Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Officially Becoming the Town Astrologer

I've been moving households over the past while, and in true Taurus stellium fashion, the process has taken a little longer than I expected - though it's unfolding with the right timing. The earliest date I could get for a telephone and internet hookup is this Friday.

So as of next week, I will officially be the town astrologer in a tiny Saskatchewan village, living in an apartment above the library in a semi-spooky, old, brick character building on Main Street. Who would have thought?

Mercury moves out of Taurus and enters home sweet home Gemini this afternoon, joining Venus and Jupiter in the sign of the communicator. The Sun moves into Gemini May 20 and Mars enters Gemini May 31.

If you've been finding the earthiness and slow pacing of the Taurus stellium a little arduous, never fear. The mutable winds of Gemini are blowing, and things are going to start moving as early as this evening with the Mercury ingress.

Incidentally, I'll be living on Main Street, along a provincial border, a state border, and a rail line. Very Gemini.

If anyone has been wondering about the lack of posts, this move and slow internet hook-up are the reasons. Everything should be on track again by next week. Thanks for your patience during Taurus season, and I hope it's been a productive one for all of you, too!


Melissa said...

I" will officially be the town astrologer in a tiny Saskatchewan village…above the library in a semi-spooky, old, brick character building on Main Street."

This chimes auspiciously "in character" for both you and this town – Reminiscent of The Librarian Movie Franchise to include: "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear of Destiny; King Solomon's Mines",etc. Perhaps signaling a quest at the top of the stairs.


Anonymous said...

Constant reader, first-time poster. I am so glad you are back! I WAS wondering where you went. I hope all is well with your new digs! ~ All my best, Susie

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on becoming the town astrologer : )

Anonymous said...

congratulations at finding what sounds like, a great place. it sounds perfect.

warm regards,

Greg F said...

Congratulations, Willow. I hope you enjoy your new digs. Will you put up a sign, like "Ye Olde Astrologer?"

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Willow! I've missed your stories and am pleased to see you 'here' again. It's easy to visualize you above the library, looking out over the town. Wishing you strong connections, loony friends, prosperity and unexpected delights in your new abode. Cheers!

Cloudia said...

Thanks, Willow! :-)


Anonymous said...

I can't even write how happy I am for you-- that's how awesomely overwhelming and exciting all this is!

Congratulations :).

Anonymous said...

Above the town library - I think I'd like such a spot if I didn't already live in a dear, drafty old house in another Saskatchewan village.
Village life offers space, peace & quiet, which I treasure, but comes with the old everybody-minds-everyone-else's-business thing also. But I find that I care less & less what "they" may be thinking/saying. If they create a story about me, I hope it's a good one, & entertaining.
Enjoy your new home, Willow. A move under Taurus skies might take a bit longer, yes, but be thoroughly done, right?
We your readers will be looking forward to your posts from your new location. Happy nesting!

Willow said...

Thanks, everyone! It's coming together nicely.

Sofia said...

Hi Willow welcome back i wasnt wondering why you not publishing vesta moved into cancer i figured you must be busy with something cancer rules everything what's old sometimes very old vesta also rules small places the building you moved into probably 100-200 year old if not older i love old buildings im from Europe if you would be kind to take some pictures and post it when you completly settled in planning to sign up soon as soon as my finances improve meantime enjoying your articles,Sofia

Valerie B. said...

Willow, your new home sounds perfectly perfect. I can totally visualize the whole homey scenario- sweet!

Good luck with everything!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your move. I hope everything works out for you. That train won't pass your building blowing its horn at 3 in the morning will it? But, since you did say your new digs are semi-spooky, maybe you'll hear and see a legendary ghost train.Woo-Hoo!