Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Moon Black Moon in Virgo - some potentially tricky completions

The next few days involve some intricate navigation, so I thought I would reiterate some of what I posted in the August Astro Perspective to keep things fresh in our minds as we move through some possibly demanding aspects leading up to the New Moon.

There is a big emphasis until August 30 on bringing things to completion and clearing the decks, detail by detail, as we ready ourselves to move into newly refined and newly defined roles, more suited to who we are now. We are sanding, sanding, sanding things to perfection, smoothing and streamlining any remaining rough edges, keeping what works, rejecting what doesn’t, working out the kinks until things are functioning to our liking.

Then, after the New Moon in Virgo on August 30, we take a deep breath and blow the sawdust away, leaving us with the results of our work.

We are currently in the Dark of the Moon as we head to the second New Moon of the month (apparently called the Black Moon – thanks, MaryEllen!). The Dark of the Moon phase means the Moon's light is decreasing, as one lunar cycle "dies" and another is born. During the Dark of the Moon, we are asked to be still, to listen to the inner voice/intuition that is instructing us on what is left to be done. Our movements will be more soul-guided and meditative than usual, and it might be unclear exactly what to do from a strictly logical perspective. If you're confused, stay still and listen until your soul takes the lead toward completing what is left to complete. Feelings of depression and lower physical energy are common at this time.

This New Moon Black Moon in Virgo follows the solar and lunar eclipses of August, making this New Moon an even more powerful push than usual into a new cycle. The eclipses shook a lot of things loose. Things are not the same, and we need to listen carefully to our internal guidance to instruct the next steps.

Under the context of the completion theme of the next few days, we have Mercury (August 27) and then Venus (August 29) at 28 degrees Virgo repeating the square to retrograding Pluto at 28 degrees Sagittarius.

The Mars in Virgo – Pluto in Sagittarius square of August 16th (at the time of the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius) brought the powers of personal will and evolutionary will into a tense aspect. We were asked to define exactly what we would and would not support with our personal energies/roles in light of what Pluto was bringing forth.

Mercury and Venus squaring Pluto will now ask us to streamline our thought processes, communication and interactions within relationships along the same lines – to bring further into play the decisions we made in August. To function according to what is truly of value to us and to reject what is not. To make our decisions here final.

With Pluto involved, power struggles could come up. (Remember – everyone is undergoing this process.) To meet the challenges of these squares successfully, we have to stay true to the decisions we have made regarding what we will and will not do, what we will and will not support and further, what we will serve and how we will serve it. Doing this will mean being very precise in our interactions, communications and work. Acting/interacting/communicating according to our deepest beliefs and values, while stripping away anything keeping us from taking on a streamlined role that is a much better fit for us. Rejecting any service or role that has been thrust upon us to further someone else’s beliefs or agenda.

Mercury enters Libra August 28, and Venus follows suit just before the New Moon on August 30. This reveals a New Moon emphasis on bringing our newly defined roles and understanding into our relations with others. We’ve perfected things to the extent that we have, and now it’s time to put it into action.

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