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Uranus in Taurus, Australia's 1,000-Year Fires, and Forced Depopulation of Rural Areas Via Unnatural Disaster

Uranian energy and themes are concentrating at the moment as Uranus prepares to go direct at 2 degrees Taurus on January 10.

The Uranus direct station occurs on the same day as a 20-degree Cancer Full Moon annular eclipse, which falls opposite the massive stellium in Capricorn that is kicking off this new year and new decade on Earth.

I've been reporting in an ongoing way on the programme of geoengineering, weather modification, and (un)natural disaster - all being blamed on that Big Bad Bogeyman "climate change" - that is being unleashed in an effort to destroy agricultural areas and rural infrastructures.

This is being done for a few different reasons. One is the destabilization of food markets, creating crop and food shortages or much more likely the psychological perception of crop and food shortages, which drives speculation and stock market/derivatives schemes. I've reported on this phenomenon in the past, including in this May 26, 2014 article, "Derivatives Schemes Shift from Grain to Cattle, Stock Market Speculation Drives Meat Prices Up Worldwide."

The wild swings in commodity prices make it difficult to farm or ranch from year-to-year, driving food producers into over-extension, lack, or even bankruptcy. When independent farmers and ranchers are no longer able to make a living on the land, this provides the opportunity for Big Agriculture to swoop in, creating further control of the food supply by corporate entities.

On a grander scale, though, the destabilizing and destruction of rural and agricultural areas is part of a concerted plan being brought down worldwide to depopulate rural zones.

Forced urbanization is part of an open plan, called Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 ("sustainable development"), that has been laid out by the United Nations, one of the central social engineering-based agencies of the global fascist regime.

Under the astrological symbol of Uranus in Taurus (2018 - 2026), waves of trauma and upheaval are being intentionally created to depopulate rural and less urbanized areas and to take control of resources that have been in the hands of the people, particularly land, food, mined materials, and water.

From my November 10, 2019 article, "Uranus in Taurus and the Farmer/Rancher/Rural Rebellion (2018 to 2026)":

"It is becoming harder and harder to survive outside the major centres, and this is a concerted agenda being brought down. (The elimination of Saskatchewan Transportation Company in 2017 and Greyhound bus service in 2018 are two elements of this that I've reported on in the past.) These are intentionally-created conditions. This is Global Government policy that intentionally sucks resource-based areas dry while suffocating them with manipulated commodity prices, skyrocketing input costs, unfair taxation, a lack of services, ridiculous rules, and bureaucratic red tape, among other things.

This is the United Nations' Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 being brought in top-down: force people off the land and into high-density, heavily-surveilled mega-cities where we eat corporate, chemical-soaked, genetically modified Franken-foods, work in allotted jobs, live in allotted sky-rise apartment blocks, and take allotted transit to allotted locations like good little compliant citizens. There is no connection to nature, to the land, to animals, to the celestial bodies, or to our own food and water allowed under this Grand Plan for Humanity...

The practise of establishment wealth and power forcing people off the land and into starvation, early death, forced emigration, and/or slavery (literal or urban slum/factory versions), has been going on for millennia. The English enclosures, the Highland and Lowland clearances of Scotland, the Irish potato famine, the Holodomor in Ukraine, the purges and gulags of Russia, the Native American genocide and reservation systems, and the slavery of African Americans in North America are but a few heinous examples. The powers-that-be are not quite so obvious about it these days, but I experienced that slowly tightening vice while growing up on a cattle ranch and also when living back in that area as an adult. Our family, like most rural families, was under immense pressure, and it broke us down in many ways. It was only my dear father's ability to do the work of two or even three men that kept us on the ranch, in our way of life.

Under Uranus in Taurus, the agenda to break the farmers, the ranchers, and the rural people has gone into overdrive."

As mentioned, this agenda has involved ongoing weather modification and the creation of unnatural disasters to destroy rural infrastructures, leaving rural people with little choice but to defect to the cities, which are projected to become mega-cities under Agenda 21/2030.

Intentional flooding of agricultural areas as well as manufactured droughts, storms, and fires are being used to these ends, and once you understand the push to depopulate the rural areas and take control of the land, driving people out and "re-wilding" it, it becomes quite clear to see this agenda being rolled out.

Australia is currently experiencing horrific fires all over the country which are being dubbed the worst fires in 1,000 years. Basically, the whole country is on fire. So far, around 13 million acres of land have been burned in areas all over the country with no end in sight. It is estimated that half a billion wild creatures have been killed in the fires. This is an entirely unprecedented level of nightmare - and that's also how you can tell it's manufactured, not natural. There are far too many "unprecedented" disasters and storms occurring these days in very short succession.

I'm not calling these fires "wildfires" because I firmly believe they are not natural forest fires. I believe they are being intentionally set to destabilize rural areas (and human society, in general) and to destroy communities and infrastructures. As rural and less urbanized people are cut off from food and medical aid, as their homes and businesses are burned to the ground, as insurance premiums skyrocket or insurance companies refuse to insure property in areas that have experienced an (un)natural disaster, the pressure intensifies to leave their home areas for the resources, jobs, and perceived security of the cities.

Forced urbanization combined with a land grab.

As part of the unfolding social engineering of Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, a high-speed rail line has been proposed in Australia that would stretch from Melbourne to Sydney, the two largest cities in the country. The building of this rail line, it is said by proponents, would allow for the creation of eight new cities along the line.

From the August 5, 2019 Guardian article, "Too good to be true? Australia's high-speed rail dream leaves a bitter taste," by Anne Davies:

"Proponents say the “value uplift” of turning rural land into city and suburban blocks – generating billions for [the property development company] – would more than cover the cost of the rail line, well north of $100 billion, plus the estimated $5.5 billion of infrastructure such as roads, water, waste services, schools and hospitals needed in each new city.

It’s a vision to transform the settlement patterns of Australia entrenched for more than 200 years."

Disrupting human settlements and the way people have lived for over 200 years. It all sounds straight out of the U.N.'s Agenda 21/2030 Handbook. This is the proposed/forced style of living for all human beings in this new decade and beyond: packed in like sardines in densely-populated mega-cities, residing in "self-sustaining" apartment towers while ditching personal vehicles in favour of travel via high-speed rail lines. Artificial, top-down, homogeneous, and hyper-controlled digital living at its finest. 

Add the intense irradiation of biological organisms by 5G "super-speed" wireless technology, currently being rolled out (and vociferously opposed) all over the planet, and you have the perfect recipe for Dystopian Digital Hell on Earth.

In a situation with uncanny parallels, the state of California in the United States experienced what was called a 500-year drought from 2011 to 2017. This geoengineered drought was followed by two years of the most deadly and destructive fires California had ever seen in 2017 and 2018.

Again, I don't believe these were natural forest fires, as photographic evidence collected by citizens seems to indicate, including in this post at the blog, The Crazz Files. 

In the photographs, you can see multiple instances where cars, homes, and businesses are completely destroyed by fire while ornamental trees and shrubs remain untouched.

Instances have been captured where otherwise healthy-looking trees were burning from the inside out. The theory behind this is that years of combustible heavy metals from chemtrailing have been taken in to the body of the tree, and these heavy metals are then activated by Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs).

Perhaps it is just coincidence that the three million acres of land burned in California in 2017-18 roughly coincided with an area proposed for a high-speed rail line that would connect San Francisco to Los Angeles, two of the largest cities in California.

Again, this is the squeeze being put on people who live outside the major centres, forcing a migration into the cities, which are projected to soon be mega-cities.

The power structure is socially engineering the conditions for rural depopulation and increased urbanization, a trend that creates a more easily contained and controlled populace. As stated, this has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years, but the socially-engineered upheaval in rural areas goes into over-drive during the Uranus in Taurus transit from 2018 to 2026.

They'll burn us out, flood us out, starve us out. They'll strip us of resources and services. They'll destroy existing infrastructures. They'll bankrupt farmers and ranchers and small towns. They'll poison us with unregulated industry-run-amok.

We are also soon to see ingresses of Saturn, Jupiter, and later Pluto into the sign of Aquarius. Saturn dips into earliest Aquarius from March 22 to July 1, 2020. It will then retrograde back into Capricorn, re-entering Aquarius on December 17. Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19, and Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction on zero degrees Aquarius at winter solstice 2020 (December 21). Pluto enters Aquarius on March 24, 2023 for a transit that stretches more than two decades, until January 19, 2044.

Uranus in Taurus will be the dispositor or key influence over the Saturn and Jupiter transits of Aquarius, as well as the first years of the Pluto in Aquarius transit. Uranus in Taurus is the key symbol, and the depopulating of rural areas and capture of resources by corporate/elite interests are necessary aspects of this "Aquarian era" social engineering as it moves forward.

It's imperative that we see through these manipulations before Pluto gets comfortable in the sign of Aquarius. The trajectory toward Dystopian Digital Hell really has the potential to be locked in during the first years of that transit.

Aquarius is, somewhat paradoxically, associated with both eugenics and humanitarianism. Yin and yang. It is also a sign associated with technology, science, and engineers. We see interwoven elements of all of this as we hurtle into an era of manufactured "humanitarian crises" that have been intentionally planned and orchestrated to create destabilization of humanity and mass rural exodus.

The technological "advances" we will experience have been pre-planned to create more control over living things.

The "brave new Aquarian world" being engineered has been pre-planned to create more control over living things.

Becoming aware of the insidious degree of social engineering on both micro and macro levels is very important so that we can consciously resist this, making different choices in our lives, choices that have not been laid out for us via a globalized United Nations' agenda.

It's hard to believe this type of diabolical evil, organization, collusion, and disregard for human, animal, and plant life exists, let alone that it absolutely saturates the institutional power structures at every level on this planet. But this is the case. This illegitimate power regime is attempting to make your choices for you, to create your very life for you. It's attempting to force a very sick and soulless and artificial way of life on all living things.

It's up to us to use the energy of Uranus in Taurus to resist, to rebel, and to break the momentum propelling us toward this Dystopian Digitized Hell. It's up to us to throw a monkey wrench into the well-laid plans of the global regime and to keep throwing those monkey wrenches every chance we get.

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Anonymous said...

Yup. All horribly true.

The most effective monkey wrench in my view would be the mass rejection and dumping of "Smartphones" that peoples have been seduced into owning -and which really are key enslavement devices. ( - if only they realised.!)
Feels surreal to watch the masses sleepwalking to their fate . :(

Willow said...