Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scorpio on Not Letting It Go Too Soon

There's a lot said about the "letting go" and "releasing" related to Scorpio and its ruler Pluto, and that's certainly a part of it - eventually.

The thing is, though, that letting go too soon screws Scorpio over a second time.

Scorpio energy has a tendency to trigger the worst in people and to be on the receiving end of the worst in people. Until, that is, it learns to make and use the enriched fuel that will get it the hell out of there.

Once it has gotten on top of the energetics, Scorpio has the ability to turn every betrayal, every mistreatment, every dis, every screwing over into something that propels it further. It can empower itself through being disempowered - as long as it gives itself enough time to complete the process, which can be lengthy. Scorpio doesn't just metamorphose itself. It turns shitty energy into something it can use.

Hatred and anger - the results of those betrayals, mistreatments, and screwings over - become slow-burning, high octane fuel, propelling it out of the dynamics and away from the types of people that fed it shit in the first place. Nothing but these emotional extremes - and Scorpio won't pretend it doesn't feel them - has the potency, depth, or enrichment to get it where it needs to go. Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Anger (Mars) fuels the metamorphosis (Pluto).

It would be nice if people knew this before telling someone in full meal deal Scorpionic murk to "just let it go." This is an oversimplification, one of many applied to the sign of Scorpio, and following that advice could be to the person's detriment.

To "let go" of the difficult emotions too soon is to squander the fuel source, keeping themselves stuck eating shit sandwiches from inferiors.

From a previous post: "Yes, it is necessary to let go of everything we can. To just disengage. To not allow ourselves to be drawn into the figure eight dynamics with the other person/situation trying to get our goats.

But there are also times when one needs to face down his or her opponent and show it who's boss. To get rid of it once and for all. To "let go" in these instances is actually counter-productive. It just allows the dynamic to circle back and bite you in the ass from another angle. So in these instances, we wield the sword and shield, and we cut our way out of the entrapping garbage. We clear our path. We don't wait for it to clear on its own."

Scorpio will let it go, but first it'll hold it, feel every harsh angle, gain understanding of it inside and out. It'll let it go, but only after it has benefited fully from it, after fully harnessing the roiling, pitch black emotion threatening to do it in, after it has turned it over and over, drawing out absolutely everything that could possibly be useful.

And when that fuel is, at last, completely spent, it'll let it go and never look back.

For the sake of all those dealing with Scorpionic scenarios like these, who have been dealing with them for a good long while, I hope Venus and Mercury completing their transits of Scorpio this Scorpio season involves a lot of people dropping spent fuel...

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Lea said...

I really appreciate the depth of your understanding of Pluto/Mars energy that is prominent in one's natal chart. You are picking up on aspects of my reality that other astrologers are missing. Thank you.

Deb said...

I think some people are not specific about what really needs to be let go or released.

For example, I could have let go of someone's indiscretions recently. But instead I decided to let the person go. I felt I needed to do it for the sake of my self-respect.

I've a lot of Scorpio/Pluto/8th house stuff, and, yeah, I'm not about eating shit sandwiches over here.

Excellent post.

NotSamuelJackson said...

in case the link don't work: "I don't need anger management classes, you need shut the fuck up classes".

Anon and Ever said...

You know, this is absolutely true, many times the letting go - too soon - has the **opposite** effect on Scorpionic types...

Anonymous said...

Well Mars in Scorpio really reasonated to this article.Kauai

Deb said...

"I don't need anger management classes, you need shut the fuck up classes".

Um, yes. YES. This!

I've a friend who says "I'm not cranky-- I'm critically observant."

:) Deb

Anonymous said...

You are simply great! @notsamualjakson You need to do that!

Eller said...

THIS. Yup. You know.

Bob said...

Thank you.

theUndercoverGinger said...

years ago I saw a non douchebag self-help type person on YT who made a great point. (Yes I realize "non douchebag self help person" is a almost an oxymoron" but there's always an exception here and there.) He was explaining how all the "belief repatterning" people had it wrong, that seeking to simply delete painful memories/energies from the energy body was a bad idea since those memories have useful information. The person bullied in high school b/c they were poor/fat/awkward, for instance, that experience carries a lot of extremely useful information and to just delete the whole thing out would actually be mal-adaptive.

Willow said...

Absolutely agree! I never wanted my beliefs re-patterned, thank-you-very-much. The idea of that horrified me from the start - especially the idea of letting some New Age yahoo do it! ha.

That guy really was a non-douchebag self-help type. Wonders never cease.