Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Avoiding the Mindfuckery Hangover of the Mercury Square to Neptune and Chiron

Photos: Willow

The Mercury in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces was the dominant aspect during the most recent Mercury retrograde (November 6 to 26). This aspect was exact at the Blood Moon Full Moon in Taurus on October 29, at the Alpha Snake New Moon eclipse in Scorpio on November 13, and again on December 11, just before the Sagittarius New Moon and the events in Newtown, Connecticut.
This is Mercury (the mind, communication, information, media) in hard aspect to Neptune (deception, illusion, permeation, confusion, fog), and we are seeing a hyped-up manufacturing of reality through mass media channels.

I don't care what the foo foo astrologers are telling you. Neptune can be one of the nastiest influences in astrology. Conjunct wounded healer Chiron, its influence is even more potentially devastating. Mercury can be a little bastard itself, and the combination of Mercury in Sagittarius in hard aspect to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces has been screwing with our heads for a good while now. The long retrograde in Scorpio helped us to disentangle some of the dynamics, but it also held the strong possibility that we would become straight-up obsessed and consumed by them.

From a previous post:

"The wacky, dominance-hungry occultists will be drawing all sorts of nasty energy onto the planet through this [Scorpio] New Moon, all hot and bothered over the serpent imagery. The myths talk about a period of snake-worship secretly brought to Earth. Under worship of the God of the snakes, this period brings evil, crime, unhappiness, bad weather, and death. Stirring up hell for the people.

Detrimental trajectories will be set by some coming out of this New Moon, and with a Mercury-Neptune square strongly colouring the proceedings, there is a tendency to be unknowingly drawn in.

Mercury in Sagittarius will be exactly square Neptune in Pisces on the day of the Taurus Full Moon (October 29), and it will retrograde into this exact square again on the day of the Scorpio New Moon (November 13). This one is working us over a bit...

The Mercury-Neptune squares have "glamourous, media-driven mindfuck" written all over them. But it's more than that. It's psychic media. It's messages sent through those channels. Manipulation of mass psychic energy and impressions. The power of suggestion, particularly from those considered glamourous, star-like, special, heroic, truth-telling - but also in our day-to-day interactions. Communication that attempts to slip things by us. Chatty deception.

Watch the stories and narratives being furthered at this time. The mass media drones on in new frequency, as does the pseudo-alternative media. Diversionary "exo-political" stories supposedly telling us what's really going on on this planet open into new chapters. New Age gurus shape shift into something more hip to the now. Snake oil alchemically transforms into something delicious, tantalizing, and **NEW**.

That's what people are always searching for, isn't it? Something **NEW**?

**NEW** and improved versions of fascist spiritualism, including in the political realms, will be "trending," to use the vernacular. "Swallow this very old product with the exciting new flavouring down whole."

Neptune is stationing to go direct November 11 at zero Pisces, permeating the atmosphere with its wool-over-eyes themes and ensuring the Kool-Aid is especially potent. People can be very impressionable over the next few weeks, very easily led and misled. Ideas can be planted en masse. Things can be slipped by. Consensus reality is particularly malleable and can be manufactured and shaped to benefit certain factions."

The events of Newtown, Connecticut, like those of Aurora, Colorado, are being projected through mass media into the minds of the people, permeating the collective psyche with images, impressions, emotions, trauma. And fog. Lots of fog.

We've had those socked-in grey-white skies that have become so familiar, along with fairly dense fog since the Sagittarius New Moon. Fog is not often experienced here. Definitely not for almost a week, and definitely not in December. It's something I intuitively pinpoint as a man-made effect related to frequency.

It's like a smoke machine. Like the smoke machine that is filling the collective psyche right now.

At the tail-end astrological Piscean era, we're tired. Our empathy, our sympathy, our emotional and psychic faculties are pretty much tapped at this point. They've been beaten up and over-stimulated by all the horror that has gone on and continues to go on, piped into our living rooms and into our minds via mass media channels. On top of all the 2012/End of the World stuff that has been implanted over the past few years, we're at the saturation point. We're at December 21.

And the people who direct the media channels know this.

The constant bombardment by dead children, shocked and grieving parents, and traumatized Newtown citizens is a media display designed to permeate our minds so we can't think about anything else. It's designed to overload, to burn out the last of our empathy and sympathy on this one over-saturated, sensationalized event. It's designed to create emotional catatonia and burnout - a very malleable state.

I'm not downplaying the horror or the tragedy of Newtown. But the truth is, some similar horror goes on, and is intentionally brought down, in some area of the world on a weekly basis.

The events going on now are tied in to the Alpha Snake New Moon conjunct unfortunate fixed star Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis). That New Moon triggered Adam Lanza's highly-stressed natal Pluto in Scorpio, and it ushered in another wave of ruthless violence and murder.

Events like those in Newtown and Aurora might be going on in seemingly random places in seemingly random ways, but they really aren't. These events are tied to the same root as violence  being brought down all around the world. It's tied to the same interests, to the same people, to the same money.

There's an inevitability related to what's going on, and if you see the events of Newtown and Aurora in context, side-by-side with other violent events going on around the world, you see that they are not really random at all but rather, par for the course.

Thirty Palestinian children were killed by Israeli bombs in one week in November coming out of the Alpha Snake Scorpio New Moon.

Twenty U.S. children have just been killed in a school shooting following the Sagittarius New Moon.

The children from Newtown are memorialized on mass media channels by weeping parents. We see the children's pictures, their sweet faces. We know their names and their favourite things to do. But the Palestinian children, and the children like them, remain the nameless, faceless. These are tragedies of equal measure in my mind, but not in the minds of most these days. And they're connected.

There is a strong "as long as me and mine are OK, everything's fine" ethic in the Cancer Sun nation of the United States of America. A grand case of "look the other way-itis." It really doesn't work that way. You can't perpetuate horrific violence and horror in certain areas of the world but claim other areas off limits. This is a Pisces lesson it would behoove the masses to grasp at the tail-end astrological Piscean era: If one area's in the shit, we're all in the shit, and it's only a matter of time before certain events start erupting that are tied in to the dynamics.

Events like Aurora and Newtown.

As the Neptunian Newtown fog machine keeps chugging along, leading every news program, the masses are diverted, perhaps, from a few other events going on on the planet. The LIBOR banking scandal. The mobilization of the United States for more war. The New Great Depression, still isolated to a relatively small test group. All this is connected.

You're being played. We're being played.

And the only way to see through the fog is to use our own eyes, our own minds, our own intuition. Sharing information and collecting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Don't feel guilty about shutting their media display off (though bits and pieces of the puzzle can be gleaned from it). It's a mockery. We're being mocked, and the innocent dead are being mocked.

We can do better on our own.


Lea said...

Brilliant, articulate. And I really wish it were not true.
A week of HAARP grey clouds and fog seems to descend on different parts of this continent with a kind of pattern(possibly the world, but I am not aware of "the world's" weather patterns as I am this continent). Ours here was the last week of November, first week of December.

Anonymous said...

Btw, in Chinese Zodiac 2013 is year of the Snake.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Willow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I've been finding the constant Newtown coverage nauseating. Such emotional intrusiveness/cloying sentimentality/sensationalism. But voicing disgust at it is verboten, of course.

Yeah we're being played. And yeah it is exhausting. Happy end of the world, Willow, and keep up the good work.

Jason said...

Its been foggy in NYC too, although I tend to like it.
I have a Neptune Singleton though. Really Calms me and I feel it calms people from doing violent crime. I could care less about petty stealing from Transfat satruated mega corps...

And day of fog after a night of House music and MDMA. Its a nice way to re enter the hell that is corporatism run amok. Im wierd I go out when it rains or snows or storms and find sunny days enjoyable after a long winter, but straight sun everyday sounds so boring and harsh. Could never live in a super sunny place.

I also stopped watching TV like a year ago so Its been nice... first election of no political bobble heads. I had a DVR and it was still hard to totally avoid the mindless commercials and cut into programming jabs. I just found out that MTV also stands for MASONIC television. No wonder I stopped watching that stuff long ago.

Love your work willow as soon as I finish Saturn passing my scorpio moon at 3 degrees. Im gonna donate. Art Career climb here we go...

Lea said...

As I have re-read your article that book SHOCK DOCTRINE by Naomi Klein, I believe, kept coming to mind. What occurred to me is --exactly WHAT is being passed under our noses as the Shock Event has everyone looking the other way? Well, for one, I noticed upon LOOKING, in the
USA, The Prez is giving away Social Security To Boehner; just plain giving it the fuck away. There are those of us here who are piping up.....But, I throw my hands up here at the keyboard.
And, I just found out, ANONYMOUS is back, they have announced.
The Merc squares Neptune this fall have been dramatic, and now I will know to start watching for what is REALLY going on when horror rivets our attention somewhere. Thank you, Willow. You See It.

Willow said...

My Dad today:

"I don't think I've ever seen this much fog."

From the mouths of grizzled, old ranchers, people.

This weather is not normal. I would say not naturally occurring.

Willow said...

The hoar frost is beautiful, but it's knocking power lines down. We've had power outages the past two nights.

I hope it doesn't kill the trees. :-(

Anonymous said...

:( Willow...

Lea said...

Speaking of weather. This Draco storm is WRONG and headed my way. The main problem is that the ground has been soaked by constant rain, not a lot, but enough to soften the ground around the roots of the trees to an alarming extent, The temperatures are in the forties, so when blizzard force winds arrive, the ground will not be frozen at all (which would give some stability to the roots). A tree, a large pine, was toppled a month ago (when Sandy affected Cleveland Ohio, for God's sake--with electrical outages for over a week in some areas and much damage to trees)because of too much water removing the ability of its roots to hold their place. What the hell do they weather idiots think they are doing? Trees are as important to human civilized life as air and water. I am concerned. Very.

freeforall said...

Excellent article Willow.

Lots of fog here in Edmonton, which is unusual for the Prairies.

Weird energy for me started kicking in at the Solar eclipse in November. I felt sick and dizzy and ungrounded - and so did a few ladies at work. I thought at the time that the US had turned on the HAARP machine. This dizzy, sick feeling dissipated, but returned this week. Very strange dreams as well and lots of sappy, negative energy because of the Newtown shootings.

Of course, I have transiting Neptune trine natal Neptune/Mercury, so my sensitivity is extra high right now.

Transiting Mercury-Neptune square is really clouding matters for many people. Best to stay as grounded as possible into the second week of the new year.

Cassandra said...

Haven't seen the Sun in over a week except briefly yesterday when it poked through the low clouds. And fog is essentially clouds on the ground.