Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Hallowe'en! A Spooktacular Display at My Neighbours' House

This is the amazing Hallowe'en display at my neighbours' house this year. Yes, this is all from one house! Muah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa. 

Demented Dixie, you have outdone yourself! What a fabulously spooky job you did with a bit of help from your assistant, Vile and Vulgar Victor! Dixie makes most of this stuff herself and has been building this display for a few years now. She deserves a prize for Best Hallowe'en Spirit in this town!

Happy Hallowe'en to all you witches, wizards, and weirdlings out there, and keep the spooktacular spirit alive!


The headless man - the whole display started a few years ago with this guy. She and a little boy she takes care of in her daycare made this headless man together. 


Ghostly Ring around the Rosie - a strangely fitting display considering this song is supposedly about people with the plague.


 Creepy bodies in spiderweb cocoon pods hanging from her tree - I mean, who thinks of this? Amazing.


Is this the culprit? A giant spider on top of her community library, complete with babies


 I felt like a crime scene photographer taking photos of this.

Complete with bloody footprints leaving the scene and murder weapons. Get that DNA evidence!

She made these adorable garbage bag witches and even cut twigs from the hedge and dyed them red for the brooms. 

Every inch of her yard is delightfully spooky.

Got any mail?

A creepy greeter as you walk to the door.


A jar of eyeballs and a jar of fingers, along with a spider lantern, just outside the door.

A hand coming out of the hedge to grab you as you go through the gate!

I think this is my favourite part of the display. Crash landing from the broom into the hedge!
It was a lot of fun to see this display progress over the month of October, culminating in pure All Hallow's Eve fabulousness today, October 31! Amazing job, Dixie, and thanks for sharing your spooky creativity with the townsfolk.
Happy Hallowe'en, everyone! A most spooky and fabulous day. Welcome to the dark half.
A tip o' my witchy hat to ya!

And Happy Hallowe'en from the devil in disguise! (My beautiful and fabulous Leo sister) Don't be scared - she's as far from a devil as you can get.

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