Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Readings from Willow's Web Astrology

I list the types of readings I do, but it's not mandatory that you choose one particular type in order to have an astrology reading done.

If you don't know the particular reading that suits you and your queries best, just describe your circumstances and give some indication of the type of perspective you're looking for. Using this information, I can determine how to orient the reading.

I'm not a predictive astrologer, and that is by conscious choice. Contrary to what many might desire, I don't want anyone predicting the events of my life ahead of time, and, therefore, that isn't my form of astrology to practise.

I value the helpfulness and effectiveness of astrology as a soulful navigational tool, one that provides context by describing conditions, circumstances, dynamics, themes, and timing in an immediate and detailed way with depth and catalytic power.

Through astrology, we can verbalize and "make real" certain feelings, experiences, dynamics, and energies that would otherwise remain vague, potentially throwing us off track.

If it speaks to you, the clarity astrology provides is invaluable.

This is a basic description of the individual readings I offer: 

Natal: A natal reading works with your astrological birth chart, a very soulful document, indeed. This is the chart of planets, bodies, and points in the zodiac at the moment you were born, when you became a person on the planet separate from your mother. My understanding of the astrological birth chart is that it is both a micro and a macro document, indicating how the personal life is connected to broader collective forces and what the broader impetus is for that individual. This type of reading describes your astrological placements and indicated themes. It includes strengths and talents as well as potential pitfall areas. This type of reading is useful for self-understanding and awareness of life's astrological themes.

Transit: A transit reading is a reading of the current placements and movement of the bodies and points in the zodiac and what they indicate in relation to your natal chart.

If a person is looking for assistance and perspective with current circumstances and themes, the reading looks at the recent past, describes the present, and talks about themes that carry into the future. This type of reading is effective for getting to immediate details that can help a person make more informed and clear-headed decisions, taking corrective action where necessary and capitalizing on benefits coming through various transits. It is good for perspective (What's going on in my life?), context (What's some of the meaning of it?), and timing (How long is this going to last? What's up ahead?). It provides an analysis of the astrological indicators as far as successful ways to deal with themes and events. 

Secondary Progressed: With this reading, your natal chart is advanced one day in the ephemeris for every one year of your life. This provides another astrological lens to look through that provides valuable insight into themes and any upcoming "chapter shifts" in life. I generally read the current transits as they are interacting with the Secondary Progressed chart. This reading gives a sense of how things have advanced in you and in your life since birth. It advances the themes of the birth chart (which remain foundational/root themes).

Relationship Synastry: This is a reading for any two individuals in relationship and describes the relational dynamics. This type of reading is most commonly done for romantic pairings but can also be done for business colleagues, family members, friends - anyone in any type of relationship. The natal charts of both individuals are placed in a bi-wheel - a double-layered wheel - and the aspects and interplay between the two are described in order to give an analysis of the relationship and its dynamics. I sometimes look at the Relationship Composite chart in a synastry reading, as well, which is considered the chart for the relationship itself.

The Four Major Asteroids and Black Moon Lilith: This reading focuses on Ceres (now considered a dwarf planet), Vesta, Juno, and Pallas Athene, as well as Black Moon Lilith (the point of lunar apogee) in your chart. These bodies/points are sometimes considered secondary, but they can be quite prominent and influential, especially when they are being aspected by transit. This reading fleshes out some of the feminine influence in the chart. I can add other asteroids by request.

The internet has made it easier for people to really suss out astrologers before choosing to have a reading done, and I'm all for this. It's important to have an astrology reading done by someone you trust, whose perspective you value. If you enjoy what the astrologer has to say in general, you will probably enjoy your reading.

No one wants to waste time and money on a reading that does not hit the mark, and almost no astrologer wants to waste his or her time and energy doing one. Doing research and using your intuition helps to ensure that the right readings are being done with the right people involved.

If it's your first time having a reading done by a certain astrologer, it's a bit of a crap shoot. There's not much that can be done about that; it's the nature of the astrological beast. I will say, though, if you find an astrologer who gives you the information and perspective you need when you need it, it's well worth the price.


Anonymous said...

hi willow,

i try again to post :)
which way would you look (which reading methode/s) if i want to work on a special question like: "i want to develope a skill - i.e. get access and/or strenghten my scorpionic spidey sense (as everybody has scorpio in his chart, i think everybody should have one...) to create new ways in making my descisions."
do you need to see the birth-chart to answer such a question?

greetings, angi

Anonymous said...

Willow has worked over my dates a couple of times I really appreciate her take on the way I might move through the world...

Willow said...

Angi, I would probably look at the chart for context when working on that quesiton, but it could be answered without, also.

Ram Crab, Goat... Fish? said...

Hi Willow,

I have been following your blog for a few months now since your mention on Planetwaves. I love your unique female perspective on the current astrology. Thank you for your beautiful interpretations I’m interested in a readying but don't know what type. I have looked into my birth chart independently and have a decent idea of why I am who I am. I do question why has life been so intensely challenging my entire life but tend to look forward not back. I also ask, when will it get better and how do I fulfill the relentless desire to do something that matters? And finally, does true love exist and will I ever find it.
4/4/79 @ 2:20am
Sun Aries 13°58'32 in house 2
Moon Cancer 13°13'31 in house 6
Ascendant Capricorn 20°21'29
Mercury Pisces 26°06'37 in house 2
Venus Pisces 7°24'49 end of house 1
Mars Pisces 27°53'44 in house 2
Jupiter Cancer 29°08'39 in house 7
Saturn Virgo 8°07'22 end of house 7
Uranus Scorpio 20°21'42 in house 10
Neptune Sagittarius 20°27'25 in house 11
Pluto Libra 17°57'38 end of house 8
True Node Virgo 17°10'24 in house 8

Walter said...

Dear Willow
Hope this note finds you well! can you please tell me what system you use for your readings? is it precession corrected/vedic, tropical etc?
Also I would like to know if you believe that travel on important dates such as Solar Returns or Demis is beneficial.
Thank you very Much

Walter Perez

Willow said...

I'm a Western tropical astrologer who believes we are shifting astrological eras.

I think travel on Solar returns or half returns would have to be looked at within the broader context of the aspects. I couldn't say "it's lucky" or "it's unlucky" as a generalization. They would be powerful days for travel and somewhat fated, but for good or ill, I could not say.

Anonymous said...

What house system do you use? Do you stick to one?

Willow said...

I use Placidus, but I can use another system by request.

Unknown said...

Hiya, I tried ordering without pay/pal, is it possible to debit charge on the phone ?

Willow said...

Hi, no, sorry, I don't have debit or credit card capabilities. Without PayPal, the options would be email money transfer or international money order in Canadian funds.