Friday, March 2, 2012

A Gorgeous Grand Earth Trine with Benefics Venus and Jupiter Conjunct March 12 to 14

After navigating the grease fires, irritations, and provocations of Aries, culminating in a trying opposition to Saturn Rx in Libra March 4, Venus will exit the feisty sign of its detriment for almost a month of home sweet home in earthy Taurus starting March 5.

Venus is a very comfortable Earth Mama in Taurus, all soft curves, bare feet, baby slung on broad hip, bread baking. As Venus slides into this home turf, it moves to a conjunction to Jupiter in Taurus March 13, and the two benefic planets collude to shower us in pleasantness.

Not only do we experience a conjunction of the benefics, but the conjunction also happens within an exact Grand Earth Trine, increasing its influence considerably.

Efforts made in the right directions (and there's the key) are rewarded handsomely as Venus and Jupiter form this exact Grand Earth Trine along with Mars Rx in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn at 9 degrees of the earth signs.

If you've been digging and working and getting your hands dirty, major gears can turn here both personally and collectively. Things come together. Increased efficacy, precision, craftsmanship, practicality, and attention to detail, being honed through the Mars retrograde in Virgo, start to pay off, and our yokes are seemingly lifted off us for a time, made light as a feather.


At the very least, outside any gorgeousness, the influence of the benefic conjunction offsets most of the difficulty associated with retrograde Mars (malefic planet) and Pluto (potential dirty bugger).

This formation is exact between March 12 and 14, influential through most of the month.

Trines are 120-degree aspects usually between bodies in signs of the same element - in this case earth - and the themes work together almost effortlessly. Grand Trines generally involve bodies in all three signs of that element (fire, water, earth, or air) forming a triangle and creating ease on multiple fronts. An exact Grand Trine like this one is something special, made even more so by the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus with Venus in its own sign.

Mars in Virgo first formed a Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn in mid-to-late November, 2011, though it was not exact. Progress made at that time gets a major boost here as Mars backtracks and picks up where it left off, triggering new developments.

This isn't just the goal, the dream, the far-off vision. This is real life, here and now, right in front of us.

The final Grand Earth Trine formation involving Mars in Virgo happens May 13 to 16. It is very close to exact, also, as Mars in Virgo moves direct into a Grand Trine with Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn at 8/9 degrees. At that time, benefic Jupiter will have moved into late Taurus and will be out of orb. The formation in May finalizes the details, solidifies the earthy progress made earlier, and grounds us fully within the new two-year goal cycle initiated by the Mars retrograde in Virgo.

The only caution with the upcoming Grand Earth Trine with Venus and Jupiter conjunct would be taking this energy for granted. It won't last long at its height, so be sure to enjoy it and use it to your benefit by building on the events, themes, and progress of November, 2011 during this time of grace in the earth signs.

Background: Mars in Virgo Retrograde: Precise Re-direction Within Grand Earth Trines


Unknown said...

sweet news, thanks. Life has been hard. Hoping this transit will be particularly pleasant for those of us in the throes of the early cardinal degrees...

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Poetik said...

Willow, I see something amazing in my chart but not quite sure what to make of it except it looks special....
The Venus and Jupiter conjunction is gonna take place exactly conjunct my natal juno in 12th house....and as for my retro mars that is in my romantic 5th house.
What should I be looking out for around this time? (My soulmate? ;) ) lol

.....and to add, my progressed juno is conjunction to the degree with my natal ascendant; while transiting juno is transiting my natal south node 7th house.... What can I make of all this ? Any themes I should be taking note?

Anonymous said...

Willow, i Wonder if its possible to differentiate between somebody from The past with whom there is unfinished business and a New Person. Is that astrologically visible. And also how can i feel when Business is finished? Or a carmic Loop broken?
As i am Reading through all your Old posts, there was one you Wrote 'Never doubt yourself'. How to do so, when caught in old carmic strings and with this thick veils on my Intuition.
Maybe you could have an eye in your upcoming posts on clear Windows and what to do then, if possible with an example (as you explained with my carmic Loop question).
Thank you.

LG said...

Hooray! Thanks for the good news dear Willow. Spring at last... xx

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what it means to have a grand earth trine between these particular planets,Jupiter,Mars and Pluto natally.My Mars is in 4 Taurus,Jupiter in late Sag(OK so maybe an out-of-sign grand earth trine!) and Pluto in Virgo,in the water houses.Was just wondering!

Willow said...

To clarify, any analysis by me of personal charts has to be done in a paid reading. There are a number of astrology message boards where people analyze for free - is one that comes to mind.