Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stationing Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Aries on the One-Year Anniversary of Fukushima and a Retrograde Over the Zero Aries/29 Pisces Point

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster - a disaster that is ongoing just as the industry, government, and media cover-ups of it are ongoing.

It's as difficult today to extract any real information or context as it was a year ago, though a picture is slowly forming.

Eighty percent of the people tested who lived in the Fukushima area at the time of the initial radioactive releases have been found to have excessive levels of radioactive iodine in their thyroids - something that could have been mitigated or prevented had the Japanese government distributed potassium iodide to the residents and instructed them on its use immediately.

Documents released March 9 revealed that immediately following the disaster, the Japanese government feared it could be worse than Chernobyl. Because of the intentional lack of action from a government that "didn't want to create panic in the population," hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people may now face a shortened lifespan with increased incidences of radiation-related health problems, including cancer. Two hundred eighty thousand people lived in the city of Fukushima at the time of the disaster with many more in the surrounding areas, including 100,000 people evacuated from the 20-kilometre no-go zone surrounding the reactors.

One year in, official-level denial continues to run rampant. According to an article by Yuri Kageyama, the health adviser for Fukushima prefecture, Shunichi Yamashita, continues to insist exposure to 100 millisieverts of radiation per year will have no ill health effects on people. Before the disaster, the Japanese people were exposed to 1 millisievert of background radiation per year. Background exposure, of course, also does not address the ingestion of radioactive particles via food, water, or air.

You might remember Yamashita as the guy who whipped out the New Age memes to placate the citizenry, telling people, "The effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy and laughing. They come to people that are weak-spirited, that brood and fret." From June 14, 2011: The Law of Attraction Fukushima-Style

People are showing up in doctor's offices with unexplained rashes all over their bodies. Women's hair and teeth are falling out, and doctors are diagnosing them with autoimmune disorders.

These are the same types of diagnoses people received (and are likely still receiving) in the U.S. Gulf states after being poisoned with Corexit and oil following the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in April, 2010.

The position of communication planet Mercury in Aries at this time as well as its upcoming retrograde movement (March 12 - April 4) are highly significant.

The 9.0 earthquake that caused the damage to the nuclear reactors and the initial explosions (Uranus) was unleashed as Uranus moved from 29 Pisces to zero Aries - the symbolic end degree and beginning degree of the zodiac.

The washboard ripples of HAARP clouds were visible, blanketing the sky, soon after.

Now, on the one-year anniversary of the initial disastrous events, Mercury has just moved past the 29 Pisces/zero Aries point and is stationing retrograde at 6 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus and square Pluto in Capricorn. Due to the retrograde station, Mercury stays tightly locked in this conjunction to Uranus for three weeks, infusing the mental environment with the themes.

Mercury will retrograde back over the powerful and highly symbolic zero Aries/29 Pisces point March 22/23, making for a blisteringly potent Aries New Moon at 2 degrees conjunct Mercury and Uranus on March 22, following the spring equinox March 20.

Mercury will make its final pass over the 29 Pisces/zero Aries point direct on April 15/16, just after the Pluto retrograde station in Capricorn. It forms its final conjunction to Uranus in Aries April 22.

A poll conducted March 3-4, as Mercury (media, opinion, information, communication) initially moved over the 29 Pisces/zero Aries point, found 73% of Japanese people are worried, either greatly or somewhat, about health effects from the radioactive releases. A vast majority of those also believe the government is hiding information related to the disaster.

Also released during the Mercury-Uranus conjunction (on March 5) was data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency related to samples taken and tested recently from around California's Santa Susana Field Laboratory located between Chatworth and Simi Valley.

While run by U.S. aviation company Rocketdyne, a portion of that area called Area IV was used for the very early testing and development of nuclear reactors. Area IV was also the site of the country's first operational nuclear reactors, which ran from 1953 to 1980. The areas surrounding the site were radioactively contaminated throughout the years via various fires and the improper containment of radioactive materials. The largest radioactive release and contamination, however, came from a partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor in 1959.

Residents of the area, including children and former employees of the Laboratory, have suffered increased incidences of cancer for decades. Famously, the daughter of former resident Vince Neil, lead singer of the band Motley Crue, died of cancer at the age of 4 in 1995.

Of the 437 samples taken recently, 75 exceeded acceptable standards for radioactivity. More than 50 years after the meltdown, cesium-137 along with seven other radioactive isotopes were measured at levels between 100 to 1,000 times higher than the standards. Plutonium and strontium were also detected.

Residents, activists, and public officials have long fought for a clean-up of the area, now owned by Boeing, and this data proves what they have been saying all along.

The Rocketdyne site is just one more tip of a very large radioactive iceberg being drawn into the collective psyche via the current disaster in Fukushima. The extent of the radioactive contamination worldwide from nuclear testing, accidents at nuclear facilities past and present, and the use of depleted uranium munitions has been thus far sealed. But as we head to that potentially explosive Aries New Moon March 22 conjunct Mercury Rx and Uranus (uranium), the continued battle to get the information out has the potential to blow the lid right off.

There's an immediacy and a courage available to people here - the kind brought on when facing down the extinction of our kind. The relevant information and broader context entering the scene at this time have the ability to draw people fully into their present moments, right to the most vital and cutting edge points in their lives at this time on this planet. The concept of time breaks down even further now and throughout the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto square series, and the obsession (Pluto) with stock portfolios, RRSPs, what the banks are going to do next (Capricorn) can be understood in a different light - in the light of a Uranian lightning-strike - as long as people have the courage to look and then act on what they see.


Anonymous said...

i just did a workshop with workers in unemployed office. i felt as if i am under water. unable to speak and reach with my voice. feeling intense pressure and hearing some dull hollow noise unable to concentrate. the people there work under imense control like they have to control the unemployed mass. they dont want to see, they dont want to take off their rose-colourded-glasses and roll up ones sleeves. they want to stay in their world and cover everything with rules and rules and more silly rules.
i was guest in a talkshow about the pressure in our education system. they want to focus on alternative schools and go on with the same old same old, to have the feeling of "we did what we could".
am i wrong with my extreme perspectives? maybe you willow would say no, trust yourself.
i am so tired. i dont know what to do. and if this is the powerful grand earth trine... what comes after this "good time" is over?
seems as if really nobody wants to see, hear or feel.
angi from austria

Ambra1960 said...

Willow, I don't know how to thank you enough for the work that you do in this blog. I have followed your writing for many months now, always eager to see what insight you bring to the stars above and the earth below. You are wise beyong your years (I am old enough to be of your mother's era:-) The past two posts, in particular, have been outstanding examples of mundane/political astrological writing. I am an American who grew up near the Canadian border, and truly welcome your commentary. We rarely seem to get news about the North in the States. Today's writing about Fukushima and the transits to the Aries point and so important. Everyone, regardless of border, needs to understand the scope of this disaster. You express this with such clarity and passion! Thank you for today's essay, and I look forward to your continued posts!

ravenise said...

ravenise said...

My appoligies willow if I left multiple comments here... I'm having some issues with my browser and could not confirm whether or not they got through properlly.

Its quite possible the same old empty suits set a nuke off the shore of fukushima to create the cover story for the disaster.

I wrote about the possibility of a false flag incident at my blog here:

I didn't go into detail about the use of nukes on my blog, just the suspicious activities that lead up to the incident... but everything you need to find out the truth about fukushima is mentioned or laid out here in this magnificent video:

Liz G said...

Yes, I second Ambra. Thank you for this outstanding blog dear Willow.

Lea said...

Thanks always for your potent critiques of the geo-political situations (travesties) and the inter-locking planetary dance.

Willow said...

Thank-you, ladies, for the nice comments. It's very good to know this writing finds its audience. I'm happy to do my part keeping the ball in the air, but it's a big, fortifying boost to hear from people who appreciate what I'm doing here. So thanks again.

ravenise, a bomb would not surprise me, that's for sure.

beast said...

My natal Chiron is at 29 Pisces (am i going to die?). EricF has suggested that Chiron is a kind of ally, a Saturnian Mars energy that teaches as it tears apart.

Sometimes it feels like I can feel the kind of rock it's made from but I can't describe it. I don't know why I'm connecting to its rock. Maybe some earth association.

Rambling. Thoughts out loud.