Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Grand Water Trine Kicking Up More than Just Easy-Good Vibes

We have a Grand Water Trine configuration currently underway with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces. This configuration makes things quite sensitive and over-the-top emotionally through the end of the month.

The true calculation of Black Moon Lilith is also back in Cancer at the moment, closely conjunct Jupiter, so there is a distinct edge to this usually easy-breezy Grand Trine. The healing potential is directly related to our willingness to work with the toughest of emotions. This is where the wisdom lies, too.

The tough emotional themes include the harsh, hellish, and denied sides of motherhood and care-giving - aspects that are most often kept hidden and shame-laden in this society.

From a previous post:

"A strong Black Moon Lilith in Cancer theme is "the feelings we're ashamed of," and nowhere is this a more prevalent theme than with mothers. Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is a symbol of the underlying feelings related to mothers, mothering, caring, nurturing, and supporting that are too dark, shocking, or upsetting to be accepted by the society at large. These are the emotions that many mothers (and supporters from both genders) are ashamed of: rage, hatred, resentment, depression, desire for freedom.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is mothers going to emotional extremes, crushed by the pressures of their increasingly impossible, dysfunctional, and emotionally-detrimental support positions.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is the vilified mother. At it's most extreme, it is the child-killing mother. It is the mother pushed to the absolute brink and beyond.

Or it's anyone who feels that way. Anyone who feels he/she can't take the bullshit for even one more day.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer involves dark themes related to traditionally-accepted femininity, as well as aspects of femininity that are amputated to stay socially acceptable. Women's roles. Sweet and gentle. Light and congenial. Supportive and generous. June Cleaver. Mad Men. The Angel of the Household. Taking care of the men. Supporting them wordlessly in their positions of power."

Many women have struggled during the Jupiter transit of Cancer, coloured strongly by Black Moon Lilith energy, with a sense of dread and resistance to traditional motherhood and to the traditional support role within the home.

In many cases, women want to have babies (maybe), but they don't want to be stuck in the same stifling emotional circumstances as their mothers and grandmothers before them. They don't want to be trapped in a rigid, institutionalized support role within the nuclear family unit. They don't want to be isolated in the home with a child or children. They don't want to give up their identities. They don't want to give their power or independence away. They don't want it all to fall to them.

Can you blame them?

People can blame the feminists all they like: there is something not right with the "society-approved" traditional roles within the nuclear family unit for both men and women.

During the Pluto in Capricorn years, it would be hard to deny this - though millions will attempt it.

As people continue to reinforce insane and out-of-control work and business structures, the family unit suffers on a downward slide into dysfunction. It is provided quick fixes from the toxic Pluto in Capricorn structures like GMO- and chemical-laden convenience foods, along with technological babysitters like television and internet. Families are being pulled apart at the seams not by the evils of the women's movement but by "the way of things," by the standard models of living, by invisible, top-down control structures, by a corrupt, money-driven system.

The traditional roles and power divisions may work for some, but there is an increasing number of people for whom they do not work - yet this remains the standard societal model to use. It is ingrained, unconscious, automatic.

Many aspects of motherhood as an institution are isolating, upsetting, depressing, emotionally shredding. Women are expected to support increasingly dysfunctional set-ups, and this is emotionally, physically, and psychically detrimental over the long-term.

Emotionally-dysfunctional motherhood is conversely related to emotionally-dysfunctional fatherhood. Fathers, too, are running into severe problems related to the traditional roles, the traditional power set-ups in the family, and the traditional favouring of the mother in the court system.

The dark and denied emotional experience (Black Moon Lilith in Cancer) of many male supporters is just as potent, just as neglected, just as painful.

And all this is left unspoken, without broader societal awareness. All this is considered shame-worthy.

So what is left are the dark emotional impressions of generations of mothers, fathers, children, and families left in distress for far too long.

What is left is a blanket of dread, fear, and panic for women to wade through when deciding whether to have children.

What is left are Band-Aid solutions that patch things together temporarily with people blaming themselves and each other for problems that have been intentionally created for them.

The weight of this unspoken motherhood experience, this Black Moon Lilith in Cancer experience, is almost too much to bear. Women (and men) are being crippled under the weight of the denied emotional experiences of their maternal lines.

And all because these experiences have been cloaked in shame, left unspoken, unreleased, compressed, unaddressed, vilified.

It doesn't have to be this way.

As with all institutions during the Pluto in Capricorn years, the institutions of family and of motherhood need a major reconfiguration. The only way we can build something healthy, lasting, supportive, and sustainable is by taking into consideration all angles, even the pitch black ones. The only way we move out of institutions of emotional hell is by being stone cold honest about those experiences of hell, helping each other up and out, rather than sticking people (most often women and mothers) with the overwhelming emotional glut. 

Jupiter leaves its retrograde shadow on June 1 at 20 degrees Cancer, entering new degrees of the zodiac for the remainder of its transit. We are coming into the full truth about how we feel, even when it has that Black Moon Lilith edge.

Jupiter will leave the sign of its exaltation, Cancer, for Leo on July 16, 2014.

The wisdom we carry forward from here related to all things Cancerian (especially motherhood, care-giving, family, home, food, soul, and emotion) must go much deeper than it has in the past.

We are looking for full women's wisdom, full feminine wisdom, the entirety of the wisdom and experience coming from our maternal lines, including the difficult parts.

We are looking to provide awareness and support on these historically-neglected points.

Instead of taking the ingrained track and glossing over these sometimes emotionally brutal points, use the energy of this Grand Water Trine to see the broader and more reality-based picture of motherhood and family.

Bringing these shame-laden points from the personal level back to the collective level where they belong is a major step toward a more healthy integration of what Black Moon Lilith knows, feels, and experiences.

Please Note: This post provides a perspective, a Black Moon Lilith perspective. I realize this is not the perspective of the majority.


Greg F said...

I enjoyed this, as I have BM Lilith and Ceres very strong in my chart. Jupiter is conjunct my natal Uranus in the 8th right now, so big changes seem in store this year.

Thanks, Willow!

Anonymous said...

Issues around support and nurturing must include addressing the profound (cosmic) abandonment issues underlying it all.
~ *janet

Josie said...

I love reading your posts and look forward to new ones. This Grand Water Trine is hitting my chart like a lock and key. Saturn is conjunct my natal Neptune and South node, Jupiter is approaching my Jupiter return and Chiron is approaching my chiron return. And mother issues abound. My elderly mother is going in for a second surgery, and is reaching the days of infirmity and needing care, just as she cared for her five children. Except the unsealed shadow is raising it's ugly head. Thanks so much for your take on things - it really helps me to get some real perspective.

Anonymous said...

willow--as always your analysis is insightful and illuminating. I think you are dead right about suppressed feminine nurturing energy turned awry run amok!

Mary Beth said...

When did Jupiter enter cancer?

Willow said...

June 25, 2013

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an inspiring post on the current influence of BML in Cancer. I see these themes being expressed by women in my counseling practice and I know them on a personal level. Thanks for helping to make them more conscious on your blog. The shadow side of motherhood needs to be brought out into the light of day A LOT MORE- for the purpose of creating change for something better for both men and women and children.

Willow said...

Agreed, Teresa!

Energy Coach said...

Excellent article. Thank you.