Sunday, October 30, 2016

Points to Ponder Under the Scorpio New Moon

I just found this in my drafts from a few years ago, and it seemed apropos as we open out of the 7-degree Scorpio New Moon today:

One of the biggest ways to screw yourself over if you're an "all in" Plutonic type is to mistake someone else as "all in" when, in fact, they are "one foot in, one foot out."

Just to keep it straight: most people, if they have any designs on fundamental change on this planet at all, are "one foot in, one foot out." They'll rail against the hierarchy but only from within the security of that hierarchy. They'll bitch about the masses, but only from a socially acceptable position.

When you get right down to it, most people want to fit in. They want a "normal" life, firmly within the insulating folds of whatever establishment will have them.

One of the greatest and most wondrous things the Pluto in Capricorn transit is doing, with world economies timed to implode one-by-one like dominoes, is it's making it harder for people to further insulate themselves within their version of the American/Canadian Dream.

Don't get me wrong. At this point, most people just want back into the fold. They just want back in their safe, secure 8 to 5 with dental or whatever variation there might be. People just want back on the treadmill, damn it.

But I'm glad Pluto is not allowing that.

For billions of people on this planet - the majority of people on this planet - being insulated within that mainstream dream was never an option to begin with.

And this is what it's like for truly Plutonic people. There is no option of being insulated from what's really going on on this planet. There is no way to put the blinders back up after they've been unceremoniously torn down. There is no going along with it, unless one can tolerate being soul-poisoned by the facade they must project to do so.

But most people aren't like this, and this is a key thing to remember, especially during Scorpio season. Plutonic people are a special breed, under a special set of conditions that most of the human race couldn't tolerate let alone succeed or prosper under.

To forget that - to project the "all in" Plutonic qualities on people who don't, ultimately, have them - is one way those who have Pluto as a driving force in their lives can screw themselves over royally...


Greg F said...

Happy Scorpio New Moon/Halloween, Willow.

I had a big falling out with a Scorpio friend early this year. Despite his October 25 birthday, and sort of liberal leanings, he has no interest in being involved in change. He'd rather sit in front of his 50" HD screen 12 hours a day with 800 channels, and believe every word he hears. It brings to mind the old movie, Fahrenheit 451, where Julie Christie gets to speak a line to an interactive soap opera on the screen. I'm surprised 'Reality TV' hasn't started that already.

I feel like I'm trapped between the pages of Fahrenheit 451 and Orwell's 1984. I have to remember change is incremental, but it still is galling to see such corruption in government and in our media. Fuck yeah, I'm Scorpionic!!

Willow said...

I'm spending part of my day today trying to explain to people that Hillary Clinton is a pro-war candidate with major blood on her hands.

I hear ya!

Fuck yeah, I'm Scorpionic, too! haha

- If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it. -

Greg F said...

"If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it."

Ironic, Scorpionic, Plutonic - "All of them, Katie!" I agree.

With Henry Kissinger as her 'go-to' foreign policy mentor, no wonder she thinks it's a great idea to impose a no-fly zone over Syria - and gin up a proxy war with Russia. She and Obama both have blood on their hands for their handling of Honduras and Libya, much less the slaughter of innocents with drone warfare.

And there was NO anti-war candidate in this election. None at all. Even Bernie Sanders wouldn't defy the Pentagon. The Army hasn't found that $6.5 trillion dollars yet, BTW, and that's just the most recent news/(travesty). Sigh.

Thanks, Willow. I so appreciate your words. You give me hope!


Willow said...

Agreed! Are people not paying attention AT ALL?

And not only that - do they have no intuition at all?

Oh, there are a lot of people who understand how things really are on this planet. Don't lose hope. Yes, it's a tiny, miniscule, drop-in-the-bucket number, relative to the number that has no sniff...but it's still enough to make a person want to persevere. It's a fire to warm ourselves by. :-)

Keep being awesome, Greg F.

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