Thursday, February 2, 2012

Saturn Stationing Rx on 29 Libra Trine Neptune and Talking to Ghosts

Using women, treating them badly, treating them as if they don't matter, and then making it all part of your "process." Waxing poetic about all the self-understanding and the peeling of layers and the healing you're doing as a result.

Well, good for you, buddy.

The fact remains that you treat women badly. And it doesn't matter if it stems from Mommy's early rejection, from an ex unceremoniously ditching your ass, or from some sort of genetically-wired inclination to misogyny in the 20th century male. You treat women badly.

Being as "self-actualized" and "enlightened" as you claim, you should understand that this is one of the most selfish and cad-like ways to relate to another person. It's detrimental to any type of real relating and mutuality because you aren't interacting with the person. You're interacting with your own baggage, using that person to "get in touch" with it.

It isn't all about you and your "process." Get it?

You used me and them as a port in the storm, to strengthen yourself as you steamrolled forward, doing the damage you do. You've stolen my time and energy and the time and energy of other women with no intention of reciprocation or restitution. And you left a whole bunch of your shit behind for us to deal with and clean up.

It's like a revolving door, right? That's what you said. One woman exits and there's another one waiting, at the snap of your fingers.

Lucky women.

And again you're talking about forgiveness. Whatever that means in your world. And again, it's all about what WE can do for YOU. How we can let you and males like you off the hook before you've even scratched the surface of your energetic irresponsibility. How we can make it all better for YOU, allowing you to continue your misogynistic merry-go-round. Allowing you to be hero-worshipped for a style-over-substance that never even gets close to the truth or the reality of anything.

New Age men. Fucking Christ, you know?

Luckily, it isn't up to me. It's in Saturn's hands now, and whatever isn't held accountable in Libra surely will be in Scorpio.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Willow! I'm sure you'll be called a "man-hater." They like to use that term when it's merely the truth being pointed out.

Anonymous said...

Pithocanthrapus Erectus....they're still dragging their knuckles on the ground after all this time....

Anonymous said...

Bless you Willow. This stuff feels too big & exhausting to contend with's like an epidemic of emotional zombie men, deeply damaged & damaging. I've been trying to help em out all my life, getting shat upon for my efforts...It's nice to know it's in the hands of cosmic justice from here on in.

Willow said...

Well, it's in our hands, too, but if we do our part, Saturn will do his.

Anonymous said...

Checked out the latest Eric Francis poor widdle men line on his PW FB page? I refuse to even engage in such 'discussion' anymore.

Tug said...

How the hell did you fish that out of my brain to put in front of me in type ? BLESS YOU !!

Anonymous said...

I heart you, Willow!

Willow said...

I heart you, too, M'dame!

Anon from Before said...

Hi Willow.

I have read some astrology blogs written by men that discuss Uranus in Aries and they feel that this is a sign of it being "men's time". That woman will lose a lot of power and that we will have many reduced opportunities.

I am scared because the West is still a patriarchy no matter how many "rights" women have secured and women still suffer by being trapped in pink collar jobs, pay inequity, being shut out of the good old boy networks, fewer promotions - and women and children suffer much higher rates of poverty than men.

In the U.S. there are a lot of open attacks on womens rights that were secured decades ago and I am just scared about how I am going to make it.

There are a lot of men who have and are willing to abuse the power granted to them via male privilege.

I pray those male astrologers are wrong.

Willow said...

Consider the source, Anon from Before.

The astrology world is certainly not immune to patriarchy or crystallized male power, and there are many male astrologers who promote partriarchal, sexist, segmented views (often calling them enlightened).

The regressive themes are here, no doubt about it. That's why women need to bust out of their cages and speak...the...fuck...up. :-)

There are only so many women (and men) conscious enough to provide the reality checks, so it's important that everyone who sees this stuff calls it...repeatedly.

Patricia said...

I am hoping that whatever paradigm shift is going on now, will mean that women will take back the position we had long ago before it was wrenched from us by the patriarchy. Of course I am probably dreaming. The nightmare would be that people like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman would be in charge.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Thank God all men aren't controlled by their egos or are diverted by their narcisistic tendencies! Unfortunately its the noisey ones that get the most 'air play'.. The ones that come across as "I'm so good, I'm so wonderful - just ask me - I'll tell you" that get all the attention. That's not to say they get any respect, or even that they've earned any - yet. Some may never.

Debs said...

Um, interesting. I think a lot of women tend to be way way WAY more fucking forgiving and understanding than they should be... but maybe that's just my Leo Mars and Moon/8th opinion here.

It's a damn shame, too, that the few really good and aware guys are called "gay" among other things by "manly men" (or basically growling , self-absorbed, drunk, drugged, football-obssessed, uninteresting, douchebags). A damn shame, but jealousy is, as they say, ugly, isn't it?

I don't know if I forgive much anymore. I don't even know what the modern definition of "forgiveness" is. I mean growing up in the 'hood it meant not ripping someone a new behind because a serious boundary had been crossed... I move on from shitty people very quickly, can sniff shitty people from a mile away (Scorpio), and I'm so so sick and tired of society or whatever assuming that I *don't* forgive and move on. Bitches, please! Some of us don't have time for you. We'd rather rearrange our underwear drawers than give you any credit, even the time of day.

But, seriously, am I the only one who doesn't know what the hell "forgiveness" means or entails anymore? Angels? Harps playing in the background? Shimmering confetti falling endlessly from the skies?

What the heck do others want or expect when it comes to forgiveness? Some are fortunate to have me walk away and leave them and their karma (no thanks, you guys!) alone forever.

Fellow sharp-shooter, Willow! Amen to this post, and stay as strong as you are around here! Your insight is super-needed and appreciated...


literateinit said...

I continue to be so happy that I discovered your blog. A-to-the-effing-men, sista. (Pun not intended, but acknowledged.)

Willow said...

I just got a comment from a dude (assuming) saying I'm coming from poor me, victim stance who then used an image of a female duck being gang-raped to get his point across.

Can't even begin to describe the layers of insanity in that one!

Daniel in Pisces said...

it's unfortunate that you chose not to publish my comment. I meant no harm by it at all. I would have hoped you to be more inclusive and supportive of an open conversation, which may contain challenges to your opinions, rather than controlling what comments you prefer to see attached to your writing. It's your blog though so do what you like I guess.

I've enjoyed your writing very much up to this point. But I don't feel a connection to it anymore. There is too much emphasis on the negative, and that tends to attract similar view points and experiences.

My very sincere good wishes to you Willow,

Willow said...

Daniel, I've been aware from your comments that this site is not for you.

If you'd read more of my blog, you'd understand that I don't publish commentary that comes from a New Age perspective.

Your's does.

Being called angry, negative, closed, etc. (as you have called me) are all basic tactics of the New Age belief system. I've heard it 1,001 times before.

I don't live in the negative/positive paradigm that you do, and I don't think there's anything wrong with righteous anger, so I'd prefer you go elsewhere.

Edi said...


Me said...

Duck rape? Hello, therapist.

Anon From Before said...

@ Debs

"What the heck do others want or expect when it comes to forgiveness?"

I think this whole forgiveness crap is a mechanism of control and it makes other people "feel better/more comfortable".

I hang with a lot of SA survivors and the thing that pisses me off is that they are often pushed and prodded into 'forgiving' their abusers. There is not a lot put into punishing their abusers or even preventing girls and women and sometimes boys/men from being abused..

But the world will fall apart if the one who had some much taken from them doesn't outwardly make some sort of statement that they 'forgive' or are not angry.

I say rage/feel hurt/pain/grief for as long as you need to and if you feel like forgiving do so. If you feel like just coming to a place of acceptance instead of forgiving that is acceptable too.

I think this forgiveness crap trains people to accept being violated and other sub par behavior.

Umm Daniel is a creep. Willow owns this blog and when you have the gold you make the rules. In that context no one has to offer anyone else a platform for "debate". How crazy and entitled Daniel sounds.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, oh my, thankyou.

Anonymous said...

For Debs,

I have not been fond of the word "forgiveness" but I like this quote.

"Forgiveness is giving up the hope the past could have been any different."

I'm not sure of the source.

I wish you well.

Joie de Vivre said...

Willow, as a widdle astrology dabbler, I'm here to learn more about life in general and you relate from a level not found at other sites. Aprreciate that.

But as a male afflicted by Pluto in Leo, I began a journey to find out what intrinsically makes me such an albatross on society. My reign of terror has been going on for over 5 Lon Chaney, I needed a soothsayer and I found you. :)

Googled "At Home DNA Re-Combination Kits For Dummies" but the search came up empty. Alas, I'm doomed to walk the planet an X chromosome and ask, Y?

Incrementally, I will come face to face with my ancestry ala William Hurt in "Altered States". I only hope Nature can forgive herself for allowing me to occupy this plane!

We all seek redemption, Willow.

P.S. I accidentally found out the nose on my face does more than house my fingers and act as a balancing point for pencils. I have 2 good nostrils to respire through and by God, I'm evolving into snorting now! Ehaaaaaa!

Admiringly Yours, Joie de Vivre

Willow said...

"I think this forgiveness crap trains people to accept being violated and other sub par behavior."

Agreed. It also forces the impetus back on the person who is already reeling and struggling from the abuse/mistreatment, increasing that burden, instead of placing the responsibility and impetus on the person who did the crime (energetic or literal). It's an abusive dynamic in itself.

"Oh, it's OK! We all have flaws! We all have problems! We're all rapists/murderers/abusers/liars/cheats when you get right down to it. That's being human! Tee hee!"

Sorry, no.

Daniel in Pisces said...

Hi Willow,
I sincerely apologize to you if my comments were hurtful or harsh. I did not intend that at all. Thank you for posting my second comment and for your response.

All my very best to you,

Lilith in Scorpio said...

Heh heh. I'm thinking a certain Global Astrologer needs to read this post. (The fact that the link to his page - along with the others too, I guess - is gone doesn't have anything to do with what you wrote here, does it?)

Willow said..., this is not about Theo!

I ditched the link list for other reasons.

Opal said...

Oh I could write the f-ing book on new age men, believe me. No applause is loud enough for the truth you speak, Willow.

TheHoneyBadgerSpeaketh said...

Shit New Age Guys Say:

Willow said...

Kismetic. I'm buzzing with the syncs. I'm truly resonating with that in my second chakra, if you know what I'm sayin.'

Lilith in Scorpio said...

Gotcha. Honey Badger don't give a shit, it just does what it wants! (This post would be lost on him, anyway - just more evidence that Teh Menz are being horribly, relentlessly persecuted. Gawd. Nuthin' like being mansplained by an Edgar Cayce devotee!)

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S said...

A few things from the mouth of the 'Global Astrologer' for Lilith in Scorpio:

For one, no, I am not a 'Edgar Cayce devotee,' so sorry to disappoint you.

And two, "Teh Menz are not being horribly, relentlessly persecuted" - ALL people are being persecuted and you will observe by the world transit of Uranus in Aries, just how bad the global situation will get.

I am often years ahead of most people, being a forecasting astrologer, and no, my forecasts are not based on personal views, nor was my forecast on Uranus in Aries based on views FOR or AGAINST women. That is a figment of your own imagination and has nothing to do with Theo.

The point you did NOT get is this - no matter what your ideological view on MEN in particular, your personal feelings, or whatnot, what you (and everyone else) will witness is how Uranus' powerful inclinations leans the focus back onto males, and much of it will be violent and malefic, according to the configurations of Uranus in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries over the next 7.5 years.

Ideology, personal opinions, views for, or against either gender, does not influence my mundane forecasts.

During the years of the Twenty-Tens, you will see for yourself why my Uranus in Aries forecast was made - but from the content of your own comments, you obvious do not see that now.

I do not forecast for others based on ideology - be they gender-based or otherwise.

I forecast what I SEE coming down the road, by astronomical means; so you can take it or leave it but that does not give you the right to presume that because I have balls between my legs, and just happen to be an astrologer that that somehow makes me an enemy of women. I am not and never will be either.

So shame on you. Men and women are not enemies in my book and for you to use words like "mansplained" only reinforces the fact that perhaps you ought to check out your lean toward misandry before you come down on men for being all that is wrong with the world because I remind you that it is women who primarily raise the boys that grow up to become men.

And no, this post was not 'lost on Theo' I read what Willow wrote and am okay with it. We all do not have to agree with everything that we read, but before you go on telling 'Theo' like it is, perhaps you ought to ask him first?

Check out the world transits of Uranus in Aries, and tell me, what do you see? I've been there and done that and am way way ahead of you.

Theo is a devotee of Mundane Astrology - seeing what is there without ideology, opinion, or bullshit clouding up the advanced views of the world's shit to come down.

Suggest you do the same.

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S said...

Yes, the focus has been 'off men' since Uranus entered Libra back in 1969. That 42-year Uranus transit between Libra to Pisces featured the rise of the boomer feminist anti-male movement, which was perverted into sexual & gender-based politics.

The competition for men in the world is fierce, as there are fewer males than females in the world. With Uranus in Aries, and with the global economic crisis, men will be in no mood for misandry and will react badly as it is.

Astrology, in my perspective, must be above all ideology, no matter what that ideology may be - humanist, gender-based, etc.

As for Uranus in Aries, the tilt will be more male-oriented than it has since 1969. This will ever become evident the deeper Uranus transits into Aries.

As for the gender wars, which I consider useless; people will discover, in the years to come, that men and women will need one another increasingly, but, until the gender and sexual-identity political correctness comes to an end (and it shall) only more valuable time will be wasted on the maladaptive and dysfunctional behaviors of misogyny and misandry.

Such low brow comments as "Pithocanthrapus Erectus" aside, women are in no position to criticizes the entire male gender for all that is wrong with the world. Anyone who can read mundane charts and history from the past knows that women have played an equal role in Earth's afflicted history.

Everyone is to blame - men and women. 'Nuff said.

Willow said...

I disagree with most of what you've said here, but it's your prerogative to say it.

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S said...

Wheather we agree or disagree, this will not stop the inclinations of Uranus' Aries transit on the world at large in the least.

There is plenty of past Uranus transits in Aries over history which clearly shows how effective thee vibrations are when it comes to gender roles over Earth's history.

What we all will see with Uranus' transit in Mars-ruled Aries will be the return of domination-roles that are male-oriented, reflective throughout world society, in maverick and malefic ways.

Most people only come to see these things as they occur, or after the fact, signifying why human beings unaware of the stellar/planetary influences often fall under their rays by ignorance. This speaks for Earth's entire history.

My advice to women who ask me about gender roles in this decade and the next is to prepare for a strongly male-oriented world reflective of Uranus' powerful transit in Aries.

By the time Uranus reaches Taurus, there may be a break for balance, but by the time Uranus enters Gemini, ruled by Mercury, we will have a total outbreak of male-dominated war atmosphere, typical of Uranus' transit in that Sign.

Willow said...

As I said to a recent commenter, we can't look back in history to determine (entirely) what this transit will bring. We're in a whole new ballgame, building on what's come before, including the strengthening of women and women's consciousness within male-dominated power structures.

The mainstream, dominant paradigm and power structures have been male-dominated and still are. I'm not sure how that could be argued when you look at the courts, the government, business, religion, the military, sports, media, the primary ownership, period. This is no radical Uranian change from past trajectories.

To me, there is no such thing as purely objective astrology, just as there is no such thing as purely objective journalism. What we see and what we choose to talk about comes through our personal perspectives, through that lens.

You see astrology and astrological transits through your lens as a male astrologer, with your life experience, who learned along traditional channels that were developed, furthered, and taught also mostly by males. You see Uranus in Aries differently, therefore, than I do as a self-taught female astrologer who comes from the life experience I do, from an entirely different astrological tradition - that of the country people. "Unlearned" perhaps by your standards. "Pagan" was a slur back in the day, after all. But with inborn knowledge that we don't need to get from books or teachers, by my estimation.

From my perspective, astrology itself has been skewed to the masculine, and it does not escape the Pluto in Capricorn requirement to fully examine and rework its structures.

There are many possibilities for Uranus in Aries, and many of those will co-exist. What I see for Uranus in Aries is that any surge toward more male dominance will bring the counter-balancing radical break from unfettered male aggression and imbalance with women fully harnessing their own anger and aggression, exerting themselves fully as individuals and speaking up in areas where they have previously remained silent. This is the version of Uranus in Aries I live and cultivate on this blog.

You and many other astrologers - both male and female - have painted feminism and the women's rights movement as anti-male, man-hating, unwomanly, etc. I couldn't disagree more...with all of you.

But as I say, you are free to practise astrology your way, and I am free to practise it mine. That's the beauty of it.

Pam said...

And regulus in virgo? the king in rags (HHDL?) and more breathing space for women?

I'm with Willow. Calling the truth as bravely and best you can as best you see it.

Met a guy a quarter of a century ago who reminded me of the guy I had loved but different. So when I had 'got' it I asked if I could ask him when he dropped his masculine ego anger. 'O when I was 65 or 70,' he said casually, and then addressing my shock, kindly, 'I morosely enjoyed being angry.' And when I pressed him, 'Yes by 30 I could've let it go.'

It is a choice after a certain point, and how much you care or is at stake to continue trying to find the way that someone else can see that too for themselves and see the point in being differently.

Pam said...

awareness, awareness, awareness. And not just men (tho that is the context here for this page), we're all going that way as best we can

Joie de Vivre said...

Pam, I have a stellium in Leo and you're right; the ego and the anger seem to act like a 2-piece suit on a hangar waiting for me to cloak myself in it. I never questioned it until now. It was nothing I went out of my way for and therein lies the blindness. So much mindless, wasted, misdirected energy and although the awareness makes me pause(nearly all the time)these days, I can only vow to be a more aware person. I speak less, absorb more and want to be a better person.

I seek perspective.

Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.S said...

Hi Willow,

A few points, first, feminism and the women's rights movement is not a monotheistic movement. I have a mother who is, and was a feminist, and she and other women who met regularly at our house were the ones who opposed the 'anti-male, man-hating' strata of the feminist movement that showed signs of rising in the 1970s. So, I disagree with your depiction of what feminism truly constitutes.

As for your statement that, "You see astrology and astrological transits through your lens as a male astrologer, with your life experience, who learned along traditional channels that were developed, furthered, and taught also mostly by males..."

One is either a male or a female; So I do not understand how Astrology is used as a vehicle for any gender-based ideology? One does not simply reject astrologers based merely on their gender at birth?

Of course life experience, as well as environment, plays strong roles, but you will discover that in the History of Astrology, that what we know now as 'traditional' roles were also once thought to be 'pagan' or 'radical' in their own times depending on what ideology anyone decided to push in any particular era. Those climates are also influenced by world transits.

As for seeing 'Uranus in Aries differently' - I see the transits of the planets as a mundane astrologer and Uranus role in Aries will be as I outlined it. It has nothing to do with me being a male. If I were a female, I would have made the same forecast.

I am a forecasting astrologer and I know how to forecast.

Whether one be male, or female, there is no "entirely different astrological tradition' as Astrology has a tradition that is many thousands of years old.

Call it 'tradition' or otherwise, Astrology does has its firm foundation that we all must value and respect. Many people lost their lives - both males and females - over the centuries, to extend the Tradition. Much blood spilled to preserve against the ideological rantings of the ignorant over the ages.

Popular culture outlooks, political correctness, gender politics, etc., etc., does not invalidate the Tradition of Astrology in the least.

It does not mean that we cannot innovate, but we cannot simply turn Astrology into whatever we want based on our personal sensibilities and opinions. That is what allowed the 'new age' movement to set serious astrology back decades in the late 20th century. It is just only beginning to recover from that.

All people are born with 'inborn knowledge' but Astrology does have its rules of practice. One cannot simply say that because they have 'inborn knowledge' that then standards honed by serious astrologers over the centuries simply get chucked out the window.

There are very many people out there who call themselves 'astrologers,' but in reality there are few skilled professional astrologers in the world. This is because of a lack of education & training that also has had a generation throwing all kinds of silly ideologies into Astrology that were never a part of the Tradition in the first place.

Males AND Females are to blame for what you call unfettered 'male aggression' - it takes two to dance here.

Women are by no means outside of the blame for aggression. For it is through women that males are born into this world, is it not?

Simply using the male as a bad example is short-sighted and highly in error when history is explored without the ideology of Pithocanthrapus Erectus.

As for Uranus in Aries - everyone will see for themselves how that global transit plays out, and it shall do so as forecasted. We have entered a time of renewed global conflict by means of the Mars-ruled Aries, where Uranus will spend the next seven years by mundane transit.

'Man-hating' or any other kind of hating for that matter under the Uranian influence in Aries that has recently spawned is not wise in the least.

Willow said...

Theodore, it's impossible for you to claim you would make the same forecast for Uranus in Aries if you were a woman. You may feel you are gender and perspective-neutral, but I beg to differ. There is no such thing.

We're speaking two different languages here...

You're again repeating claims from your personal perspective and declaring your astrology "objective" while mine, you seem to be arguing, is biased by what you perceive as personal opinions and "silly ideology."

This is a way that men and women often differ - in the valuing of the quantifiable/qualifiable and the objective/subjective. It's also a way that the female perspective is commonly diminished and invalidated.

You're making comments that have little to nothing, as far as I can see, to do with the original post. Other than perhaps to, in a veiled way, trash it for being "silly," "ideology-based," and "man-hating." Again, these are value judgements coming from you.

As you can see from the appreciative reaction in the comments section, what I'm voicing here - and yes, it has a strong astrological tie to current transits - is a theme going on with a great many women at this time, and the voicing of it as social commentary is important.

You may want to consider that astrology has purposes and applications beyond what you yourself consider valuable or proper.

Whether you like it or not, there are many good and competant astrologers who do not adhere to your views on standardized education.

My astrology speaks for itself, as do my readings.

This post and this blog are not platforms for your astrological take - that's what your own blog is for.

As I said, your read on the astrological transits is different from mine. That doesn't make it superiour, and I resent you coming on my blog and trying to impose your view over mine. If you'd like to continue discussing these issues - issues that are outside the scope of this post - I suggest you write about it on your own site.

Brenda Johnson said...

Interesting! Just tuning into the full discussion here. Its rare and refreshing to hear someone (Willow) so able to articulate the absolutely different world view of gender.

i think the facts speak for themselves - we have been living in a patriarchal world for many years - history culture language systems, etc. all reflect this, as well as institutions. Most creative, intelligent, high-minded? people recognize the effects of patriarchy - on every part of our Being - claiming authority, claiming righteousness, claiming power, hierarchy, and even claiming a battle between the sexes!

I think what Willow is able to communicate is a rich and powerful "source" language for the day in and day out subtle and not so subtle positioning of women as the "other" and that gives rise to much anger, because of course, not only does it NEVER validate the female world view/experience, but also, it does not reflect the Truth, our role as creators of life, as part of Nature.

The honouring and respecting role for all women as equals, indisputable creators, and as legitimate a voice as men's, seems to me = critical at this stage in our history (and many are saying this, including people like the Dalai Lama - "it will be the western women who save the world", Art Solomon, elder , " women need to lift up their power", and significant leaders! So, this discussion is mute. I do think that most males need an immersion experience in order to go deep into their hearts to recognize all of this, and then, behaviourally work on how to be men in honourable and life-supporting ways and even acknowledging their fear of women's power - that is a big one and a drive that keeps men in that little boy place.

Fear (eg. uranus in aries = more male aggression - this is crazy - we have enough male aggression - what about waking up, jolts coming to the male expression of anger and aggression, reversals - these are also symbols of uranian energy, and there is much more)

Using astrology to promote fear rather than awareness, understanding and perspective - is just not right.

This discussion brings up much of what we have to clear in our relationship and take full responsibility, for our ignorance, our conditioning and our incredible lack of awareness of patriarchal history -

Feminine "energy" "power" is definitely rising in the World - there's more "lifting" than ever - but this can create polarization unless the true source of all life, the Earth, is acknowledged in all ways - and our relationship to it and what that connection actually means!

Despair, fear and ego are easy to engage in - what is not so easy is how we, as astrologers, do our own work de-conditioning ourselves, in order to bring real meaning and knowledge to those who "get" the beauty of this form of symbolic system. This is a tremendous responsibility.

When we are putting out "stuff" that is totally ego based, blustering, socially conditioned, or ill thought out - we are not serving people with what we may truly know and understand. In our society, for men to not be questioning their roles, their given power and privilege in all areas, re-framing and engaging in the new "paradigm" , is a real loss - of the full and whole possibilities that exist for all of us as humans.

bles Willow

Willow said...

Theo and Robert Phoenix need to get together for some drinks. They've both been traumatized by dating evil feminists who have no "nurturing skills." heh.

As my sister so aptly puts it, perhaps the dating issues lie within and they were simply not getting the level of coddling and *&$!-sucking they considered themselves owed.

I've requested that Theo take his "gender-neutral" commentary elsewhere, but the comments keep coming. The last one was signed "Class dismissed." You think you're schooling us, eh, Theo?

Now, the arrogance of a male astrologer forcing his supposed "gender-neutral" commentary and rigid views on astrology onto this blog after I've expressly asked him to take them elsewhere would, in my mind, be one of those male entitlement things.

Gender-neutral, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow,
It's been a long time since we've talked. Funny you should bring up Robert Phoenix. I severed my relationship with him some months ago. He has some issues. ;-) Reciprocity between friends, respecting the boundaries of a married woman, and his Narcissistic Personality Disorder to name a few. Did I mention his vile bigotry?, haters can only keep it under wraps so long. His reputation is pretty trashed by now. He's not doing well at all. Be well and keep writing. an old friend

Willow said...

Definitely a live and learn for me, Anon. ;-)