Friday, April 23, 2021

New Pricing for Email (Written pdf) Readings


Since written (email) readings are more labour-intensive and take more time to produce than verbal readings, I've recently adjusted my prices to reflect this. I was trying to keep the prices the same for all formats for simplicity, but I think this pricing structure is more fair while still being a good value for the money.

Mp3 and telephone readings will stay at the same prices. I don't do cold readings and prepare the main points and structure of verbal readings ahead of time. My prices reflect the time, energy, and expertise involved in a reading. 

Willow's Web Astrology Readings

 * Natal
* Transits
* Secondary Progressed
* Relationship Synastry
* Ladies of the Zodiac: Ceres, the Three Major Asteroids and Black Moon Lilith

Mp3 Recording or Telephone Reading

60-minute reading - $155

30-minute reading - $90

Email (Written pdf) Reading

All prices are in Canadian dollars.
To purchase a reading, click the applicable button above and follow the instructions at PayPal, then contact me by e-mail at willowsweb [at] You can also purchase readings at the Willow's Web Astrology Etsy shop, at, by email money transfer, money order (payable in Canada), or personal cheque if PayPal does not work for you.  

The information I need for a reading:

* date of birth (please write your birth date out in full ex. November 19, 1967)
* time of birth
* location of birth
* any details or areas you would like me to look at during the reading

Feedback from Willow's Web Astrology Readings Customers

"I read and reread your analysis many times. The accuracy, intuitive understanding and clarity found within is simply "otherworldly". I was profoundly struck by your ability to "see" and articulate the very complex and fuzzy issues I am intentionally working on. I cried while reading your words of medicine because you touched my soul in such a profound and spiritually kind manner. You have an innate gift of sharp intellect, "wordsmithing", and startling wit! You are an instrument of the Divine. Thank you for providing a road map and spiritual sustenance for the journey ahead." 

"This was the most insightful, detailed, and helpful astrology reading I have ever had done (I once had a reading from the Dalai Lama’s astrologist). I cannot recommend Willow more highly. Her guidance and expertise are incomparable and invaluable for anyone needing some extra tools to aid in navigating these extraordinary times."
"This was an amazing reading. Willow's extremely perceptive in how she delivers the information she's gathered about your chart. I value a straightforward approach, and she recognized this quite naturally and didn't give me a lot of 'spin.' Most important, she had insights that made me start changing my approach to many areas of my life. And guess what? Things started to get less difficult. She didn't say the Chiron return I'm experiencing was going to be easy, but she did give me a new perspective on how to weather it. Phew! So glad I consulted her, and I highly recommend her services!"

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