Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pluto in Capricorn - Further Transparency of Collusion at the Top

We're standing at the fence, watching what they're doing back there. Bearing withness for these times...

Today, the CBC and other news outlets are reporting that the Bush Administration warned India in October of a potential attack "from the sea against hotels and business centers in Mumbai."

The unnamed U.S. offical is dropping this information as a "Tsk Tsk" to India, shaming it for its lack of preparation.

Hmm...like the lack of preparation for the 9/11 attacks, mayhaps? Foreknowledge of "terrorist" attacks that are allowed to happen and then used as an excuse to continue brutal foreign policies?

Sound familiar? It's a broken record...

It seems to me the point of leaking this info to the media is to gain further public support for the U.S. gettin' in there and roundin' up those evil terrorists...by any means necessary. This time, the attackers are suspected of coming from Pakistan.

Any why is U.S. influence in Pakistan so important?

Well, in part, it's that pipeline. The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline that will transport oil from the Caspian basin to Pakistan's coast, where tankers will continue its journey to the United States.

From an artcile by Eric Margolis:

"The Caspian basin located under the Central Asian states of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakkstan, holds an estimated 300 trillion cubic feet of gas and 100-200 billion barrels of oil. Securing the world's last remaining known energy El Dorado is a strategic priority for the western powers.

But there are only two practical ways to get gas and oil out of land-locked Central Asia to the sea: Through Iran, or through Afghanistan to Pakistan. Iran is taboo for Washington. That leaves Pakistan, but to get there, the planned pipeline must cross western Afghanistan, including the cities of Herat and Kandahar."

A stable Afghanistan and Pakistan are necessary in order for this pipeline to be successful.

All this to secure a dead energy source? Something it makes no sense (thinking long-term) to pursue to this extent?

This is the insanity of the leadership these days.

As in Canada with the continued development of the Alberta oilsands...environmental devastation and Native people dying of rare cancers from eating toxic fish and game. Wasting massive amounts of water...you know, that stuff we need to live that also has a limit...to separate the oil. (It takes between 2 and 4.5 units of water to produce one unit of oil from the oilsands.) Toxic tailings ponds. Grossness and wastefulness all around.

And don't think the Bush Administration doesn't understand the situation. Securing the oil of the Middle East is just part of the game they're playing for world oil domination. Baby Bush is actually making sure he and his will be nice and safe post-Peak Oil. His Texas ranch is completely off the grid and self-sustaining energy-wise.

From http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/ (thanks, Sabbie Cat):

"For what it's worth, Bush's Crawford ranch has been completely off-the-grid since 2002. The ranch is equipped with the latest in energy saving and renewable power systems. It has been described as an "environmentalist's dream home." The fact a man as steeped in the petroleum industry as Bush would own such a home should tell you something."

So he's going to be fine and dandy. The U.S. and Canada's pursuance of oil at all costs and lack of leadership toward green energy...well, that's going to the be legacy the rest of us have to deal with.

And it seems only logical that the complete chaos that would come from running out of energy with no green power Plan B is all part of the plan for control...

My mind can't fathom any other reason to attempt to force the planet into this kind of (avoidable) crisis...can your's?


Anonymous said...

I thought this is rather, hmmm, like black humor perhaps?


NotTheUnderCoverGinger said...


the quote from LATOC about Bush's ranch is the coolest thing I've come across in a while.

on a full Moon, lol.