Monday, March 23, 2015

Equinox-ing, Tipping Toward the Sun, and Watching Each Others' Backs For Dirty Piscean Tricks

Happy Equinox!
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We are now coming out of the 29-degree Pisces New Moon total solar eclipse March 20 that kicked off spring with a bang in the northern hemisphere. The "backdrop change" themes of that eclipse are now carried through Aries season (March 20 - April 20).

We're opening into an all-encompassing new expression of Pisces over the next 28 days - an expression that will carry us successfully into the astrological Aquarian era. We've been putting these "new-era Pisces" themes into practise for quite some time now, but this is final exam time.

Communication planet Mercury is closing in on a conjunction to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces on March 24, and the wounded and wounding themes of the astrological Piscean era are very much on our minds. Under the influence of this aspect, our troubles may seem more overwhelming than usual. Our damage may seem more unmanageable than usual. But take heart. We pretty much all feel this way at the moment.

If Pisces teaches us anything, it's that individual struggles are actually shared struggles. Individual problems almost always connect to a common root, shared by many through time and space, and we certainly share many very large issues amongst us on Planet Earth at the moment.

(The ongoing nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan and the oil/Corexit contamination of the Gulf of Mexico are two of the larger open Chiron in Pisces wounds, pertaining to the oceans (Pisces)).

The Mercury-Chiron aspect is past exact as most of us wake up on Tuesday (7:15 a.m. CST), though the themes will be colouring our experiences for the rest of the week.

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Jason said...

No more fuzzy ended lolipop's for me lol...

Im scaling back being of service to people in my building.. It will be a nice break, also went to protest the food here, Dominick a Taurean-- with two planets, Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius, got me to go with them to protest, he thinks that the two Leo managers got kickbacks to go with the "catering company" they have now. The one meal was decent when I first got here, but that ended and snacks disappeared, the one meal we get turned into a sepia colored barf bonanza.

So he posted on the Reverend Mitchell's facebook church page-- Jesus wouldn't have fed people this food. So that turned out to be a cool day, hopefully things will not get worse out of spite, as they have before, but it is so much extra work to keep cooking around 10 people per floor, not everyone does thank god, but still it's cramped and sometimes I have to wake up super early or in the middle of the night just to do dishes in peace, it also has no window or ventalation, so when it gets hot, you really do not want to be in there, it is a 7x8 foot space and .. say like today it is not hot but the heat is on and it will stay on, making the kitchen almost unbearable to be in. The staff stick it out too, they also get hot back in there offices, but they do not have to turn on a stove. The manager tried locking us in there and I demanded to have the door open, because the tiny one vent does not provide air circulation. Of course Leo Suns demanding, but not putting them-self there to see what it feels like, far removed.

I thought it was stupid to ask for better GMO's but if they are going to be, they might as well taste good. So we were allowed to speak to a local counsil member, for 2 minutes each. So I said that we barely get enough on our cards, we have to shop in one of the most expensive area's, my other point was if people want to get off drugs, I can see why they would just smoke dope instead of eat that crap. The catering company is called Comfort Foods and there is no comfort in that food, if you want to sober up, or get healthy, Its plain jail food, since I have been, I know.

I'm happy he has Mercury in Aries because he went to war with them, with mine is Pisces, I feel I could not focus enough to demand an Audit from them or all the lingo they were using in the office. Really I find a way to cook myself, most times, I always liked my food better than someone cooking it for me, but if the kitchen is busy or someone is too high/drunk to clean up after themself, it would be nice to be able to go down and just take a break with a meal down there. Yes this is transient housing, but due to many places and programs meant for a short stay, are turning into where people live most or the rest of there lifes. so I think just using Pisces intuition--that those Pluto in Leo's need a good turnover. There overstaying there welcome. I feel someone from the other generation would be more empathic and not lie about eating the food, which they did, both of them. Even to my face, they used to eat the food all the staff did, but not now since they would not feed that crap to there dog-- there never downstairs. There is a huge professional kitchen downstairs. & They could put in a little more effort.

Anonymous said...


Willow said...

So are you, Limp Dick. Exceedingly so, in fact.

Jason said...

What a hat,

ugh you were right on point Willow as I was, almost taken advantage of last night, one of two lady's here a Taurus-- I took food to her in the hospital, and helped her to her bed one time when she got a new medication that had her fall in the hallway, first she said to help her get to her bed, not to call a ambulance, then she was screaming for me to put her back down. But she was disoriented not the stable Tauro/Airen I know during the day. So I knew to just get her in there, but me with a risky Leo lower back, I still got her to her bed. Told her to stay there, until morning when she was sober from the med. She also has odd fever episodes, yesterday she had one of 104 helping this guy Im explaining below, which is dangerous. She also has Chiron on her Mars aggravating her feet. I want to see her financially stable, but it might not be worth injury if your sick and have foot problems right now.

I always feel more for women than men, dunno why, maybe my Lilith moon, but she is kinda more like a man, she has 3 planets... in Aries, Mercury Venus and Moon, she's very aggressive and has my MC as her Sun/ vice versa. So we get along. Sometime's I read a secret envy vibe, but she chilled out once I told her where Im from. But she still gets a little use(y). But this article really helped me sit and not feel guilty last night, she came running downstairs and told me that the guy she is seeing off and on, fell and need help getting up, a Leo he is up and down with dialisis and stuff but he refuses to use a walker, so I went up. Helped him back amid the urine and disorganization. I know she gets money from his Veteran injury trust or whatever, but asking me to do that then once agian dozing off to use the bathroom, and I have no idea which number. Lol. I already helped, It was hard, but I said no. Later upon thinking it is totally fair, I mean i suggested he stop the HIV meds as he had a ton plus others on the table, probably making his already weak legs weaker. He also asked me to leave after being there for 3 minutes, maybe embaressed, but if you can't accept help, you cannot be helped.

So all in all they get sick because of the decisons they have made, if dark people are out to get you and you get got, plus had a pretty normal life, I mean, it is really is partly your fault, it is your fault you had too much hubris to open your mind and see that truth comes in a lot of forms, skepticism is healthy but the unduly kind is under the carpet competition. They see how I never get sick and how healthy I am and everyone else look like a bag of bones or have sunken cheeks and veins sticking out of there skin due to the meds eating the fat between the layers of skin. Im here, but not forever and if he needed to sit in his own to hire a weekend attendant or realize he needs to go to a nursing home, who am I to take that oppurtunity away from him. But anita is very slick as she was being super nice, Im like if she does not get a joint she can't hold her Marsian placements. I really hate people being nice just to get something, just be mean and angry I value true emotions, so we can get to there root and make them positive.