Sunday, January 1, 2017

Saturn in Late Sagittarius in 2017: Solidifying and Settling In To Positions of Natural Authority

We are entering this new year with guarded (Saturn) optimism (Sagittarius) about the next leg of the journey as Saturn settles in to the final decan (ten-degree chunk) of Sagittarius.

We've put the messiness and difficulty of 2016 - coloured strongly by the Saturn-Neptune square - in our rear view mirrors at least symbolically, and we now move, older and wiser and maybe a little more wary, into the next chapter of things.

As Saturn moves into the final decan of Sagittarius and crosses the retrograde shadow threshold, we are digging in for some advancement in life that was perhaps on hold, thwarted, or just generally refused by the universe in 2016. It was challenging to make concrete progress with Saturn rubbing up against the Great Dissolver Neptune throughout most of 2016. But as of the beginning of 2017, this aspect is officially out of orb.

(For those feeling especially sorry for themselves, just remember: some people have Saturn square Neptune natally. Just imagine being a baby born in 2016 under this aspect, and it may help to put things in perspective!)

*I should clarify that by "natural authority," I don't mean a control-based or coercive position. I mean a natural position of leadership, an area of expertise or talent where people are deferred to because it benefits the society around them that they have a certain amount of authority entrusted to them. This would often not be an overt position of authority. 

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I used to love Music, Theater, Film, Art, Poetry; I married a Sagittarian and all that silly horseshit went away.
Now,she went away,and I'm trying to find my way Home-