Saturday, July 6, 2013

Douche of the Day at Willow's Web Astrology

That's a whole lot of assholes.
Photo: Willow

It's the last gasp of the Dark of the Moon in Gemini, heading to Monday morning's New Moon in Cancer. The Moon was conjunct female warrior Pallas Athene and male warrior Mars in Gemini early this morning, and there is a definite edge to communications now and through the weekend.

There is hate, aggression, and verbal violence surfacing during this Dark of the Moon in Gemini.

And rising from the dank recesses of the interwebs this morning was our pal, ravenise.

His comment on my Wendy Davis post pretty much said it all:

"Politicizing the defense of the murder of unborn children by whores too promiscuous and careless to prevent pregnancy... a new low... great work willow, your tribe would defend any outrage in the name of protecting your "rights" and "Freedom.""

This morning, I had yet another comment from this dude. (There have been many.) I didn't have the inclination to read it in full or to publish it on my site, so it has been rejected.

But what I'd like to illustrate now is just how fucking good Willow's Web Astrology is.

Apparently, the rage burns like a blazing inferno in this guy's soul that careless and promiscuous whores get to have abortions.

He's is also a feminism/gay rights hater who believes feminism and gay rights are a Zionist conspiracy to destroy the nuclear family unit. I have quite a few of those people surfacing and commenting on the blog of late. Makow groupies, I assume.

This guy is a really great combo of insane, hateful, misogynistic, and miguided views, in my opinion. And he's also an illustration of my point:

Even the people who oppose my views 100% can't stay away from Willow's Web Astrology blog!

Yes, folks. This site is just that fucking fabulous...

The Moon enters Cancer at 5:14 p.m. this afternoon, and it will conjunct Jupiter and the lunar apogee, Black Moon Lilith, tonight, keeping the dark feminine issues up front and centre.

There's a potentially nasty emotional-alchemical mix churning about this weekend with Mercury retrograde in Cancer and the Moon in Balsamic phase, and this mix isn't really going anywhere. The conjunction between Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith at the time of Jupiter's ingress of Cancer colours the entire year-long transit, keeping dark issues related to women and femininity in our faces. You can read more about that here: Jupiter Enters Cancer at Lunar Apogee: The Wisdom of Our Pitch Blackest Emotional Experiences

Saturn stations direct just after midnight on July 8. The New Moon in Cancer follows close behind at 2:14 a.m. Monday morning, kicking off the workweek.

Let's use this New Moon in Cancer to open into new authority (Saturn) for women (Moon/Cancer) over their own sexuality issues (Scorpio). Let's take power away from the mostly rich, white males who feel they are crusading for the unborn chillins - within positions of elected power or not.

Keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible.

Let's not backslide into a society where women are forced to carry and give birth to babies against their wills. Let's not go back to the days of coat hangers, back alleys, infections, and hemorrhages.

That sounds a lot like hell on Earth to me.


Willow said...

I'm a pro-choice feminist anarchist.

Just so y'all know.

I respect your right to be anti-abortion, but you DO NOT have the right to dictate what goes on with my body or with anyone else's.

I'm not sure what good continuing to comment on my blog is going to do for the anti-abortion, anti-feminist, anti-gay rights brigade.

You will not be changing any minds around here. The people who read this blog are not so feeble-minded as all that, and neither am I...

Anonymous said...

You ARE that fucking good!!!

Willow said...

heh heh


Cloudia said...

Thanks, Willow for your in depth wisdom. It's pointless to waste energy on angry fools.

Best wishes with Aloha

Willow said...

No, it's actually not pointless.

It brings the hatred up to the surface instead of allowing these people to abuse me (or others) behind the scenes.

AnonGirl said...

I wonder if Ravenise's comment about "whores too promiscuous and careless to prevent pregnancy" was gender specific, or if he is just ignorant about how women get pregnant. We do not reproduce asexually. Why is he slandering women, while not holding men accountable for their role in pregnancy? He might really need a refresher course in sex end.

Yes, Willow, you are the shit. I've been active for a few years on other astrology sites before finding yours only recently. I am posting links to your site on other forums and to my online friends, hopefully this will help get the word out about your blog. Dont stop being you! :)

Thanks, especially, for the attention you give Black Moon Lilith. No other site does this as well.

Also, the cow pic and caption made me LOL. :P

Willow said...

"We do not reproduce asexually. Why is he slandering women, while not holding men accountable for their role in pregnancy?

Yep. Exactly.

Joe said...

If they're taking notice and/or offense, then you KNOW you're damn good!

BTW I did make a comment about Zionist agendas in re: the nuclear family etc., about a month back, prior to raven-ass showing up, but I swear I am not him in disguise. :)

Willow said...

I would not be surprised if feminism and gay rights as ESTABLISHMENTS have been co-opted by nefarious Zionist forces. What hasn't been, at this point?

But I'm an anarchist. I don't believe in the legitimacy of establishments or power hierarchies.

The underlying issues of women's/gay rights remain valid to me. The individuals who work and fight for rights, equality, and justice remain valid - unless they are adopting the establishment line and ways.

The problem I see is that the people who buy the "feminism/gay rights is a Zionist conspiracy" thing is that they want to paint the whole thing as illegitimate. They want to paint the individuals with the same brush they would paint the illegitimate establishments.

Sofia said...

Hi Willow this asshole who haven't got laydown in a long timeago is just finding an outlet he's probably from the USA he "forget" there is a so called constitution of the 1st amendment,anyway please consider re-publishing everything you wrote in spanish there is more people speak spanish in the USA than english,my self on the other end i'm blessed with a 3rd house uranus so i keep an open mind pretty much on everything.

freeforall said... the picture and the blog. Awesome stuff.

I thoroughly dislike people who try to dictate to others, including these damned anti-abortionists (male and female). I always say: "If you are not in the position to decide whether to have an abortion or not, you have no right to criticize or deny the choice to others." In other words, they need to mind their own effing business! None of these blowhards actually adopt unwanted children either.

Love the BML comments. Haven't seen much about BML from other astrologers. The conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer will make this a very interesting year regarding women's rights. BML types will be out front and centre.


Anonymous said...

I fucking told you you were doing great!

No one ever listens to me...


Willow said...

I listen! We listen.

Greg F said...

Your site is "fucking fabulous" to me too!

A must read for the misogynistic inquirer. :-(

Ides Childe said...

I have had lots of hostile men lately get on me (where mom lives in white-man rethuglican Floor-ida)about why I have no husband, why I am not married, blah blah blah. I have also been called a lesbian behind my back by one of her more colorful neighbors. Um, lesbians (she thinks I am, though I'm not) for the most part, cannot get married. Why the fuck does me living my life bother these people so much? Because I am a woman, and I should do what they say. Um, fuck you. NO. Thanks for the BML posts, you are the only person mentioning any of this that I can see. You are much needed sanity in a pool of filthy old white men (and brainwashed wives) whose time it is to GO. Keep the good work up!!!

Ruth said...

Sensible comment on abortion always brings out the nutters.

It makes me laugh darkly the way they like to see unwanted pregnancy as a sort of punishment for 'whores' for having sex and altogether not emulating the Virgin Mary.

It's not about the ickle babies is it... it's misogyny pure and simple. The most basic kind. Punish women for being sexual at all; and punish them with babies which the Right aren't at all interested in once they are born. Then they become scroungers like the rest of the 'underclass'.

Ugh. Keep smokin' em out Willow :D We love you xx

Anonymous said...

Fuckin Fabulous...

Willow said...

"Punish women for being sexual at all; and punish them with babies which the Right aren't at all interested in once they are born. Then they become scroungers like the rest of the 'underclass'."

You got it. They become cannon fodder/poisoned consumers at the age of 18, but those fetuses are just oh so precious, somehow.

Ides Childe - I've experienced the very same thing. All I can say is, bring on Aquarius! These old fuddy duddy ideas about love & marriage are straight out of the dinosaur/Piscean age.

You're holding a place for the individual, and for your own individuality, and you WILL be rewarded for that.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Willow!! Keep on speaking your truth - some of us (a lot of us) are listening.

The topic of reproductive choice came up on a friend of mine's FB page over the weekend. She was pissed because as someone who has Christian beliefs, she was outraged that so many anti-choice individuals fail when it comes to providing for all the poor, hungry children (and their mothers) that their restriction on reproductive freedom would bring.

It's the utter hypocrisy that also falls under the pissed off BML - you can't "protect the unborn" without also making provisions to feed and educate them when they emerge from their mother's body.

That whole lack of logic boggles my mind.

...and yeah telling women to keep their legs closed (*growls*) removes responsibility from the second part of the equation. The lazy, selfish man who just decides he's not going to wear a condom that night.

If we don't stay angry and keep fighting this antiquated thinking then we'll see more stunts like what the Gov. of WI pulled over the weekend (thankfully Planned Parenthood was paying attention).

Keep up the good work.

Willow said...

Yes, not to mention there is also a responsibility to improve the lives of the women and men, not just the kids. There are many reasons someone might choose not to continue with a pregnancy. Poverty or abuse are two prime ones.

That whole "it's all for the children" ethic really misses the point, to me.

Willow said...

And buddy STILL can't stop reading my blog.

I see he is copying and pasting parts of my Mars in Cancer article on another site.