Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Venus Lightens the Tone in Sagittarius and Trines Uranus Rx in Aries, Colouring the Last Leg of Saturn in Libra

Mercury and Venus, still travelling conjunct, move into Sagittarius together on November 2, and almost immediately, the dense, complex Scorpionic tone we've been experiencing starts to lighten.

Both Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus Rx in Aries during the morning of November 3. We're palpably at the cutting edge here, moving into a fresh and freaky astrological Aquarian era future after Scorpionically severing ties to any Piscean era backsliding.

Intellectually (Mercury) as well as in our relations with other people (Venus), we're there. The knowledge of where we're going and of where we've been adjusts our orientations to the new coordinates accordingly. Though, with Mercury in Sagittarius in the mix in the sign of its detriment along with a Mercury retrograde in Sadge November 24 - December 13, trying to communicate what we're going through won't necessarily be easy.

Also November 3, Saturn enters its upcoming retrograde shadow (the degrees it will move back over during its February 6 - June 23, 2012 retrograde) at 22 degrees Libra. Saturn will station retrograde on the anaretic (29th) degree in February.

Just like that, we're more than two-thirds finished Saturn's transit through Libra.

The last leg of the transit of Saturn through Libra is strongly influenced by the Venus in Sagittarius trine to Uranus Rx in Aries. This continues a theme of relationship disruption as sometimes shocking elements of personal identity, new direction, beliefs, and philosophy emerge as we shift further into astrological Aquarius. As we move forward from here, people we thought we knew are going to surprise us - in pleasant ways and in not so pleasant - and radical relationship breaks can come almost out of nowhere, especially if people have been putting things off.

Saturn is looking to shore up only long-term, sustaining, and sustainable partnership material - partnerships with legs - while Uranus is looking to push us way out there into our most real, raw, radical, and instinctual selves. The conservative, step-by-step building nature of Saturn will necessarily have to leave room in its blueprints for the wild Uranian effects busting things loose and demanding freedom, independence, and individuation at almost any cost.

Being ourselves, our whole selves, right down to the last jagged edge is necessary for survival, for direction, for perspective and orientation now, but there are mercilessly rough, disturbing, even violent and heartless elements to the way Uranus works through our relationships. All those with Venus-Uranus contacts natally or by transit can relate. The fact that this is a Venus-Uranus trine softens the edges and makes things less traumatic, allowing us to philosophically rise above, but the disruption is there. Some relationships survive this emergence of raw, new identity and direction, and some don't. Kind of exciting, though, isn't it?

Detached, radical self-acceptance as well as detached, radical acceptance of those we love is required as humanity is pushed to its breaking points and beyond and we all do what it takes to survive it.

The matter-of-fact acceptance of sudden, blind-siding Uranian relationship breaks is certainly a shift from the "keeping it all together" relational Piscean era vibe. We're being shaken loose. Any relationships that cannot survive the shift and sustain our increasing individuation start to break apart now or at the very least undergo a complete re-orientation.

A whole new relationship ballgame is underway, deepening dramatically with this spring's Venus Transit. What people desire in a relationship and in a mate shifts radically. How people interact as a lover or mate shifts radically.

Let's just say there are going to be a whole lot of Piscean era love songs on the radio sounding very, very stale. Almost overnight, the glut of pining, hurts so good, "Why don't you love me? Why didn't you love me how I wanted you to love me? Are you The One?, Where is The One?, When will I find The One?, Why aren't you The One?" songs are going to sound decades out of date. Love itself is different, though don't let the music industry execs and their manufactured celebs try to define that for you, either.

As it is trined by Venus and Mercury, Uranus is on its way back to zero Aries - a point indicating the birth of the new astrological era - where it will station direct December 10. There's no dipping back into tail-end Pisces. We're here. We've planted the flag.

Pisces' ruler Neptune stations direct November 9 and will make its final pass over the 29th degree of Aquarius January/February 2012 - the degree of the era shift - before re-entering its domicile Pisces for the following 15 years. This is the degree of the physical constellation Aquarius where the Sun is at the vernal equinox, coinciding with the beginning of the astrological Aquarian era.

Of course, the era shift isn't all fun and frivolity. (Understatement of the millenium.) Uranus was just crossing into the zero degree of Aries from 29 Pisces on March 10/11, 2011 when the earthquake was unleashed in Japan, triggering the massively deadly tsunami and creating the ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima. From a previous post: "You think the Gulf of Mexico is bad? That was so last era. This is the Aquarian Age, baby. This one's going to push your survival skills and your levels of detachment to points so extreme you didn't know they even existed."

With a Mercury-Venus-North Node conjunction in Sagittarius November 13/14, there's an emphasis on truth guiding our way forward. It's just a little matter of determining what the truth really is as applied to the heavily manipulated and obscured situations at hand - as well as who's speaking it. We know (Sagittarius) things are bad in Fukushima, probably very, very bad, despite the almost complete media blackout and lack of official information (shadowy Gemini South Node). Under a Gemini South Node, the media is almost entirely diversion.

What's real and true is down to a trickle. We have to draw it to us strongly, even keen for it a bit, to avoid being put off course by the cacophony of diversionary shit coming at us from the Gemini South Node.

There sure is a whole lot of slick fucking language out there these days. Memes enveloped in the cool and fresh and edgy, pulling out all the slickster hipster pseudo-bad ass tricks to gain a foothold. Silver-tongued Gemini South Node words, phrases, tones, sounds, stimuli that draw you in, mesmerize, hype you up, enthrall. Words that really seem to have your number - until you realize it all leaves you hungry. That it was all packaging designed to be nothing more than an empty calorie quick fix, to draw your attention and use up a few moments (or more) of your precious time on this planet.

The movement of Venus into mutable fire Sagittarius and out of the sign of its detriment, fixed water Scorpio, does influence the cosmic proceedings quite measurably, however. The movement and position of Venus as dispositor of Saturn in Libra has a strong influence on our ability to make concrete progress, flavouring the nature of our Saturnine challenges. Determining wisdom and truth from diversion, maintaining foresight and a sense of optimism, and keeping Dionysian hedonistic tendencies in check all factor in here. Venus moving out of tougher Scorpio territory and into Sagittarius infuses the proceedings with more buoyancy, levity, optimism, expansion, movement, and enthusiasm, but it's also in our best interests not to gorge ourselves.

So despite the heavy circumstances we find ourselves in on this planet, Saturn is a little lighter in its step this month, trying on a stylish new dispositor in Sagittarius until November 26. Saturn also moves through conjunctions to highly fortuitous fixed stars Spica (23 Libra) and Arcturus (24 Libra) in November, shielding it from the fiery, combustible, shit-hitting-fan nature of the Via Combusta and protecting its hard-earned progress.

It's all coming up roses for our man Saturn, and how often can you say that?

Saturn conjunct Spica and Arcturus this November indicates the potential for strongly beneficial structural progress and strategic positioning. The grounding frameworks we've been developing on personal and professional relationship fronts can be strengthened here in ways that benefit us long-term, then deepened dramatically and quite suddenly next spring and summer, so long as we've heeded and applied our Saturn lessons well in the sign of the scales.

This means getting on top of the many Libra tricks, some of which include:

- taking on more than we can successfully balance, thereby dropping the load and letting people down
- abnegating personal responsibility by constantly deferring to others
- using social prowess as a shield, deflecting from personal issues
- relying on slick social skills, people pleasing and artificial social facade, never getting to the meat of the situation
- not knowing oneself well enough to take a stand or form an independent opinion on anything
- leaving true feelings and thoughts subverted, throwing relationship energetics way off
- accepting situations that are not fair in order to keep the peace
- over-promising and under-delivering
- co-dependence
- passive aggressiveness
- inability to stand on one's own two feet
- vacillation, fence-sitting, wishy-washy behaviour, indecisiveness that screws other people over
- remaining in an unbalanced, chaotic state so that other people cannot rely on you or your word

There's a lot to balance during these times on the planet, but Saturn in Libra requires that we take on only what we can successful keep at a state of controlled equilibrium. Any overload of the scales must be remedied over the next 11 months or we suffer the consequences (as well as the results of continued Libra tricks) for the next 27 years until we get another shot at it.

So soak up all the Sagittarian optimism and glow you can this month.

Venus enters pragmatic, status-conscious Capricorn November 26, and we're pointed toward nose-to-the-relational-grindstone yet again with a Venus-Saturn mutual reception in effect until winter solstice.


Not SamuelJackson said...

So Willow what you're saying is if the chick who works at the bail bonds office (Venus in Scorp) is no longer interested, I should head over to chat up the gal who works at the REI store (Venus in Sag)?

D. said...

"Almost overnight, the glut of pining, hurts so good, 'Why don't you love me? Why didn't you love me how I wanted you to love me? Are you The One?, Where is The One?, When will I find The One?, Why aren't you The One?' songs are going to sound decades out of date."


And aren't you loving how all the jabs by superficial folks, especially those online are, falling like smushed flies? I feel like I'm in heaven. Not the heaven we've all heard about, but my own personal justice-is-sweet heaven.

I just let go of a professional situation that wasn't fair. Hated myself for it the day of, which was last Thursday. But just one day after, I landed a new awesome client.

:) D.

Kat Daffodil said...

Love your posts. This one and the one on Scorpio are wise, wise, wise. I have Venus in Aries trine Uranus in Leo. Venus in the 9th house, Uranus in the 1st house. I have pluto in Virgo on the north node in the second house, and Mars in Leo on the ascendent in the first house. My boyfriend of 2.5 years (Libra rising I might add adn a libra moon with an aries Sun at 1.55 degrees aries) broke up with me suddenly and out of the blue the first time October 10th (you wrote about that mars, venus, juno thing in scorpio) and then again the very day Uranus went into Aries (March 10th). I have been devastated and distraught - adn your comments on the murk are right on. Trying to come out of it now - I still feel i need to say my peace with him. Thank you for your insightful articles. Kat

Anon and Ever said...

Well this lighter transit was necessary, in such a dark moment in this world...