Saturday, July 20, 2013

Battling Genetically Modified Alfalfa Under the Hay Moon

Photo: Willow

The Sun enters Leo Monday morning (10:56 a.m. CST), and we leave an emotional roller coaster of a Cancer season behind us.

Flooding, wind, hail, and other destructive weather have been almost constants this Cancer season under the Grand Water Trines and cardinal t-squares. But we've come to expect this wild and erratic weather - weather even the old folks haven't seen in their lifetimes - over the past few years, under the cardinal Grand Crosses and t-squares that have formed since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Most will continue to point to climate change. I would point to intentional weather modification and manipulation of the food supply as the real kickers...

Citizens in Cancer Sun nation the United States of America have come to understand this Cancer season just how deeply their Big Brother surveillance state has dug in. Purposefully-escalating global battles also continue to simmer, as we experience an energetic replay of the Dirty Thirties under the Uranus-Pluto square series.

The Sun leaves this Cancerian battleground and dips into the leonine sign just in time for the Full Moon at 1:16 p.m. CST on July 22. This Full Moon falls at 0 degrees Aquarius - the freshest degree in the sign of the fresh, new astrological era.

This Aquarius Full Moon is the first of two Full Moons in the sign of the water-bearer. A book-end Aquarius Full Moon will occur August 20 at 28 degrees Aquarius.

Emotionally, we're finding our bearings in the new astrological era. These double Aquarius Full Moons indicate a sort of coolly atmospheric and detached quality amidst a sea of hot and pressurized change, shifts, and upheaval. We're getting comfortable with new-era circumstances that may not be all that comforting, all things considered. With these Full Moons, we're gaining the emotional bird's eye view, taking stock, getting a lay of the Aquarian-era land. We're detaching from areas of previous emotional attachment that could now drag us under and re-investing emotional energy into our own grand future visions, into our own interesting roles within unfolding Aquarian-era communities.

These Full Moons illuminate the progress we've made so far, as we slip off the last tendrils of the astrological Piscean era and allow Aquarius to permeate our emotional bodies. We have new emotional anchors within this new era, and these Aquarius Full Moons show us where those anchors are grabbing hold. The Aquarius house or houses of your astrological birth chart are the most fertile ground for those anchors, illuminated by the Full Moons.

This Full Moon is called the Hay Moon, for obvious reasons. This is haying season, when farmers and ranchers are cutting and baling hay to feed their livestock over the long, cold winter.

This Hay Moon falls in Aquarius, the sign of technology, and this includes biotechnology.

The dispositor of the Aquarius Full Moons is Uranus in Aries, which has just stationed retrograde at 12 degrees. Uranus is the planet leading the way into the new era, and in Aries, we are in territory we have never been in before. Nowhere is this more the case than with biotechnology and the current genetic modification of our food sources.

True to the 'Hay Moon in Aquarius' theme, there is a battle going on right now in Canada for our alfalfa crop. In addition to edible alfalfa products for humans, alfalfa is cut, baled, and used as feed for livestock. It is also used as fertilizer in organic farming, and it is planted as the transitional crop when a farm is moving from conventional to organic.

In other words, alfalfa is a bedrock crop for livestock and for organic farming.

Wisconsin-based Forage Genetics has a plan to sell Monsanto's genetically modified RoundUp Ready alfalfa commercially in Ontario and Quebec as early as this year.

This would be the first feral, perennial (grows back year-after-year), genetically modified crop unleashed in Canada, and cross-contamination of our natural, non-GM alfalfa crop would be inevitable.

Farmers and citizens from all provinces and territories are currently protesting the planned release of GM alfalfa in Canada but are receiving very limited mainstream media coverage. This has been pigeon-holed by media as a "farm issue," when in reality, it is an issue that affects anyone who eats.

I've written a basic primer on genetically modified alfalfa that can be found here: GM Alfalfa Primer. I've also written a very simple breakdown on How GM Alfalfa Affects You. Please distribute these as you see fit.

Starting next week, I will have "Stop GM Alfalfa in Canada: say "no" to Franken-hay" bumper stickers available for purchase. I'll have pictures available soon. Please contact me at willowsweb [at] if you are interested in purchasing a bumper sticker.

If people from other countries would like to purchase the bumper stickers, I can have a "Stop GM Alfalfa: say "no" to Franken-hay" version printed, as well. I can also have a plain "Stop GM Alfalfa" version printed, as this certainly affects more than the hay crop.

Genetically modified alfalfa has been planted in the United States for the past three seasons. This is the very beginning for this feral, perennial, GM crop. Pressure from citizens can stop it from proliferating, but we have to be vocal, vigilant, and diligent. The future of the food supply is at stake.

Use these double Aquarius Full Moons to hone in on your own vision for the Aquarian-era future. Feel it out and get excited about what's ahead, despite the considerable challenges. We're living through mind-boggling times. Focus on the possibilities. Move yourself emotionally into Aquarius. Plant you feet on the water-bearer side. And join with those of like mind to accomplish more than you could accomplish on your own.


Cloudia said...

Thank you, Willow


Anonymous said...

"Feel it out and get excited about what's ahead, despite the considerable challenges."


Are two full moons in the same sign, one after the other, common?

Thanks, Willow. :)

Willow said...

It's not uncommon. I don't have my ephemeris with me right now but will find the last ones and let you know.

Greg F said...

Thanks for your forum on GM foods and your passionate resistance to its proliferation into Canada and across my native US. I am actively calling senators and congressmen who oppose it for support, and signing petitions as they arise.

This is a scary irreversible experiment on nature, besides the monopolization of seed crops by big-Ag in my country.

Thanks again, and courage, Willow.

Willow said...

Anon 10:12, the last time we had two Full Moons in the same sign was September/October 2010 when we had two Full Moons in Aries.

Before that, April/May 2008 with two Full Moons in Scorpio.

The next time is May/June 2016 when we will have two Full Moons in Sagittarius.

So not uncommon.

We can also have two New Moons in the same sign.

The last time that happened was May/June 2012 in Gemini, during the Venus Transit in Gemini.

The next time that will happen is July/August 2017 with two New Moons in Leo.

AnonGirl said...

To Greg F. : where can a person find these petitions? I live in the US and would sign them, and try to get others to sign as well. Are petitions even effective?

Willow, thank you for continuing to draw attention to this!

Willow said...

AnonGirl, one of the most effective things you can do is call your federal representative. Contacting media in your area and asking them to report on it is good - even if they don't cover it, it gets the word circulating.

I'm not sure if only petitions are effective, but they can be effective in conjunction with other things.

I think there is danger in the idea that all a person has to do is sign an online petition, and they've done all they can do.

This is going to take citizens doing some legwork...

Firehorse said...

Would like to post your alfalfa article to Facebook. Also would like bumper stickers for us. I come from a line of cattle ranchers in South Dakota, but most people have no idea what alfalfa is.

Willow said...

Sure, Firehorse, post away.

I agree. Most people have no idea what alfalfa is or how important it is.

Contact me at willowsweb [at] about the stickers. I will have a new order done for people in the U.S.

Greg F said...

To AnonGirl and others:

If you want to sign US Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon's petition against genetically modified organisms, go to this link:

I live next door in Washington state, but Jeff is taking this on as his mission. Thank you Jeff!

AnonGirl said...

This isn't quite new news, but I just now seen it and want to share. Whole Foods is working to label all GMO foods, and animal products from animals fed GMO feed, so that their customers know what they are buying. That's great I think. But Whole Foods also said the very soonest they can start this program is five years from now, which should say a LOT about how common GMO foods truly are.

Greg F., thanks for that link! I'll sign it as well as pass it on to others.

Willow, many thanks for the advice. The problem for me when I see things that are wrong is not knowing what a pean such as myself can do about it. I know a lot of others feel the same, especially here in the US. We're used to seeing long rants on Facebook etc. about all the ills of the world, without anyone offering advice on how to take action. So, thank you for responding!

Willow said...

AnonGirl, GMO labeling is important, but not as exhaustive as you might think.

The really difficult problem is the unintentional contamination of crops/foods by GMOs. So in other words, contamination we don't know about. You can label products intentionally produced with GMO ingredients; you can't label products that have been contaminated unintentionally.

This is a big issue with something like GM alfalfa, as it spreads like a weed. If the natural alfalfa crop is unintentionally contaminated, that could basically destroy organic agriculture altogether.

So yeah - five years from now ain't going to cut it. We need to get rid of GM alfalfa, at the very least, now.

Willow said...

AnonGirl, you can also contact your state representative on this issue.

The Feds seem to have a top-heavy pro-GMO agenda, but there are things being done to protect against GMOs on the state and local levels.

Contacting farmer's groups could also be fruitful.

Willow said...

It's the legal channels but also the battle for public education on this issue. Those are two of the most effective channels, I'd say.

This is from a previous article:

"Some Simple Actions You Can Take:

- If you have a blog, please consider writing about or mentioning genetically modified alfalfa (or any GMO) this upcoming week or adding a link about it.

- Talk to people about this issue. More people are interested than you might think.

- Copy and paste the GM alfalfa primer (below) into an e-mail and forward it to anyone who might be interested. (Spacing may need to be fixed before you send it, so copy it into a Word document, fix the spacing, and then copy and paste into an e-mail.)

- Send a letter to the editor about GM alfalfa to your local newspaper. I've written a short and simple letter on the subject. Please let me know if interested, and I can send it out.

- Call the newsrooms of local media outlets and request that they cover this story, including the GM feeding trial results that were published in September 2012. Ceres was on 28/29 Gemini when those results were published and will be back on those degrees in late March/early April, so this is a good time to get the results of that study on the public's radar.

- Call your local political representative and request that they oppose GM alfalfa and bring forth a moratorium on the sale, planting, and growing of GM alfalfa.

- Get in touch with local organic organizations to find out what is planned for the campaign to stop GM alfalfa.

- Find out if there are any Stop GM Alfalfa demonstrations planned in your area...or plan one."

You can get involved with Millions Against Monsanto or any of the other large groups.

So talk about it, post about it, put a bumper sticker on your car. Shop at organic groceries or at farmer's markets with local produce. Ask local grocery stores to label GMOs. Ask about the meat and whether the animals might have been fed GMOs, etc.

Ask your elected representatives to bring forth a moratorium on the sale and planting of genetically modified alfalfa in your country.

AnonGirl said...

"I've written a short and simple letter on the subject. Please let me know if interested, and I can send it out."

I'm interested. :)

Willow said...

Information on GM alfalfa can be found at the Wicked Web forum (see button at the top of the main page) under General Topics. Most GM alfalfa topics are stuck to the top of the page.

The letter is here - the Canadian letter is first, the letter for the U.S. is second. Copy and paste the applicable letter, fix any of the formatting issues, and send it to newspapers.

Willow said...

You can send the GM alfalfa primer or the simple breakdown on why GM alfalfa affects you to radio or TV media.

That information can also be found at The Wicked Web under General Topics.