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Parallels Between the Aquarius Stellium of February 1962 and the Aquarius Stellium of February 2021

New Moon in Aquarius within six-planet stellium (along with asteroid Pallas Athene) with Venus and Jupiter conjunct - February 11, 2021
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We're halfway through the first Aquarius season of this new decade, but the Aquarius season really drawing my attention at the moment comes in 2021 when we experience a 23-degree New Moon in Aquarius within a historic six-planet stellium that occurs with benefic planets Venus and Jupiter exactly conjunct at 12 degrees.

We start moving to that Aquarian high point at spring equinox of 2020, as Saturn ingresses Aquarius on March 21, 2020 for an initial stint in the sign that will last three-and-a-half months. The Saturn ingress is part of a broader Aquarian infusion that will be experienced between 2020 and 2023 as Saturn, then Jupiter, and finally Pluto ingress the sign of the water-bearer.

As part of that Aquarian infusion, we will experience a historic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius on December 21, 2020 (winter solstice), followed by the Aquarius New Moon at 23 degrees on February 11, 2021 within six-planet stellium (Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with asteroid Pallas Athene). As stated, benefic planets Venus and Jupiter will be exactly conjunct in Aquarius on the day of the New Moon, indicating an entry point into a powerful period of social, cultural, and philosophical change.

The six-planet stellium in Aquarius in February 2021 has parallels to a seven-planet stellium in Aquarius experienced in February 1962 that was heralded as the official beginning of the Aquarian Age. 

We are in the early years of a new decade now, as we were then, that will involve explosive social, cultural, and technological growth and change. The Aquarius stellium in 1962 included a New Moon total solar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius, marking a simultaneous anchoring point and launch point for the major cultural shifts experienced during the 1960s. We can view the New Moon and six-planet stellium in Aquarius in February 2021 as a similar anchoring/launching point for major cultural and societal changes in the 2020s.   

Though the impulse toward and desire for better conditions for humanity were real within much of the public in the 1960s, we also saw, during that decade, a strong element of social and cultural engineering, along with the infiltration and co-optation of the true counter-culture. 

On the surface, people were riding the wave of the Grand Humanitarian Future being brought to us (ostensibly) through the peace-and-love hippies, the counter-cultural icons of music, art, and literature, and the grand, inspirational political speeches being broadcast into the shining eyes of television viewers. 

Underneath that Grand Humanitarian Front, however, the same insidious agenda was being furthered through the same insidious power structures.

We see a strong possibility that the truly beneficial shifts associated with the new-era energy, ideas, and insights of the 2020s could be hijacked in much the same way as the true spirit of the 1960s was hijacked by hedonism (sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll), narcissism, and escapism. 

Detrimental and distracting concepts, ideas, and faux "counter-cultural icons" were implanted in the culture of the 1960s (along with a raft of high-profile murders/assassinations) in order to derail the real progress being made, including with antiwar efforts and with the application of true humanitarian ideals.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, 2021 is not a total solar eclipse like it was on February 4, 1962, but it does take place within a large stellium in Aquarius, indicating a very concentrated focus on the energy and themes of the rational, intellectual, and conceptual water-bearer.

Making the upcoming New Moon stellium even more noteworthy, Lesser Benefic planet Venus will be exactly conjunct Greater Benefic planet Jupiter at 12 degrees Aquarius on the day of the New Moon.  This Conjunction of the Benefics indicates a strong opening into fresh energy and insights that have a future-oriented tone. Big social (Venus) and philosophical (Jupiter) shifts get underway as we move through February 2021. There will be a strong focus on "visions of the future" with a requirement to stay clear of manipulated or nefarious versions that are not in our or humanity's best interests.

The Aquarius New Moon within six-planet stellium in February 2021 follows the historic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurs on December 21, 2020 at zero degrees Aquarius.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions indicate periods of time when big enterprises get off the ground and big structural advances get underway. We can expect that the expansion experienced near the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 will have long-term growth potential - perhaps for the next 20 years.

Jupiter and Saturn interact in 20-year cycles. Jupiter makes one pass through the zodiac every 12 years. Saturn makes one pass through the zodiac every 29 years. Every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn meet in the zodiac and form a conjunction, opening a new cycle of concrete expansion that takes 20 years to reach completion. This Jupiter-Saturn cycle involves an interplay between expansion and restriction, risk-taking and caution, buoyant, forward-thinking and sometimes-sobering realities.

Jupiter is the bringer of grand plans while Saturn works with the difficulties of making those grand plans a concrete reality. Jupiter is the enthusiastic ideas person. Saturn sets the course to get there and then makes sure that course is followed with no skipped steps.

So the “grand plans” planet and the “making it a concrete reality” planet come together as we close out 2020 and move into the six-planet Aquarius stellium and Aquarius New Moon in February 2021. This is another indicator of big, long-term shifts and advancements in the culture that are initiated in late 2020 and early 2021.

Jupiter and Saturn also formed a conjunction at 25 degrees Capricorn on February 18, 1961, the year before the historic Aquarius New Moon total solar eclipse within seven-planet stellium in February 1962.

Today (February 4) is the anniversary of the Aquarius New Moon total solar eclipse within seven-planet stellium experienced 58 years ago that was heralded as the birth point of the Age of Aquarius. The Sun is currently at 15 degrees Aquarius, the same degree of the New Moon eclipse on February 4, 1962. 
A look back at some of the events of February 1962 may give us a feel for the themes up ahead as we move to the next New Moon stellium in Aquarius: 
Events of February 1962

- Riding the big humanitarian Aquarian wave, on February 1, 1962, United States President John F. Kennedy delivered the first ever presidential message devoted entirely to public welfare, calling for federal aid to the poor for job training programs and daycare for working parents. 

- Two days later, he announced a trade embargo on all products from Cuba, throwing many more Cubans into poverty and lack.

- The historic Aquarian energy of February 1962 was a big launching point for much of the guru-led New Age ideology that permeated the 1960s. New Age/Gnostic philosopher (heavy on the snake oil) Samael Aun Weor declared February 4, 1962 to be the official start of the Age of Aquarius. This declaration was linked to the New Moon total solar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius that occurred that day within the seven-planet stellium involving the Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with the South Node of the Moon.

New Moon total solar eclipse within seven-planet stellium - February 4, 1962
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- A doomsday period began in India surrounding the solar eclipse and stellium, as well, where followers believed that the end of the world was upon them. This doom spread to the New Agers of England at the Aetherius Society (extremely heavy on the snake oil). The basic goal of the Aetherius Society was and still is to communicate with extraterrestrial "Cosmic Masters" in order to usher in the New Age on Earth. The director of the society at the time predicted that 75 percent of the world's population would be killed around the time of the solar eclipse.

- Aquarius is a sign related to aliens and outer space. On February 7, 1962, the United States Air Force announced that in 15 years of studying U.F.O. sightings via Project Blue Book, there was no evidence that any of the 7,369 sightings involved technology beyond the scientific capacities on Earth at the time and that none of the sightings involved extraterrestrial intelligence. (So you're saying it's the government creating and flying the U.F.O.s?)

- Also on February 7, 1962, a gas explosion at a coal mine in Saarland, West Germany killed 299 coal miners. Another explosion at a coal mine in Banovici, Yugoslavia occurred on February 27, trapping 177 miners and eventually killing 54. These events were indicators of how very far there was to go to that shining Aquarian Age future where human beings did not have to risk or shorten their lives in dangerous and difficult work in exchange for their daily bread. (We're still a long way from that point, unfortunately...)

- The sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus (uranium) and symbolized by a current of energy, has a strong connection to nuclear energy, and there was a great deal of nuclear activity being conducted in February 1962 under that Aquarius stellium. 

- The Soviet Union performed its first underground nuclear test on February 2, 1962. 

- The United States government performed nuclear test explosions at the Nevada Test Site throughout most of February 1962 - on February 8, 9, 15, 19, 23, and 24. These were among the last above-ground or atmospheric nuclear tests conducted in the U.S., as the Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapon Tests in the Atmosphere, in Outer Space and Under Water, also known as the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, was signed by the United States and Russian governments in August 1963. Underground nuclear tests continued in both countries. People living in locations downwind of the Nevada Test Site were victims of high incidences of radiation-related illnesses like leukemia, thyroid cancer, and lymphoma. The mushroom clouds produced by the nuclear tests were considered tourist attractions for the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, which was 65 miles from the site.

- On February 8, 1962, the United States and United Kingdom announced an agreement for the U.S. to test nuclear weapons on Christmas Island, a British possession in the Pacific Ocean.

- On February 13, 1962 between 150,000 and 500,000 people marched in Paris, France for the first time to protest the Algerian War as it stretched into its eighth year. Algeria was fighting for independence from French rule and succeeded in gaining this independence later in 1962.

- Aquarius is a sign related to technology, as well as to the use of that technology for the purpose of social engineering. On February 14, 1962, "A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy" became the highest rated television program up to that time with 46,000,000 viewers or three out of every four households in the U.S. (This was a precursor to the televised Kennedy assassination in November 1963, the beginning of nightly terror and trauma (much of it orchestrated by the power establishment) being streamed into the living rooms of horrified television viewers - a practise that continues in ramped-up fashion to this day.)

- On February 16, 1962, following the oh-so-triumphant White House tour television special, President Kennedy announced nine Executive Orders related to emergency preparedness functions delegated to various federal agencies in the case of a national emergency that required the declaration of martial law. 

- Aquarius is a sign related to outer space, technology, and also friendship. On February 20, 1962, the United States (reportedly) put an astronaut into orbit for the first time as John Glenn was sent up from Cape Canaveral in a space capsule called the Friendship 7. How Aquarian.

- On February 26, 1962, the United States Supreme Court ruled that race segregation was not allowed on public transit. 

(Research sources: Wikipedia.org and OnThisDay.com)

As stated, there was a strong element of social and cultural engineering going on throughout the 1960s. There is evidence that many of the counter-cultural icons of the 1960s were plants being utilized for distraction, diversion, and control-based purposes. These manufactured celebs took the public's attention away from antiwar efforts surrounding the Vietnam War and from the nefarious activities of the power establishment, in general, which is pretty much the entire point of celebrity culture.

We see a very similar element today, including with controlled opposition agents being held up as truth-telling, establishment-busting heroes. Most of the popular sociopolitical campaigns of the times ("climate change" being the largest and most vocal) are implanted agendas designed to distract from the truly critical scenarios facing humanity today while paving the way for various schemes of the power establishment. People are literally begging for top-down control of their lives. "Do something!"

In his book, Weird Scenes in the Canyon, David McGowan outlined the development of the music scene coming out of Laurel Canyon, California - an area of Los Angeles - in the early 1960s. Most prominently, he wrote about Jim Morrison, frontman for (supposedly) counter-cultural and anti-war band The Doors, whose father, George Steven Morrison, was a U.S. Navy Admiral. Morrison was in command during the Gulf of Tonkin, the murky and manipulated event that justified the attack of Vietnam by the United States and the full entrance of the U.S. into the Vietnam War.
[Note: McGowan is quite likely controlled opposition himself, but the information he shares is illuminating.]

Frank Zappa was another prominent figure in the Laurel Canyon scene, and his father Francis Zappa, McGowan revealed, was a chemical warfare expert for the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, the home of the U.S. chemical weapons program. Edgewood Arsenal was involved in human experimentation with various chemicals and nerve agents, along with LSD, THC derivatives, and benzodiazapines (popular name brand Xanax).

John Phillips, of the popular 1960s band The Mamas and the Papas, was the child of Claude Andrew Phillips, a retired U.S. Marine Corp. Captain, and has multiple other ties to U.S. military officials through direct family and through marriage. 

David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, the band with the famous song "Ohio" about the murder of the four Kent State students protesting the Vietnam War, was the son of a military intelligence officer and had many family ties to high-ranking U.S. government officials as well as to high-ranking Masons. 

Many of the high-profile musicians in that scene were also reportedly friends with Charles Manson of the Manson Family fame. Charles Manson has been linked to CIA activity and the MK-Ultra program.

These are just the most well-known examples uncovered by McGowan in a whole laundry list of supposed counter-cultural heroes and scene-shapers of the 1960s who had ties to high-ranking members of the U.S. military and intelligence community.  

It's quite a coincidence that they all came together in that small area of L.A. in the early 1960s and became rich, famous, household names shortly thereafter...

McGowan's research suggests that a purely organic counter-cultural scene was not in existence in the 1960s - at least, not on the mass public stage. This remains true to this day.

(Source: "Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation," by David McGowan. Thank-you to researcher Wes Penre for posting this article in full. I encourage readers to read the full text.) 

Both New Age ideology and the stereotypical peace-and-love hippie ideology worked to dumb people down throughout the 1960s, adding a navel-gazey element and distracting from the real sociopolitical work at hand.  

This time around, the powers-that-be have exponentially more reach and influence over the minds, values, and behaviours of the people. The influence of technology in our society in the 2020s has reached levels that were mere science fiction in the 1960s.

Most people with even an inkling toward independent research will have uncovered many disturbing and depraved messages and images being implanted in the collective psyche through corporate music, television, film, and art. Behind the facades of those starry scenes is a truly depraved world filled with pedophilia, rape, torture, abuse, dark occult energy, mind control, and ritualistic murder designed to look like suicides, drug overdoses, car accidents, plane crashes, or drownings. (Although, it's equally likely that many of these celeb deaths are being faked.) 

It seems that you must make a literal deal with the devil, handing over both your soul and your talents, in exchange for this (truly unnatural) level of fame, fortune, luxury, and excess.

No horror movie Hollywood could put on the screen could hold a candle to the real situation, and we have come to a time when they are not even bothering to veil it from the public anymore. Demonic/sinister occult imagery and hyper-sexuality are blatantly and routinely being used in much of the music, film, television, and art that is showcased on a mass public platform, including in items targeted toward children and teenagers.

"In plain sight" symbols and clues that foreshadow orchestrated mass murders or other traumatic, ritualistic events (both real and fake) are often implanted in the "arts" of the times. This is also called predictive programming.

I don't spend much time analyzing and deconstructing Hollywood or corporate music on the blog because, in my mind, once you understand these things as manipulated vehicles of mesmerism and mass mind control, what's the point of expending further energy on all the gory details? (And they certainly are gory.) As far as I can see, anyone who is made famous is either actively participating in the depravity, most often born into it in some way (a truly incestuous scene), or is looking the other way while personally benefiting from the sicko Hollywood/corporate music machines. Whether they're willing and conscious participants or whether they are being employed as "useful-yet-talented idiots" without their full knowledge, the end result is the same. 

This year, as we move to the Aquarius New Moon within large stellium on February 11, 2021, we must be acutely aware of the many socially-engineered manipulations that will be attempting to hitch a ride on the Aquarian wave. 

Be ever-vigilant that there is a snaky and insidious version of the Aquarian-era future being rolled out, a sleek and sexy and seductive version that is entirely to our detriment. 

We can see threads of this detrimental version running through much of the counter-cultural and social change of the 1960s, and with this awareness, we can hopefully avoid pitfalls that were not avoided last time around.



Willow said...

I changed the font just to see what the other fonts looked like, and now Blogger won't let me change it back.

So large print it is! heh

Anonymous said...

Presentation is good, but it's your mind that matters, Willow. xx

Willow said...

Ha. Thank-you. I'm going back to the regular font after this. I like it a bit better.

But I agree - the blog style doesn't matter as long as it's readable and doesn't hurt the eyes with weird flashing and colours and whatnot. I wish more people focused on the content over slick style these days!

Anonymous said...

Another superb post . (am reading backwards in time)
You are very clever and sharp with your perceptions.
You must have impressive mercury and/or 3rd house placements

AquarianM said...

Fascinating. I wasn't aware there's another stellium coming in Aquarius this Winter. For multiple reasons I thank you for making me aware of it, not least being that I was born during the '62 stellium, and this will be impacting my own natal chart.


Willow said...

Oooh, that should be quite the interesting stellium and lunar cycle for you!

Unknown said...

I was born 2-1-62. Kinda cool to hear from other stellium babies. It will be interesting to see what happens during this upcoming February event. I have alot in common with Andrea.

Rolf said...

I have never been a big fan of conspiracy theories, but I do realise that for years I was asleep and that there is a lot going on that I am not aware of. I am interested in the Aquarius Stellium of February 2021. The planets are piled up in Aquarius even more than in the Aquarius Stellium of February 1962. Can you thrown any light on how this energy can be different from February 1962? Also, has this Aquarius Stellium happened before in history--it seems very unusual? (before February 1962 that is)

Lastly, it seems that the supposed counter-cultural people being attributed to high-ranking members of the U.S. military/intelligence community as a way of diverting attention away from the Aquarius age seems a bit hard to swallow, given that these people were supposed to be as unconscious as a human can get. In other words, the story as it is told by David McGowan makes sense, but the reasons for it are not fully explained or even theorized at.

Anna Alethia said...

Hi Willow. Just stumbled across you while investigating the upcoming Aquarius stellium.
Anna Born 2/26/1958 5:56 am Santa Monica CA. I do remember February 1962. We were living near Stanford Research Institute. https://annawolfepoet.org/2016/05/24/the-great-american-car-trip/

Willow said...

Hi, Anna...wow, I love that story! It very much captures the spirit of these two stelliums with all the connecting threads stretching 59 years.

Favourite line:

"My sister did not feel that starving myself into a coma while working in a strip club in San Francisco was a good post-graduate choice."

That is a fabulous photo of your father, as well.

christopher said...

Hi Willow Like Anna, I stumbled across, or rather fell into, your lovely web whilst investigating the Feb 11th Stellum. It seems everything has exploded in all directions and I'm feeling decidedly like Alice..... God..... who IS Alice anyway?? !!
ANYway, I was born 22.00 Davenham 23 Sept '55 and I too remember Feb '62 because that was the month that my family moved back to England. I think of it as the time that my memories go from black & white to colour; when life began for me. I always thought it was to do with geographical location; but also know that it was not just that; something else happened.

And now, something is definitely happening again! And if I may I will share your astrological and observational interpretations. I have just this evening fully (I think!) understood the true implications of just what is happening with the farmers in India, and it is a striking example of the co-opting operations of the "revolutionary" sixties that you describe so well.

Yesterday, ALL of a sudden, a twitter storm of "celebrity-influencers" (Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, even the BBC) came out in "support" of the farmers. What, is going on?? I thought. Deepti Chaat in India, and Cory Morningstar have clarified: it's a co-opting operation! The India protest is so huge. Almost 60% of India's 1.3billion live from farming. The corporate goal is "efficiency", no doubt under the Grate Reset.. "sustainable" "inclusive" "unicorns" - just as you warn, will we be able, this time, to avoid corporate takeover of the transformative potential of this Stellum..

The stakes have certainly raised!! And it's high time those counter-culture yippies woke up and took some responsibility for the carnage, social and environmental, that has gone on on their (my) watch! Sadly, it seems most are busy waiting patiently for their vaccine.

I'm so glad to have come across you. So happy with all the cross-verification, regarding what REEEAALLY goes on, has gone on, and is just about to truly get going on. At times insanely excited at the intensity of the situation. Will we prevail......?? I only heard about the Stellum this evening, but I will be follow your blog closely!

And Anna! I haven't read the Great American Car Trip, yet, but I'm looking forward to it, as I just read You Made It Back To Ballet Class.. That's it. Brilliant.

Willow said...

Thanks for your comment, christopher! And thank-you for describing the Aquarius stellium of 1962 for us. So interesting!

Yes, who is Alice? Well, apparently she was a little girl named Alice Liddell upon whom Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Dodgson) had an unnatural fixation. He was known for taking naked photographs of children, including Alice's sister: https://metro.co.uk/2015/01/26/alice-in-wonderland-author-was-a-paedophile-new-documentary-claims-5036142/


I wonder where all these celebs and mainstream media were during the massive farmer protests in the Netherlands in October 2019? (Or ANY previous farmer protests, for that matter,) Oh, right. It was Agenda 21/2030 policies that the farmers were protesting. That didn't fit the agenda, did it?

Uranus in Taurus and the Farmer/Rancher/Rural Rebellion (2018 to 2026): http://willowsweb.blogspot.com/2019/11/uranus-in-taurus-and-farmerrancherrural.html

"In October 2019, between 20,000 and 25,000 Dutch farmers converged on the Hague, the Netherlands' capital city, to push back against government suggestions that livestock production should be slashed by 50% to meet European Union nitrogen emissions regulations. Around 8,000 tractors came together in a tractor rally that caused a massive traffic jam in the city. Despite this inconvenience, polls showed that 89% of Dutch people supported the farmers.

From an October 18, 2019 article, "Dutch farmers stage another mass protest against new climate change regulations," by Arthur Lyons for VoiceofEurope.com:

“Last year you didn’t hear anything about nitrogen, and now suddenly it’s a mortal question,” Micha Bouwer of the Farmers Defense Force told Dutch state broadcaster NOS. “These are all people in the city who have two plants on their balcony and say ‘nature is suffering’.”

This rally is part of a massively under-reported rural (Taurus) rebellion (Uranus) going on worldwide in resistance to the forced urbanization outlined in the United Nations' Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. We will only see this rebellion and resistance intensifying the further we get into the Uranus in Taurus transit."

And where were all the celebs and mainstream media when farmers were protesting GMOs, particularly GM alfalfa? Oh, right. That didn't fit the agenda, either. http://willowsweb.blogspot.com/search/label/gm%20alfalfa

When they get the celebrity puppets involved, you know they're going for the hard sell!

You might be interested in these recent articles about the scheme for 5G-driven "Smart Farms":

Uranus in Taurus version: http://willowsweb.blogspot.com/2021/01/uranus-in-taurus-5g-driven-smart.html

Without astrology: http://willowsweb.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-5g-driven-smart-farming-scheme.html

Willow said...

They also have the celeb puppets doing the hard sell on the UN's "Sustainable Development Goals" (Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030)


Oscar said...

Thank you so much for your post, Willow! I found it truly fascinating, revealing and affirming!
I came across your post as I was further researching the upcoming stellium and its similarity to the one in 1962, especially since the one in 1962 was a historic part of our organization's history. I am a Staff Member of The Aetherius Society and have been with this organization for over 15 years. I just wanted to clear up a couple statements you made regarding The Aetherius Society.
You stated, "The basic goal of the Aetherius Society was and still is to communicate with extraterrestrial "Cosmic Masters" in order to usher in the New Age on Earth. The director of the society at the time predicted that 75 percent of the world's population would be killed around the time of the solar eclipse." To clarify, the goal of The Aetherius Society never was and certainly is not to communicate with Cosmic Masters. Communication with the Cosmic Masters, however, was part of the Mission of Dr. George King, the Founder/President. He started The Aetherius Society initially to help record and disseminate the channeled "Transmissions" he was receiving from these Cosmic Masters. To this day, one of our Aims and Objects is to spread the Teachings of these Masters, but it is not our goal to communicate with them. It is part of our Aims and Objects, however, to cooperate with them, and by that I mean in Spiritual ways through prayer, visualizations, education, radionics, etc. (further details on our website). Also, I don't ever recall reading or hearing Dr. King predict that 75% of the world's population would be killed around the time of the solar eclipse. Do you have a citation for that? I do remember reading in the archives, however, that dire catastrophes could very well happen if it was not offset by Spiritual action, which is what The Aetherius Society was heavily engaged in just prior to and around the eclipse/stellium. Our understanding, based on the Teachings of the Masters, was that the configuration should have been in all ways "good" for humanity but because of our distorted collective Karmic pattern the positive effects of the stellium would be partly distorted. We believe the amount of Spiritual activity done worldwide just before and around the eclipse offset much of the potential disaster (death, destruction, etc.), but did not transmute it completely, as you very well mentioned in your post in reference to dark forces that infiltrated and tried to "ride the wave" of the Divine dawn of Aquarius. That is also part of the Teachings that came through and from Dr. King.
Although it wouldn't be fair to pre-judge something as "snake oil" due to an incomplete investigation and understanding of it, I do believe the "snake oil" reference you made holds some truth to it. In my opinion, though, it's not that the Teachings and Missions of The Aetherius Society are "snake oils", but that some people succumb to the pit falls of the false "New Age" (as you have described in this and other posts) and unknowingly take on a "snake oil" attitude/mentality, as opposed to living the True New Age and living the Teachings. I believe similarly can be said of many "New Age"/Yoga and even religious organizations today. Many are on the right track, but just need a little education and maturation to rise above the pitfalls and infiltrations.
Thank you, again, for your post. I have shared it with some other Members of The Aetherius Society, not because of your mention of us, but because I found it very helpful and in alignment with much of our Teachings and my own experiences. I especially appreciated your term, "controlled opposition"! I have been describing this aspect of the "psy-op", the "mental war", for quite some time now, especially last year. But your phrase and post on the subject describes it so well and simply! Thanks and Blessings.

Willow said...

I'm not actually in alignment with your views.

You're coming from a strongly New Age ideology, and I believe New Age to be a mind and spiritual control mechanism. The New Age movement itself is a form of controlled opposition of the pseudo-spiritual variety, and hundreds of millions of people are caught up in it worldwide. It doesn't matter whether you believe yourself to be the "True New Age" versus the "False New Age." It's all false, in my opinion.

The proliferation of New Age thinking, "gurus," and groups is one of the nefarious things I would associate with the 1962 stellium and the dark side of Aquarius.

I hope New Age will be exposed and that people will be freed from its influence beginning at this stellium, continuing for the 60 years following until the next big Aquarius stellium in 2080.

Oscar said...

Perhaps our definitions of "New Age" differ. Maybe that is causing some confusion and misunderstanding between us. What is your definition of "New Age"?

Oscar said...

Any chance you can post the other reply I made to your comment above? For conversation continuity. Looks like you only posted my second reply. I thought I would get a copy of the comment but I did not :/

Willow said...

I wouldn't trust your definition of New Age since I believe you are coming from New Age ideology and are part of a large New Age group while not classifying yourself personally as New Age. This type of blind spot (or camouflage) is common in the New Age movement. The same ideas and idioms are repeated on heavy rotation, the same people are looked to as leaders, but people claim there is no connection.

"To clarify, the goal of The Aetherius Society never was and certainly is not to communicate with Cosmic Masters. Communication with the Cosmic Masters, however, was part of the Mission of Dr. George King, the Founder/President. He started The Aetherius Society initially to help record and disseminate the channeled "Transmissions" he was receiving from these Cosmic Masters."

This is New Age ideology.

"Our understanding, based on the Teachings of the Masters, was that the configuration should have been in all ways "good" for humanity but because of our distorted collective Karmic pattern the positive effects of the stellium would be partly distorted."

The idea that bad things happen "because of our distorted collective Karmic pattern" and not because there are individuals and groups in the world (the power structure) intentionally making bad things happen is a New Age tenet. It diverts people from the true roots of the scenarios. This follows along the lines of "creating your own reality" where the solutions to the world's problems involve doing meditations and visualizations and inner work, no confrontations or exposure of the actual individuals and groups involved in creating those problems, the real external elements. New Age often teaches that there is no such thing as external, only internal...because we are all simply "creating our own reality." Solipsism.

"In my opinion, though, it's not that the Teachings and Missions of The Aetherius Society are "snake oils", but that some people succumb to the pit falls of the false "New Age" (as you have described in this and other posts) and unknowingly take on a "snake oil" attitude/mentality, as opposed to living the True New Age and living the Teachings. I believe similarly can be said of many "New Age"/Yoga and even religious organizations today. Many are on the right track, but just need a little education and maturation to rise above the pitfalls and infiltrations."

You are talking about living the "True New Age" and critique other New Age groups for falling into false New Age. As I said, I don't believe there is true and false New Age. It is all a false paradigm.

It is also common for different New Age groups to believe they are the TRULY ENLIGHTENED group and that all others must simply be exposed to their way of thinking until they accept and come to The Truth.

Willow said...

I'm not going to post anything further because you're doing something that has been done on my blog many times in the past, and I'm not willing to be a platform for it:

People who prescribe to New Age thinking come on the blog, read my New Age deconstruction, misinterpret what is said to mean "only those OTHER New Agers, not me," and then misuse my work for their own purposes.

I've written about this specifically in the past: http://willowsweb.blogspot.com/search/label/astrology%20is%20not%20new%20age

1. People of a New Age persuasion are attracted to this blog for whatever reason - probably because they have never seen New Age ideology refuted or deconstructed before and are intrigued.
2. They read only what they agree with or what seems to support their own views and unvoiced critiques of the New Age movement.
3. They discard or overlook the rest, including my pointed critiques of the entire ideology/paradigm.
4. They continue reading the blog, assuming I am aligned with their belief system and seeing only what supports this view.
5. Eventually I write something that lets them know in no uncertain terms that no, in fact, I am not aligned with New Age beliefs in any way. (ie. I'm really not kidding about this.)
6. They get angry and leave comments or send e-mails that try to critique my point-of-view (with arguments that don't actually get the job done).

A person of New Age ideology who is speaking out about controlled opposition is satire since New Age is controlled opposition itself.

A person of New Age ideology speaking about the "True New Age" versus the faulty New Age is satire because it's all the same machine.

As I said, we do not share common ground, and I would appreciate you not sharing my articles because I believe they will be misinterpreted and misused in your circles.

Oscar said...

(Will you not post my reply to your latest comment? I really wanted to make it clear to everyone my intentions of commenting in the first place, and to publicly express my respect and appreciation for your post, and willingness to find a common ground, and that perhaps we simply have a misunderstanding between us. I would email you directly to ask you this but I do not know your email address. Would you also prefer I no longer read and comment on your blog posts? You can email me if you prefer instead at leon.edgardo.oscar@gmail.com)

Willow said...

I don't believe there's a misunderstanding or that I'm throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I have nothing against you as a person, but I staunchly oppose New Age as an ideology and mechanism. There is no common ground on that front.

Willow said...

From October 2010:


Blakey said...

Bloody brilliant well written, well researched and clearly well put!
As a 62 stellulium baby 6 planets in aquarian I'm allowed to say that!

Love it Willow, thanks for your insights and time. ������

Willow said...

Thanks, Blakey! So cool to hear from a '62 stellium baby!