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Uranus in Taurus, Bankrupting Bayer-Monsanto, and Unexpected Economic Justice for Corporate Violence

On March 19, 2019, with Chiron back in earliest Aries and Uranus back in earliest Taurus, a second major court trial against Bayer-Monsanto came to its conclusion.

A California federal jury found that Monsanto's glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide was more than 50 percent likely to be a substantial factor in 70-year-old Ed Hardeman's cancer. Hardeman, who developed non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, had used Roundup on his 56-acre property for 25 years. 

On March 27, the court found that Monsanto was negligent in warning the public about the risks associated with its herbicide. Bayer, now-owner of Monsanto Corporation, was ordered to pay Hardeman $80 million in damages.

This verdict follows another major loss for Bayer in the courts. On August 10, 2018, Monsanto was found liable for Dewayne Johnson's terminal non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Johnson, a 46-year-old school groundskeeper and father of three from California, had used Roundup herbicide regularly throughout his career, spraying schoolyards with the toxic poison. Bayer was initially ordered to pay Johnson $289 million in damages. That number has since been lowered to $78.5 million. 

Bayer will now be appealing both rulings, but it looks as if its lawyers are going to be mighty busy over the next decade or two. There are now more than 11,000 pending cases against Bayer in the United States alone related to Roundup/glyphosate and cancer. This doesn't include tens of thousands of other pending and future lawsuits against Bayer for its own deadly and debilitating products like fluoroquinolone antibiotics Cipro and Avelox, birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin, Essure birth control coils, Xarelto blood thinner, and Trasylol bleeding inhibitor, among others. 

As of January 2019, there were 29,400 lawsuits pending against Bayer over health damage and suffering caused to women by Bayer's Essure birth control coils alone. The first Essure trials are scheduled to begin in November 2019.

Since the merger with Monsanto, official May 29, 2018, and the Dewayne Johnson ruling in August 2018, Bayer share prices have plummeted. The corporation has lost more than 40 percent of its market value since purchasing Monsanto. It has also announced it will eliminate 12,000 jobs worldwide, ten percent of its workforce, in an attempt to stay profitable (good luck with that).

There appears to be a good chance - a better chance than the people have ever had - to #BankruptBayerMonsanto, hopefully curtailing the evil activities of both corporations.

The $63-billion merger of Bayer and Monsanto became official May 29, 2018 with Chiron having just ingressed Aries and Uranus having just ingressed Taurus. 

 Bayer-Monsanto merger May 29, 2018 - click to enlarge

Jupiter was retrograde in Scorpio at the time, putting a spotlight (Jupiter) on toxic mergers (Scorpio). 

From my February 3, 2018 article, "Stop Bayer-Monsanto's Crimes Against Humanity, Animals, and the Environment!"

"If approved, the merger would create the largest chemical pesticide/herbicide and GMO corporation in the world. The merger would come together under transiting Jupiter in Scorpio, indicating a theme of large (Jupiter) mergers (Scorpio) that involve great complexity along with (in this case) a sinister underbelly. The power dynamics and detrimental practises (Scorpio) of these corporations are being exposed under the spotlight-scrutiny of Jupiter transiting Scorpio."

Bayer got around anti-trust laws by selling off its own genetically modified seed division, LibertyLink, as well as its Liberty herbicide for $9 billion in order to swallow up Monsanto's more lucrative versions.

There's a theme with Jupiter Rx in Scorpio of something that initially seems beneficial (Jupiter) coming back (Rx) to bite you in the ass (Scorpio). Karmic bite-back. 

Bayer swallowed Monsanto's toxic debt (Scorpio) in that merger, debt that was created by Monsanto via degradation and destruction of life on this planet (Scorpio), and Bayer will now  be paying off this toxic debt for decades to come. 

With the symbol of Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio in the merger chart, we also see, however, the possibility for secrets and hidden motivations that take time to fully unravel.

Can it be possible that Bayer Corporation was really this ignorant and arrogant? That it gobbled up one of the most despised corporations in the world - a corporation with a massive amount of public heat on it, with millions of people publicly marching worldwide against its activities every year - without knowing that this would come back to bite it?

Is there something even more nefarious going on here that we aren't aware of? Undoubtedly, with these two corporations involved, there is. Is it possible that Bayer is actually desiring bankruptcy so as to limit future pay-outs for toxic products? Is it possible that Bayer is taking the fall for Monsanto for some bizarre reason? Or that Bayer was set up for this fall?

I can't begin to wrap my mind around the twisted reasoning used by Bayer, Monsanto, or any other evil-doing corporation out there these days. I actually wouldn't want to pollute my own thought processes by trying to do so. Standard human ethics, morals, and principles certainly do not apply in these cases. There is no sense of right and wrong being applied in any form that a sane and non-diabolical human being would understand. 

One thing I do know as we embark on this new Uranus in Taurus chapter is this: the only real thing these nefarious corporate freaks understand is getting hit in their bank accounts and getting hit hard

With Chiron in early Aries and Uranus in early Taurus, we're breaking new ground and setting a tone for the next eight years on this planet. What we do now matters as far as setting the right long-term trajectory, and one of the more inspiring elements of this new chapter has involved some early, unexpected economic justice for the systemic corporate violence that is being brought down on life on this planet, often with seemingly little consequence. 

In the chart for the official merger between Bayer and Monsanto on May 29, 2018 (above), we see Chiron at 1 degree Aries and Uranus at 0 degrees Taurus. Wounded healer Chiron had just ingressed Aries for the first time on April 17, 2018, and Uranus had just ingressed Taurus for the first time on May 16, 2018.

In the chart for the verdict in the Dewayne Johnson case on August 10, 2018, we see Chiron has retrograded back to 1 degree Aries and is in almost the exact same position (to the minute) as the day the Bayer-Monsanto merger became official. Uranus had stationed retrograde at 2 degrees Taurus on August 6, 2018, just four days before the verdict was handed down in Johnson's favour. 

Stations are times when planets and bodies appear to be standing still in the zodiac, producing an extra potent and concentrated dose of their themes, and we can see the particularly strong effect of Uranus in Taurus at that time. 

 Johnson verdict August 10, 2018 - click to enlarge

The Johnson verdict was certainly an unexpected financial upset (Uranus in Taurus) for two corporations that use technology and biotechnology (Uranus) in harmful ways in the agricultural sector (Taurus). 

The Johnson case was the very beginning (Aries), the very first court case, in what will be a long battle for justice and healing (Chiron) from the criminal actions of these two corporations. Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson and many other victims of Monsanto will most likely not live to see the resolution of their cases, so we must carry on this fight for them.

The chart of the Hardeman verdict on March 19, 2019 is almost uncanny again as far as the positioning of Chiron and Uranus. Following their retrogrades, Chiron was back at 1 degree Aries in almost the exact position (to the minute) where it was when the Bayer-Monsanto merger became official and when the Johnson verdict was announced. Uranus was back at 0 degrees Taurus in almost the exact position (to the minute) where it was when the Bayer-Monsanto merger became official. 

Hardeman verdict March 19, 2019 - click to enlarge

Chiron had re-entered Aries on February 17, 2019 as the Hardeman trial was underway. Uranus re-entered Taurus on March 6, just 10 days before the verdict was announced in Hardeman's favour. 

The more active Chiron in Aries/Uranus in Taurus healing path we've embarked on involves...getting paid (Taurus)! And it involves making people pay for their violent and criminal acts - both literally/financially and figuratively - without the usual corporate shield.

From a September 15, 2018 article:

"As Chiron first planted its flag in early Aries (April 17 to September 26, 2018), we saw some very inspiring action - both individual and collective - as we took on this chapter of more active (Aries) healing (Chiron).

The victims (Pisces) are fighting back (Aries), and they're fighting back together, in common force, in devastating waves, in order to stop the chronic victimization that is going on.

In order to heal, we have to stop the sources of the poison and harm. We have to pull them out from the roots. It's as simple as that. Treating surface symptoms is only a temporary solution."

The Uranus in Taurus years (2018 - 2026) are about the collective momentum (Taurus) of a global community (Uranus) of concerned and conscientious people diligently working to stop those sources of poison and harm, working to pull them out at the roots. The tenacity and stubbornness of the farmer are required in order to meet these goals.

With transiting Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn throughout 2019 and 2020, we can see more clearly than ever how corporate violence - most often protected by government, courts, and other highly-controlled societal institutions - is one of the primary sources of that poison and harm on the planet.

With Chiron in earliest Aries and Uranus in earliest Taurus, we've seen an unexpected and inspiring puff of collective momentum moving us in the right direction as we come together en masse to demand accountability from Bayer, Monsanto, and all other corporations profiting from the death, debilitation, and destruction caused by their products and practises.  

Again, with Jupiter Rx in Scorpio in the Bayer-Monsanto merger chart, I'm certain there will be many twists and turns to this story as the court cases take years or even a decade+ to be resolved. I'm sure there are some nefarious, hidden motives for the seemingly illogical actions of Bayer Corporation that sane, soul-driven human beings couldn't even begin to fathom.

But as a person who had her health devastated without warning by a Bayer pharmaceutical I never should have been prescribed in the first place, and as a person who will potentially have her natural life cut short by the damage that was done, I have to say: we're off to a pretty good start with these transits. 

It seems to me we have these fuckers on the ropes. So let's keep up the pressure.

The March Against Bayer-Monsanto (AKA Billions Against Bayer) is going on worldwide on May 18, 2019. Join in with your local marches, or if your area doesn't have a march, consider starting one! 

I did a one-woman march against Bayer-Monsanto in my town last year, and it was both fun and productive, spurring a lot of good conversation and connections. There's a good amount of underlying resistance to these corporations. I'm hoping to march again this year if my energy levels and the weather co-operate, and maybe I will even have a few others marching with me!

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Willow said...

From the Pilliod trial, the couple who both have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma due to Roundup exposure:

"The Pilliods’ experts pointed to animal studies, mechanistic data and epidemiological data showing that glyphosate is genotoxic (damages DNA) and causes oxidative stress, which can cause cancer mutations. They also cited the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s 2015 finding that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen.

The Pilliods’ expert toxicologist Dr William Sawyer stated that Monsanto made glyphosate 50 times more toxic by selling the Roundup formula with polyethoxylated tallow amine (POEA), a surfactant that is banned in Europe. He explained that the surfactants allow glyphosate to easily penetrate the skin.

He said that once the glyphosate is in the body it gets stored under the skin for days and then is delivered to the bones, where lymphoma originates. Sawyer accused Monsanto of manipulating its absorption studies by heating and then freezing skin samples before they were tested, leading to skewed results.

Other experts called by the Pilliods testified that the US Environmental Protection Agency approved Roundup in the 1970s based on fraudulent studies done by Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories. They said the company kept selling the product even after the fraud was exposed and refused for decades to conduct certain studies of its Roundup formula, despite requests from the EPA and its own toxicologist."

Saskatchewan Farmer Leads Class Action Glyphosate Lawsuit

Even CNN is reporting on it!

Common Weed Killer Glyphsate Increases Cancer Risk by 41%, Study Says