Thursday, February 25, 2010

Willow's Web Astrology Blog Turns Two Just in Time for a New Piscean Infusion

February 25, 2008, at just before midnight, I posted my first two posts on this blog - the January and February monthly Astro Perspectives. So today, the blog is officially two years old!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear WWA blog,
Happy Birthday to you!

I rarely write about my personal transits, but I've got some life-altering aspects coming up (don't we all?), and I've been pretty much taken out of the proceedings altogether. Things are mostly out of my control at the moment, so I'm just going with it.

I definitely felt my previous world/self come to an end over the past three months. That has been quite difficult, as it has gone to the core. Pluto usually does, but I can feel the difference these days regarding the importance of the times in which we're living. It's not a gentle process at this point, even for Pluto. We're scraping right down to the absolute last of it. Nothing left unaffected, it seems.

The upcoming Pisces New Moon is a further discharge of previous cycles, including of the 2,000-odd-year Piscean Era, in general. The betrayal of Jesus and the horrific misapplication of his message/spread of corrupt forms of Christianity is a large part of that. The way similar themes have played out countless times since then. The set-up of false spiritual hierarchy in all forms, especially the New Age movement, and the damage that has done. The subjugation and oppression of women and the feminine force. The misapplications across the board of Piscean spiritual understanding.

The upcoming Pisces New Moon can be viewed as occurring in conjunction with the previous Aquarius New Moon on February 13 related to the Pisces-Aquarius shift. Both New Moons occur at 25 degrees of the signs, conjuncting the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception.

(As far as the astrology of this shift, it's sidereal. Basically, the Vernal Equinox will soon fall in the physical constellation of Aquarius, shifting out of Pisces. I'm a tropical astrologer, so you may wonder why I note this shift. I see tropical and sidereal astrology as two different lenses through which we are observing the same thing - life as human beings on planet Earth within the cosmos. Both systems provide important perspective, and I utilize sidereal information (or info from any other system) if it rings true to there you have it.)

These Aquarius and Pisces New Moons also involve the discharging of remnant soul effects from the Atlantis/Lemuria myths. The most recent Dark of the Moon in Aquarius definitely related to the dark forces attached to Atlantis and the traumas inflicted on people by those forces.

The Pisces New Moon conjunct Uranus is another layer of the Pisces-to-Aquarius shift. But here, with help from Jupiter in Pisces, we tip the scales back to Pisces from the previous glut of Aquarius. The 12th and final energy of the zodiac rises from obscurity. The spiritual element of life on Earth shines forth. And isn't it an important element? To me, the most important and yet, often, the most downplayed and ignored.

Here, with the New Moon, is a much-needed infusion of Pisces-for-the-Aquarian-Age Pisces, shedding old expressions and forms. And wow, do we ever need this. Pisces is one sign that simply cannot take any more of the old garbage. The abuses of its energy. The vilification. The scapegoating. The invisibility. The wide-scale misunderstandings of what it is doing on this planet and the crucial role it plays. The energetic shit-kickings. This has to stop, and here we have a chance to re-orient things.

Pisces is the sign of the "old soul." I don't use the concept of past lives, but this idea relates to a soul that contains a great deal of experience and practical understanding of the energetic conditions on Earth.

This brings with it the traumas of this understanding and experience. The torture, manipulations and abuses that people of a certain spiritual understanding have endured over the generations. It runs deep and wide.

We're weary. So very weary. It's taken the very last of our strength to take it this far. Underneath the Neptunian bliss being experienced by the "younger" people and the bursts of intoxicating optimism and fuzzy-wuzziness is the weight of the effort of the others, still trudging through. Because we know it's not here yet. We know there are huge holes in the understanding of most people on this planet.

So what I hope for from this Pisces New Moon conjunct Mercury and Uranus is an all-encompassing renewal. A new respect for and understanding of those who tread this path through all kinds of storms of opposition, derision, ridicule, interference, misery, injustice, confinement, injury and death.

I hope for a refreshing and a renewal bringing newfound strength for those bearing Piscean messages - as well as, with the influence of Mercury and Uranus, messages themselves that have new strength and relevance for the times in which we're living.

The understanding (that is actually quite simple, ancient and has been here with the vigiliant all along) that will bring the changes so desperately needed on this planet. These need to be integrated into the Aquarian visions for the future in a big, big way, and with this New Moon, we have the support to begin that process in earnest. Just as the 'Year 2012 or Bust' New Age dystopia train gets up to full speed. Real Piscean spiritual truth does not end with the shift of the Vernal Equinox into the constellation of Aquarius, as many would have people believe. In fact, it becomes even more necessary to keep from being swept up and carried along by the momentum of the dogma machine.

I'm being treated at the moment by a lady who has a wonderful service of naturopathy and spiritual/energy healing. Her wellness offices are even housed in an old prison! How's that for Piscean? Despite how tired she is (at 68 years old), she's helping me through this process, stabilizing me with herbal supplements.

There is a definite redirection afoot - a fairly intense one, it seems, on my end, and all I can do in my own life is go with the Piscean flow.

Yes, I suppose these are very purposeful days we're living through, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Purposeful indeed. You know this ain't your first rodeo (or mine). But we fair better with assistance from others.
Glad to hear you have nurture attached to expertise in your world.
Lovin' the blog as always, Great One!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Sweetheart,
So happy to hear your voice again. And yet, you sound different, reborn through fire and water, a new awareness of the flow and fume.
Glad too you seem to have found the one to see you through, along the river.
I so anticipate the day we greet one another round the fire on the shore of this tributary we are hurtling along towards that sea.
I never imagined that to be free I would have to submit. To be tossed and bruised and smashed until I went limp and let the surf spit me back onto the sand. I suppose it's like deciding when to do the breaststroke and when to just float on your back and let the clouds roll by. Sounds so much easier than it really is: I thot life could be simple, and I still think it can be, but now I believe you have to work pretty hard at keeping it so. Funny: haha and peculiar.
Best love,

freeforall said...

Willow, your comment about weariness resonates deeply. I am an exhausted old soul from Lemurian times, and I can barely stand it anymore.

LOL! Transiting Pluto aspecting 4 of my planets/Ascendant (including progressed Sun at 3 Cap)is definitely no picnic. Two fellow old souls/great friends (one an astrologer and Piscean) are the only things keeping me sane lately. It has been brutal, and I can't wait until I finally breakthrough.

Love your writing. I'm a long-time astrologer of 34 years, and I love your brilliant and insightful articles.