

At the same time, this is a period of potentially crossed wires, when people could figure out - sometimes dramatically - that they are not ultimately aligned in compatible truth, philosophy, or motivation with others. This Scorpio season, as always, could involve the severing of ties or the ending of relationships that are not deemed sufficient by Saturn for our long-term progress, position, and status. The "relational shoring up" underway involves wise relationship investments and a clearing of relations that will not bring us any closer to our ultimate goals.

The current astrology also indicates, as we move through the New Moon in Scorpio, that some new methods will be required (Mars in Capricorn square Uranus-Eris-Ceres in Aries). We're making strategic moves designed to support our own long-term survival and success but also the long-term survival and success of the collective. The new rules we're playing by are fluid and experimental in many cases. We're creating the structure as we go, bit-by-bit, step-by-step, whatever makes sense for our immediate moment and circumstances.

We're out on a limb on this planet - both personally and collectively - and our instincts, merged with the experience and status we've gathered thus far, drive us forward.

The will to succeed is strong now. We're the real players here - the people who know and see and sense and understand, the people who don't shy away from the real deal situations, the people who fuel themselves by delving into territory most others fear to touch.

No guts, no glory, and don't you forget it. These times test the mettle, but we are more than up to the challenge.

Goals and trajectories may need a little altering in light of current planetary conditions, and the clashing energy of Mars square Uranus (exact October 28 at 9:06 p.m.) may force new action plans. Older goals and trajectories could break down in a flash. There may be some immediate solutions to long-standing problems available around the time of this square, also.

As most regular readers here know, one of my particular Sagittarian soap boxes is anti-GMO activism.

As stated, Mars (aggressive action) in Capricorn (business) is forming a square to Uranus (technology), Eris (Goddess of discord), and Ceres Rx (agriculture, fertility of the Earth) in Aries. These squares will be strongly in effect through the first week of November. Under these aspects, two mammoth GMO seed and chemical corporations, Bayer and Monsanto, are merging.

Now, this isn't one of those beneficial and supportive Scorpionic mergers I wrote about before, no, indeed. This is a consolidation of power between two of the most dangerous and deadly corporations in the world, as Bayer swallows Monsanto up for $66 billion.

This merger of biotechnology (Uranus) giants certainly has the potential of creating discord (Eris) - the malevolent kind - in agriculture and food production (Ceres) around the world.

What should be understood is that Bayer is equally as hostile to humanity as Monsanto. Both corporations have long histories producing chemicals for the military industrial complex as well as GMO seeds and chemical herbicides and pesticides. Bayer also produces dangerous and debilitating pharmaceuticals, including the antibiotic that poisoned me.

In light of the current aspects and themes, I'd like to post a link to a radio show I did with astrologer Yerevan Saraswati in July 2016 on KOWS FM community radio in Sebastopol, California:

Why GMO Labeling is Not Fully Effective 

I appreciated the opportunity to share this information with Yerevan's listeners, and the "shared quest for truth" indicated under the current Venus-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius indicates that it is a good time to bring it up to the surface yet again. 

Happy Hallowe'en, Happy Samhain, Happy Threshold to the Dark Half! May the mystery and magic of life at this time of year bring you many delightful moments!  


Hannibal Loto said...

Thank you for still sharing at least some of your articles for free. You're sharing a part of who you are and your thoughts, for free, and some people don't seem to appreciate that.

UndercoverGinger said...

Chart for Bayer shows a Leo with Pisces Moon. (August 1st 1863 in Germany) "The King (Leo) of Chemicals (Pisces).

A composite between Bayer and Monsanto might be interesting now that they're merging, don't have the Monsanto chart handy but I think it is around the net.

Willow said...

Thanks, Hannibal. I think it's moreso that many people don't understand how much time, energy, and expertise it takes to produce a blog like this for almost 9 years. Or that astrology writing is hard work. It is not "free" for me to produce. I may have to go patrons only at some point, but I hope I will be able to continue to offer certain articles for "free."

UG - that would be very interesting. And probably horrifying.

UndercoverGinger said...

so you're almost at the decade mark? That is huge on the intertubes. Myspace lasted what, three years?

if you make it to the 10 year mark (and no doubt you will) you got to have some type of partae', maybe via skype or one of those onnline group call in services

Ava said...

It's almost True Samhain and I came to the Willow Well to observe and get some oomph back on to get through the US election. Locally we have a trio of scoundrels running on one ticket for the energy commission. Happy sun face plastered all over their ads. What swell guys No. They are deep pocket, deep tunnel gopher demons in cahoots with Big Electric and pro Solar leads to selling off our water that comes from the Colorado River.
"But Ava, solar and the Colorado River, those things don't go together. It's another one of your conspiracy theories." And of course, the telling of the connections and plots is involved, it does sound crazy, these things always (ALWAYS) do. I'm thinking of doing performance art by dressing up as the happy sun with the tears of the Colorado coming out of my eyes. I'd like the tears to be more fire hose strength so when I get the dismissive "another conspiracy theory..." I can blast them with a spray to the face so powerful it knocks teeth out. "Shits real, dumbass, think about that at the dentist."

Congratulations for nine years, Willow. For astrology, for continued coverage on Monsanto and other egregious issues that slip through the masses collective cracks. And especially, right this moment, for giving me a fine example of not giving up. My verve is vibrating again.

Happy Samhain! Ava

Willow said...

Happy Samhain, Ava, and thank-you. It is not 9 years until February but getting close...

If you would like to share the solar-Columbia connections here, please do. I'm sure the readers here would be interested, as would I.

I'm also sure there are others in your area who understand these connections - or who would like to learn about them - so perhaps a performance art collective on the subject? It's always so hard to FIND the other people, though...and to then get beyond the divisiveness that often exists among activists.

No, don't ever give up. The people who truly understand what's going on are so few - each and every one of us is precious! And powerful. It's tiring, no doubt about that. So take your time, wait for the clear opportunities, take lots of recovery. But please keep on with your work. As will I.

And yes - this U.S. election is mentally, emotionally, and psychically toxic as all hell. Almost intolerable build-up at the moment.

Ava said...

Divisive, yes. The first rule of the con is to divide and in this race the f*ckers diced. It's all still an on going wound that may or may not get written about

Locally, the synchronicity turned pro with its weirdness. My neighbor directly across the street from me is hardcore into the energy world. I just found this out a month ago. I got the ball rolling for her and her three phd partner to talk to our local community gathering. The timing blow because it's this Tuesday at 6:30pm. Too late to not vote for scoundrels but if we can get more eyes on them perhaps that can put a dent in their plans. I'll be taking notes and then doing a follow up. Even dusting off my old Zoom recorder. Their deal isn't so much solar as it is waste water. Waste water can power generators. If Ann Kirkpatrick gets in instead of McCain, there's a shot at this. I will definitely let you know what I learn, this is an avenue I ain't been up before.

As for finding people for the art collective, I have something in the works right now and it's launching on Dec 1. It's the Cirque de Survie site and debuting with an online advent calendar. Traditional holiday mixed in with the serious but let's still make art and music. We can still rail against the ugly while keeping the beauty alive. In fact, for me, leaning towards the beautiful is an imperative. Are you familiar with Edi Rama? Prime Minister of Albania since 2013. He's done some over the edge renovations in his country, retina burning colored structures have been reborn. Tourism is up, people are happy. Sure, there's a ways to go but damn, we need more artists elected! But his quote really sticks with me "Beauty is more intimidating than Brutality." I'd like to see if that's true, or if we can make it true.

Perhaps you would be interested in contributing to the Cirque de Survie Advent Calendar. I have some folks I'm very excited about giving a paragraph or two, a selfie. It runs the gamut. ha, from Nutcracker to nut kickers. Whoa, I need to do a search: "Nut kicking+Christmas"

If I can find a good Santa nut kick then I am for sure prepared to hold the frequency in my li'l area.

Willow said...

Beauty is key!

I'm on collaborative lockdown at the moment due to energy issues, but that sounds like a really interesting project. Feel free to post a link on launch day. Hope it makes a satisfactory splash. :-)