Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto has just turned retrograde at 3 degrees Capricorn. It will move to 0 degrees Capricorn during the retrograde period, turning direct again the morning of September 11, 2009.

Hmm...Pluto's going direct on 9/11, you say?

Yep. It's all connected. Ground Zero at 0 degrees Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn brings to the surface the underlying power dynamics related to authority and hierarchy. Pluto is here now because these power dynamics have become illegitimate and stifling - criminal, actually. And they now have more to do with the power of money and hidden, coercive influence than with any real, inherent form of leadership or authority.

The feminine is invisible and stuffed down, not allowed as an equal partner in the current set-ups. Our structures are very unbalanced and soul-sick. And honestly, the feminine just isn't having it anymore.

There's a lot that needs to be razed if humanity is to continue on this planet.

Pluto will go direct over 0 - 3 Capricorn, not entering new territory until January 2010.

So we're going back over everything that has happened since Pluto first touched Capricorn January 2008, but especially what has happened since November 2008. You know, what everyone is calling the "world financial crisis" and all. The consumer capitalist house of cards coming crashing down. Becoming aware of the illegitimacy, lack of responsibility and greed of those pulling the strings at the top of the hierarchies. Multi-millionaire CEOs being funnelled huge bonuses of middle class working people's tax dollars.

It was always like this, people. It's just coming out in the open now. Pluto is forcing it to extremes so we all see what was always there.

For those of us who live Plutonic consciousness, we've always known. We could feel it, as we can always feel illegitimacy, dishonesty, lack of integrity. Our guts told us long before the details came out to back us up.

This is what a lot of people don't understand. How can you "just know" when you don't have proof? Our gut's intuitive knowing is proof. There's nothing else required.

For those of us who have never really had excess money, things aren't all that different now, but we're not the people getting the press. I've never had job security, so losing yet another job due to Pluto's restructuring madness is nothing new. Still nerve-wracking and unpleasant, but nothing new.

I do understand that it is a horrifying shock for some people - people who had basically been promised job security if they were to accept certain conditions. And I feel for those people. But I've always known the hierarchies were full of it. I never believed the shiny promises. I know much of the current business hierarchy doesn't really give a rat's ass about human lives. It'll take your last drop of energy to feed the machine and then toss you aside when you're no longer of use. The business world is a selfish lover. It finishes with you, rolls over and tosses cab fare at you - if you're lucky!

So, honestly, it's time. All our hierarchical institutions are on the block for massive transformation. It has to happen. The current form of consumer capitalism/imperialism is one of those hierarchical institutions, and it trickles down to the banks, government, business structures, armed forces, court systems, law enforcement, the money/class system, health care and educational institutions, the family unit, etc.

Has the Emperor EVER had any damn clothes? Not in my mind. But now we've really started to see the ugliness trying to hold us in place. It has started to bubble up in our consciousness. And now the Pluto retrograde. We recalibrate ourselves and our lives to the new frequency of this consciousness, post-what has happened, what has gotten right in our faces related to these Capricornian subjects.

All this, of course, is working to level the hierarchies and bring about eqalitarian Aquarian - where natural leadership will come about, but it won't have much to do with how much money you have in the bank or who your family thinks it is. The way we have things set up is not working for the benefit of the whole. Was it ever? So Pluto is helping us to find a better way by destroying whatever is built on dishonesty and illegitimacy and power games. First the razing, then the new growth.

I've written about Pluto in Capricorn a lot in the past year or so...

One of the keys of this Pluto retrograde is the square to retrograding Venus in Aries as Pluto stationed.

We carry that imperative into the whole process.

Here is the desire, the absolute imperative, for something new and fresh clashing with the old hierarchy and the transformation of that hierarchy. Our new personal goals have to work with the Plutonic process going on, within that context.

No fresh starts within the same old set-ups.

We don't just need a jaunty new direction here. We need something deeply, meaningfully new that is going to further the entire alchemical transformation that we're dealing with. Very much to do with rebalancing masculine and feminine, economics and soul, in a way that is healthier and more just.

The shootings in Binghamton, New York happened on Friday, under the energy of that Venus-Pluto square.

A jobless new immigrant with poor English skills who snapped under the strain. The clash of the desire for a new life with the difficulty/impossibility of making that a reality within the current set-ups. The American Dream face-to-face with the actual current reality for working class immigrants to the U.S. Facing a deck that is stacked against.

You know what? People are sick of being treated like crap.

And until we collectively stop painting these situations as "one crazy individual" and start understanding the systemic/insitutional roots of this stuff, these horrifying events will continue.

I come from farming stock, and I see the all-out assault on family farmers as the market shifts to a massive, corporate system. Many, many farmers are driven to the point of feelings of suicide/homocide as they are financially squeezed off their land and out of their homes. These aren't "crazy individuals." These are hard-working people who have been driven to extremes by market conditions skewed to the corporate.

And many, many people are being driven to their breaking points. So let's not do ourselves the disservice of explaining this away as isolated events. Or telling people they are bringing it on themselves with their "negative thoughts." (Seriously, "The Secret" fans - y'all are just ridiculous.)

This is not isolated. It's all connected. If the Piscean era has taught us nothing else, let's at the very least grasp this! And as we head into Aquarius, we all have a responsibility for bringing about something better and more dignified on this planet. There is collective responsibility for holding the consciousness of what needs to change and of how to get from here to there, step-by-step. Sure, it's not always pleasant to hold that consciousness. What's necessary isn't always pleasant. But it gets easier the more people there are working on it. Many hands make light work, as my Grandmother would say.

With Mars in Pisces influencing Venus in Aries as it squared Pluto, our goals and new directions have to take into consideration who we really are and what we really want on a spiritual level (not based in spiritual ego, either, I might add). These goals have to exist within the context of completing the Piscean Age and moving forward. Again, no more setting things up in a redundant way. The market has been saturated.

There's a trick to setting your own goals, informed from a soul level, rather than setting them within the current structures, within the confines of what those structures WANT you to want. Who they want you to be for their benefit.

You only get one life as you! One life with the particular talents, dreams, consciousness and physical form that you have! So what do you want to do with it?

The goals are bigger now and go beyond any of the currently existing structures. This is the tricky part, I think. Really plowing new ground and not even being able to see where we're going a lot of the time.

But the power of who we really are and what we really want - what we came here to do - leads us forward now.


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Good Job Willow!

You are so right on and so wise for one so young.


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So spot on, Willow. Thank you for sharing your insights.