Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Depression and the Current Astro Conditions

One aspect of the Full Moon mutable Grand Cross coming up December 12 that I didn't mention in the "Friendly Reminder" was depression. This is Saturn's influence, but it is also quite common with the Virgo - Pisces polarity. Having to face the reality of the situation on Planet Earth (Virgo) and do our thing in the denser material realms can weigh heavily on us at times. The contrast between our spiritual ideals and our Earthly reality (not just personally...the planet as a whole) can cause some sadness, tiredness and all-around depression.

At the same time, everything is changing, and we are saying goodbye to old structures and ways of living/being. It's kind of like an old relationship that has run its course - no matter how much you want to move on, there is still a little sadness when the end comes.

I've been waking up in the morning not wanting to get out of bed. Even to make it through my daily routine seems a bit of a miracle! Everything feels heavier and more of a drag than usual.

These themes are prevalent generally for anyone who has a prominent natal or transitting Saturn and for people with strong Virgo - Pisces polarity action in their charts (me).

But the current astro conditions - including that upcoming Full Moon mutable Grand Cross - show that this energy is out there for everyone.

The current Saturn in Virgo - Uranus in Pisces opposition (ongoing for the next two years) can dig up some of this depression, weight, and difficulty. Constantly being challenged to apply our spiritual consciousness in the day-to-day, while aware of all the parts that require attention and of how much work there is yet to do, can weigh us down.

Our old conditions, old routines, old structures are coming to an end, but we're still sort of hauling our butts through them, waiting, waiting...(Saturn)

Some have been consciously waiting for years/decades.

So to continue doing our day-to-day while all this other stuff is going on can seem like cruel and unusual punishment.

Saturn is also getting ready for its retrograde (beginning December 31) and is just starting to slow down, making it an even more concentrated and heavy presence than usual.

I think the way to successfully navigate is to accept (Pisces) that we're feeling a little down and just love ourselves through it. The worst thing for me is to pathologize things like depression - which I think is par for the course on Planet Earth 2008. So accepting the condition of depression as something that is meant to keep you safe - by slowing you down, grounding you, keeping you in touch with your inner guidance - can help. Listen to what this state is trying to tell you. For me, resisting and making it into something that is "wrong" just worsens the situation.

Basically, we are challenged to be very precise right now (Saturn in Virgo). We have to live our day-to-day lives consciously in order to bring the changes in. Routines can get to the point where they are unconscious, just something we do, and we can't fall into that right now.

So I think being held back and slowed down a bit is in our best interests. We have to get out of the way sometimes to let the Universe do its thing (while still doing our part, of course), and this is one of those times.

Don't force, don't pretend. Just be where you are and things will continue to move.


Sonia said...

Mmm, I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo, opposite Saturn in Pisces, all squared my Gemini Sun.. which is going to be hit almost exactly by this next full moon.. I think I have this energy pretty understood by know though.. not worried, kinda looking forward to other people getting a taste of what it's like.. and the full Moon will be trine my Aquarius Moon, so whatever happens i'm going to like it.. yeah!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was immune to some of these issues but that peculiar energy had me shooting my mouth off at work like I was independently wealthy. I just have a real hot button when it comes to justice issues - especially when they're in my face and directed squarely at me, know what I mean? This is why we have the f-word and the mf-word. Erudite multi-syllabics can't sufficiently express intent like f and mf.
Peace and Joy to all!

Anonymous said...

Willow, I have north node virgo, south node pisces, pluto square sun in gemini, and stern saturn in capricorn. You have so beautifully captured what it's felt like for me these past few weeks. The wearing leaden boots. Occasionally I feel a sense of purpose when I walk in 'em anyway. I haven't quite accepted this shift, but I don't feel so alone after reading your words. Thanks.