Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy 11th Birthday, WWA Blog!

My blog is 11 years old today! Entering the pre-teen years with grace and aplomb...

One of my goals for 2019 was to help bring the intuitive/spiritual/metaphysical arts more strongly into the traditional arts scene, creating a solid and respected place there for serious astrologers, tarot readers, psychics, and other intuitive artists. 

I think we've more than earned our place!

Unrelated to that goal (or so I thought), I recently started a social group for writers of all varieties in the area where I live. The initial meet-up location for the group is at a cool little retro bistro/cafe near the railroad tracks here that has (what else?) a train/railway theme. I sense a "making connections" theme.. 

So far, the meet-up group has brought different creative people and creative threads together with ideas springing up for cross-overs and collaborations, including the possibility of a multi-disciplinary open mic night. Very cool!

Unexpectedly, I seem to be making a wee bit of progress toward my goal of carving out a place for astrology and the intuitive arts within the broader arts scene in this area - not by straight-out asking for this but by coming into contact with other creative people who want to grow and develop the arts scene here. Purely organic! For me, that's always the best way for these things to happen (probably the only way).

I'm excited and honoured to help bring astrology into the more traditional arts fold in my town in whatever way is needed and rightful, to respectfully represent this precious and sacred art and to introduce people to a more in-depth understanding of it and its amazingly helpful applications.

It isn't something I consciously set out to do with the writers group, but it's something I sure do love to see. I think it's just time - in my area and in many areas - to establish the intuitive arts and legitimate intuitive artists as real and valuable elements of the overall arts scene.

I know the rightful place for astrology, astrologers, and other intuitive readers won't be carved out overnight. (Understatement.) But to see any progress on this front is pretty delightful.

Thank-you as always for being the most kick-ass astro blog around, WWA! Please keep on keeping on with your damn fine self. 

And thank-YOU for reading, for becoming patrons, for ordering readings or lessons, for buying zines or photography or jewellery, for making supportive comments, for sending appreciative emails, and for sharing articles and videos with your own networks.

I hope I don't know a day when I'm not sharing what I see and fighting for a better way through Willow's Web Astrology.

Happy, Happy 11th Birthday, Baby!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, WWA!

Willow said...


Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, WWA Blog! Thanks, Willow, for promoting values and virtues that go underrated in today’s culture: justice, compassion, courage, and basic love and caring for the earth and for each other. The world is lucky to have you in it! Teresa

Willow said...

Oh, thank-you so much, Teresa! The world is lucky to have you in it, also! Thank-you for the compliments.