Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Darkest Dark and the Lightest Light Under the Scorpio Full Moon

The Moon is now growing fuller in Libra heading to the yearly Scorpio Full Moon, exact May 3 (9:42 p.m. CST) at 13 degrees opposite the 13-degree Taurus Sun.

(This Full Moon forms an exact fixed t-square with Jupiter in Leo.)

A Full Moon in Scorpio tends to illuminate hidden feelings, underlying emotional and psychological subtext, and soulful attractions that have previously been kept on the downlow. Spicy.

We will catch glimpses of the underlying energetic web that weaves and binds us together under this Full Moon. We will come to certain realizations about people's true feelings, their true allegiances, and the power dynamics - legitimate or not - that influence their emotional foundations. Did I mention it's spicy?

There is an emotional alchemy beyond our conscious control at play here, a crackling in the air as our instincts draw us into closer quarters with certain prominent players in our lives. Aspects of emotional, psychological, sexual, or power-based reality that were previously hidden could be pushed to the surface under this Full Moon, possibly in a messy, angry, or passionate manner.

This Moon needs to feed energetically, and only close contact with particular individuals will provide the right nourishment. There are particular attractions that must be fulfilled in order to find any satisfaction here at all. This Moon desires peak emotional intensity, peak emotional experiences, but often these will be hidden and internalized.

On the other hand, there are particular attractions (and people) that must certainly be blocked and nullified under this Full Moon for our own emotional and energetic protection.

Overall, there's a sexy "emotional simmering" effect under this Scorpio Full Moon, a sense that there's a lot more going on in the way-down-deep than immediately meets the eye.

A Scorpio Moon tends to play its cards close to its chest, preferring to keep personal emotions, desires, and attractions carefully controlled, contained, and hidden from plain view. Calm on the surface even with a blazing inferno going on internally.

But the Moon growing to fullness, as it is now, pushes emotions to the overflow point, to the point where they can no longer be fully hidden, held back, or contained, and this is not just a little horrifying to privacy-loving Scorpio.

The Moon is considered to be in its fall in Scorpio. This is a sign the Moon has to work at in order to gain any comfort or mastery at all. We will all have our challenges under this Full Moon, to be sure: the desire for emotional containment and control in situations that make that quite difficult.

Buddha was said to have reached enlightenment under a Scorpio Full Moon.

And here we are, just coming out on the other side of the historic Uranus-Pluto square series, indicating epic change and transformation en masse. The Libra Moon will trigger the Uranus-Pluto square tomorrow with a square to Pluto in Capricorn (3:09 p.m.) and an opposition to Uranus in Aries (7:54 p.m.). This sets the stage, particularly in relationships and social settings.

Powerful shifts are underway. This one's dripping with potency... 

There is also a karmic inevitability tied to this Moon. The scenarios we are drawn into under this Moon, growing full in Scorpio, are magnetic at a soul level. They can't be denied. They're designed as emotional catalyst and emotional catharsis.

Family patterns and dynamics are especially ripe for triggering. The long, deep, ancestral roots of our most detrimental and damaging emotional behaviours - but also of our most cunning and effective emotional survival techniques. 

The Moon growing full in Scorpio indicates emotional eliminations, as well. Severing ties to some of those aforementioned detrimental and damaging patterns, to some of our most suffocating and stultifying familial conditioning.

We're being released from some dynamics (and people) that have tormented us - but only if we can break the comfort zone, the cradling familiarity, of that torment.

Certain emotional attachments - to lovers, exes, current flames who should be exes, situations, dynamics, even torment itself - are coming to an end here. They're burning up in the alchemical flames of Via Combusta Scorpio, leaving only a pile of ash and our dusty footprints walking away from it all.

There's a purge of the roiling, boiling, emotionally-traumatic past possible at this Full Moon, as well as a possibility for magical development of deeper and more satisfying emotional fusions.

It all depends where the crackling soul-alchemy of this Scorpio Full Moon is taking us.

Exciting, isn't it?

The Moon enters Scorpio May 2 at 7:47 p.m. and enters Sagittarius May 5 at 5:13 a.m.

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