Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aquarius New Moon and Juno Day

New Moon in Aquarius tonight (7:51 p.m. MT) smack dab on the Chiron-Neptune conjunction at 25 degrees Aquarius.

This occurs just as Venus is making its way to conjoin Jupiter in early Pisces (exact Feb. 16).

This is a necessary infusion of real Piscean spiritual truth and understanding - the love and the indestructible connection to that love that underlies and sustains us through every dirty trick and every devastating loss the corrupt among us can dish out. The love and the indestructible connection to it that physical death cannot alter.

Let's focus today, during the Aquarius Dark of the Moon, on releasing all the emotional trauma that the horrifying Atlantean throwback visions of the future have inflicted over the past year/s. I've found all the Aquarian/New Age/triple Aquarius conjunction crap to be incredibly disturbing over the past couple years, and I'm having a hard time with this Dark of the Moon.

So let's warm ourselves with a Jupiterian furnace of Piscean spiritual love, understanding, acceptance and energetic connection to those we love. Our natural spirituality that fits like glove.

Though it is sometimes difficult to maintain awareness of through the most dark and difficult times (I have lost sight of it myself at times throughout this experience and needed to be reminded), the good people on this planet are always loved and sustained. We're never separated from love, spirit or each other, even when isolated and in pain. (As my Grandmother said, "What we have to put up with!") The force of love trumps evil, and we can draw on that whenever we need to to buffer ourselves from the corruption and tyranny Pluto is forcing to collective awareness.

Jupiter leads the movement into Pisces (Chiron and Neptune will soon follow), and that energy and understanding comes to the forefront now. The fixed Aquarian perspective shifts. Lemuria rises.

Jupiter shines its spotlight in Pisces so we can come to and sustain ourselves with real spiritual truth now, clearly distinguising it from the false. Distinguishing real spiritual depth from distracting, diversionary, escapist fantasies and those who promote them. The New Age dogma and its phony versions of Pisces and what it means.

We are beginning the very necessary rebalancing of feminine water with masculine air. The 12th and final energy of the zodiac with the 11th (that often seems to erroneously believe it is the final energy!). We bring the Pisces layer of understanding, often kept invisible, to the table. Without the spiritual understanding it brings, it is a very unbalanced and skewed version of reality. Without it, we're scattered, shattered and stuck in our minds.

We reconnect now to the deep wellspring of faith and love that runs through our blood, through our familial and spiritual lineages.

We replace technology as God with real God...Spirit, Creator...

We've seen an attack on faith and on those who trust in the loving guidance of God/Spirit/Creator as the Aquarian energy went to extremes over the past years. We've had propaganda shoved down our throats that the experience of spirit is a fallacy and that those who have spiritual faith are woefully outdated and pitifully naive.

This is Aquarius without Pisces. The arrogant rational mind without greater spiritual understanding.

There has been an attempt to artificially separate people from their faith and from their unalterable connection to this protective, loving force (whatever you name it). Let's shrug those attempts off as Venus comes together with Jupiter in Pisces and reconnect with what is true to us and only to that.

We come back together now, also, with the people who are true to us, drawing in from the extreme individualism we have been through with unintegrated Aquarius.

The effort for good to prevail over evil did not begin with us. It more than likely doesn't end with us. So again, we join hands with those who have come before, those here now and those yet to come. We're in this together; let's never forget that.

This, I think, is the real meaning of Juno Day. February 14. A day when we honour all our soul mates. Romantic love, of course, being just one part of that.

Let's honour love it its entirety this day.

A new, more loving and truthful version of the future is on its way now.


Anonymous said...

thank you, Willow, 'n Happy Juno Day to you, too! :)

lotsa love

Cairo said...

New Moon, Mardi Gras, Valentine's, Chinese New Year (Metal Tiger Year) this is quite the festive time.

I love the festive times, puts me in a good mood.

So I'm throwing my sparks o' happy out to you all like beads from a float.

Showing t*ts is optional but highly encouraged.

Happy Everything, ya'll.